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Saval ka Jawab

By: Juggernaut

Page 1, Chutney Soca is a type of musical rhytham invented by Caribbean Indians in Trinidad in 70\'s. Currently many musicians in India use Chutney Soca beat in their compositions wihtout giving any credit.

Saval ka Jawab

(*Chutney Soca in progress)


 Siparia Sipoy


Red Stripe ka saval

Carib ka jawab

Appleton rum ka saval

Old Oak rum ka jawab

Jamaican patty ka saval

Trinidad Channa doubles ka jawab

Jerk chicken ka saval

Curry chicken ka jawab

Ackee and salt fish ka saval

Tomato salt fish choka ka jawab

 Curried white bean tripe ka saval

Curry goat ka jawab

Steel band ka saval

Tassa band ka jawab                                         

Calypso ka saval

Chutney soca ka jawab

Dreadlocks and Ital food ka saval

Indian Ganja ka Javab

Black creativity ka saval

Indian ingenuity ka jawab

Ethnic diversity ka saval

Caribbean ka jawab


*Chutney Soca is musical invention of Caribbean Indians in response to Black Trinidadian Calypso music. Today, many musicians in India use Chutney Soca beat in their compositions.


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