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My Dead Memories

By: Zachary Fulcher

Page 1, A song to show what my dreams were and what they are now.


Ahh Whoa Ahh
Falling inside this darkness
Wanting to walk into the light again
Everyone laying right beside me not a movement to be seen
I hold in my hands the weapons of war not ever to be controlled once more
Body’s will fall before my very eyes as become what I was made for
I am the priest of everlasting bloodshed and war beholden in the eyes of the weak
None have succeeded where others have failed in front of me
My blade shall fall on the evil and cowardly and cut open there blackened souls to the lights
Ahh Whoa Ahh
Come with me forsaken children of Earth
Let the oh mighty heaven protect you from the others sins
Never look back or down for all you’ll see will make you cry and drown
I am the only saver of Earth sent by the God of war
Ahh Whoa Ahh
Fall straight into my glowing arms
Let your soul become one with the heavens of God
Flood the gates and enter to meet your maker
Never look at the devils door or come back as an unforgiving soul
Never let go of what you need to know or believe in
Don’t ever let go of faith’s or hope’s hands and never fall into the blackness
You just have to know what you want to love and show for what and who you are today
I have no soul left to save me from my judgment of the God of WAR
Ahh Whoa Ahh
Ahhhh Ohhh Ahhh Ohhhhh
Ahh Ohh Ahhh Ohhhh
(song ends)  

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