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I get butterflys

By: Zachary Fulcher

Page 1, A poem/song i made for my girlfriend back in 2005 before she died in 2007 R.I.P Jenny.

          I see you walk by
         That's when you caught my eye
        I became spechless when you said "Hi" to me 
       You smiled at me for the first time and I smiled back
      That's when i felt the butterflys in my chest dizzying me 
     Butterfly's in my stomach making me dizzy when I look at you
    They lift me up into the stars and sky where I'll meet up with you
   We walk down the old school street the mext day, hand and hand together
  My heart beats so loadly i can beraly keep it beat softly, I dont want you to let go
 When I walked you home I kissed you goodbye and you said you loved me forever
That's when I relized it wasn't a dream but I was really with you forever and ever loving you

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