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The worst new that a family can recieve is that a child has been killed. A short story based off of the song I'm Going Up A Yonder by walter Hawkins.

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I'm Going Up A Yonder

I look at the casket in front of me. Her small body has been cleaned of the blood from the car accident that ended her young life. Her blond hair has been washed and is in now tight curls, the way her hair was when she was younger. In her arms, is the little bear, Celeste that Sarah bought for her in Paris while on our honeymoon.

If anybody asks you

Where I'm going,

Where I'm going soon.

Jason has tears running down his face as he looks at the body of his sister. He is curled into Sarah's side his head is buried into her shoulder. Tiffany is clutching the dress that her and Becca picked out for Sarah and I's wedding. It was the last time we saw her alive.

So if you wanna know

Where I'm going,

Where I'm going real soon.

Tyler has his eyes trained on the casket. My eyes are not sticking to one place, but to the one person who is being hit the hardest with Becca's death. My wife of only a week.


Her tears are falling down her face silently as she tries to calm Jason. Her grip on my left hand, hardens as the lid of the casket is closed slowly.

I'm going up a yonder

I'm going up a yonder

Going up a yonder

To be with my lord.

Her bottom lip is shaking as she continues to hold back the tears.

I'm going up a yonder

I'm going up a yonder

I'm going up a yonder

To be with my lord.

"Wait!" Her voice cracks.

She runs over to the casket and starts to lean over the body. Her shoulders are shaking as she sobs. She never got to say goodbye to Becca.

If I can take the pain (If I can take the pain),

Sarah's cries are full of pain, and the words she cries are unintelligible.

The heart ache that it brings (The heartache that it brings).

As she cries, I can feel my heart breaking. My walls that have been holding the tears are slowly breaking.

There's comfort that in knowing (There's comfort that in knowing)

Jason walks to Sarah and gives her comfort, the best an eight year old can after his six year old sister has been killed.

I'll soon be home (I'll soon be home)

"Please come back." I hear Sarah sob. "Come back home."

If God gives me grace (If God gives me grace)

Tiffany walks over and kisses Becca on the forehead, like we have done countless times, and starts crying. She starts to stroke Becca's forehead.

I'll run this race (I'll run this race)

Tyler walks, struggling to keep the blank face, but fails when he spots the casket. Tears falling.

And soon I'll see my savior (And soon I'll see my savior)

I walk towards the casket with tears starting to fall.

Face to face (Face to face)

"Sarah come on." I whisper. My own emotions are seeping through.

I'm going up a yonder (Going up a yonder ah)

"She's not coming back." I whisper.

I'm going up a yonder (Going up a yonder ah)

"I promised her that I would protect her!" Sarah shouts.

I'm going up a yonder (Going up a yonder ah)

"She knows you tried." My voice cracks with my unshed tears.

To be with my lord.

John walks over with his eyes red and places his hand on Becca's back.

I'm going up a yonder (Going up a yonder ah)

He doesn't say a word, just moves his hand to Becca's head.

I'm going up a yonder (Going up a yonder ah)

Jumping on her hind legs, Cupid tries to see Becca one last time. Even Cupid is crying.

I'm going up a yonder (Going up a yonder ah)

Akila puts her head on the edge of the casket and gives Becca a kiss. The sight just breaks my heart.

With my lord

My lord.

Alex, Sarah's mother, walks over to Sarah and pulls her into a hug.

If anybody asks you (I'm going)

"She never got the chance to live." Sarah mutters.

Where I'm going (Up a yonder)

"Even though she didn't live long, she was happy." Alex whispers.

Where I'm going (I'm going)

Soon (home)

"Let's say good bye, and head home." Alex whispers, tears running down her cheeks.

So if you wanna know (I'm going)

Where I'm going (Up a yonder)

We watch the casket lid close, trying to remember waht Becca looks like.

Where I'm going (I'm going)

Soon (home)

Everyone's crying as Becca is lowered to the ground. This is just the first of thousand of tears that will fall until the day ends.

I'm going


Becca watches as everyone sobs for her death.

"I'm just going away for a little bit." Becca says, watching everyone take off with tears in their eyes. "We'll see each other soon." She turns to head in the opposite direction. Before everyone is out of sight, she turns to take one last look at her family.

"I'm going up a yonder."


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