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Cartoon Villains (Past and Present) (cartoon shows and cartoon movies) (past and present) Sing Let It Go.

Script By: RomanceLover2016
Song lyrics

I Don't Own Any Of The Names Or The Cartoon Shows, Or The Song.

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Cartoon Villains (Past and Present) Sing Let It Go.

By RomanceLover2016.

Cobra Commander (G.I. Joe a real american Hero, Cartoon).

"The Snow Glows White",

"On The Mountain Tonight",

"Not a Footprint To Be Seen".

Narcessia (W.I.T.C.H).

"A Kingdom Of Isolation",

"And It Looks Like I'm The Queen",

King DEEDEEDEE (Kirby Right Back At Ya).

"The Wind Is howling like this swirling storm inside",

"Couldn't Keep It In",

"Heaven Knows I've Tried",

Maximillion Pegasus (Yu-Gi-Oh).

"Don't Let Them In",

"Don't Let Them See",

"Be The Good Man",

"You Always Have To Be",

Dr. Eggman (SonicX).

"Conceal, Don't Feel",

"Don't Let Them Know",

"Well Now They Know",

Pazazz (Jem and the Holorgrams).

"Let It Go, Let It Go",

"Can't Hold It Back Anymore",

Mr. Sinister (X-Men The Animated Series).

"Let It Go, Let It Go",

"Turn away and slam the door",

Fat Cat (Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers).

"I don't care, what they're going to say",

"Let the Storm Rage on",

"The cold never bothered me anyway",

Don Karnarge (TaleSpin).

"It's funny how some Distance",

"Makes Everything Seem Small",

Dr. Hunter (The Littles).

"And The Fears that Once Controled Me",

"Can't Get to me at all",

Mewtwo (Pokemon The First Movie).

"It's Time To See What I can Do",

"To Test The Limits and Break Through",

Duke Sigmund Igthorn (Disney's Adventures of The Gummi Bears).

"No Right, No Wrong",

"No Rules For Me",

"I'm Free",

Meowth (from Team Rocket) (Pokemon).

"Let It Go, Let It Go",

"I'm One With The Wind and Sky",

Evil Merrik (Yu-Gi-Oh Season 2).

"Let It Go, Let It Go",

"You'll Never see me cry",

Evil Yami (Yu-Gi-Oh Season 3).

"Here I stand, and Here I'll Stay",

"Let The Storm Rage On",

Cedric (W.I.T.C.H Season 2).

"My Power Flurries Throgh The Air",

"My Soul is Spiriling In Frozen Fractals All Around",

Shredder (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles old Cartoon).

"One Thought Crystalizes Like an Icy Blast",

Professor Numall (chip and dale rescue rangers.

"I'm Never Going Back",

"The Past Is In The Past",

Shadow The Hedgehog (SonicX).

"Let It Go, Let It Go",

"And I'll Rise Like The Break Of Dawn",

Jesse (from Team Rocket) (Pokemon).

"Let It Go, Let It Go",

"That Perfect Girl Is Gone",

James (from Team Rocket) (Pokemon).

"Here I stand, In The Light Of Day",

"Let The Storm Rage Onnnnnnnnnnn",

The Dark Phoenix (X-Men The Animated Series Season 2).

"The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway".


after the song end all the cartoon villians and villianesses congratluated themselves, and they all depart, Until someone ran in the music studio.


"Running Footsteps".

"Someone Panting".

Carmen Sandiego (Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego).

Finally, I Made It,


I'm sorry I'm Late,

I had a-

(she looks around but no-one is there, just a Janitor cleaning up, and another person enters the music studio too).

Evil Ash (Pokemon Season 4).

Good I'm the last one here,

where is everyone?.

Carmen Sandiego (Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego).

I'll ask this person,

excuse me,

is this the place for the song,

let it go?.



but you two are too late,

it's over.

Carmen Sandiego and Evil Ash Ketchum "In Unison": WHAT!!!!!!!!.

they decided to leave, and went back out of the building.


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