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The Corre-WWE

By: sosnh

Page 1, This is a summary of the Impact of \"The Corre\" in the world of Professional Wrestling & the WWE.

The Corre

The Corre is a group of WWE Superstars that are heel. This means that the group were a bunch of bad guys. The group had 4 members, they were:

Wade Barrett

Justin Gabriel

Heath Slater

Ezekiel Jackson.

Besides Ezekiel, the other members of The Corre were some of the original members of The Nexus, a group of superstars that wreaked havoc on the WWE. (See This Article about The Nexus :

After Wade Barrett was kicked out of The Nexus by new leader CM Punk, he moved to the Smackdown brand from Raw. While under CM Punk, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater refused to perform their initiation to stay in the group and left the Nexus. On the January 14 episode of Smackdown, Barrett, Gabriel and Slater attacked Big Show, and were later joined by Ezekiel Jackson who continued the attack by body-slamming Big Show. Big Show would continue to feud with the group throughout its existence. On the January 21 episode of Smackdown, the group named themselves “The Corre” and announced that the Corre would be leaderless as all the members were equals. They all competed in the Royal Rumble, but were all eliminated by different wrestlers (in order) (Gabriel by Daniel Bryan, Slater by John Cena, Jackson by Kane, and Barrett by Randy Orton) with Jackson eliminating Big Show and Barrett eliminating Rey Mysterio and Kevin Nash, and Barrett making it to the final four.

Throughout its tenure, the Corre would often employ interference during matches and frequent post-match attacks. Tensions between the members of the Corre and the Nexus would lead to two brawls between the groups on Raw and before the Royal Rumble Match at the Royal Rumble PPV. At the Elimination Chamber PPV, Gabriel and Slater became the first to gain a championship within the Corre. They would win the WWE Tag Team Championships by defeating Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov.

This began Gabriel and Slater’s second reign as WWE Tag Team Champions after their first reign as part of the Nexus. At the same event, Barrett received his first opportunity at the World Heavyweight Championship when he took part in the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match, but failed to win the championship, being eliminated by the Corre’s nemesis, Big Show. The following night on Raw, Gabriel and Slater lost the championships to John Cena and the current (at the time) WWE Champion, The Miz. However, Gabriel and Slater immediately invoked their rematch clause and won the rematch and the championships to start their third reign as Tag Team Champions. On the March 25th episode of Smackdown, Barrett added to the Corre’s championship titles when he defeated Kofi Kingston to win his first singles title, the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Things took a turn for the worse for the Corre when the group was soundly beaten at Wrestlemania 27 in a 8-man tag team match against Marella, Kingston, Big Show & Kane in under 2 minutes. One day later, The Corre attacked John Cena and The Rock, but the dio overwhelmed them. On the April 22nd episode of Smackdown, the Corre endured further misery when Big Show and Kane won the championships from Gabriel and Slater. The Corre failed to regain the tag titles despite Gabriel and Slater, as well as Barrett and Jackson challenging Big Show and Kane on the April 29th episode of Smackdown and at the Extreme Rules PPV respectively.

Tensions within the group began to flare due to failed interference in each other’s matches. On the May 6th episode of Smackdown, Ezekiel Jackson refused to celebrate with the rest of the Corre when he defeated Big Show, instead choosing to walk out on them after his match. In return, Barrett, Gabriel & Slater attacked him backstage and removed him from the group. This would start a feud  between Barrett and Jackson. Jackson challenged Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship twice, but failed to win the title since he won the bouts at Over The Limit by disqualification and on the June 3rd episode of Smackdown by count-out instead of a pinfall or a submission.

On the June 10th episode of Smackdown, Barrett, fleeing from Jackson, walked out on Gabriel and Slater in a 6-man tag team match against Jackson and The Usos, leaving them handicapped and causing them to lose the match. Gabriel and Slater confronted Barrett after the match to declare the dissolution of the Corre.

Barrett and Jackson would continue to feud after the Corre’s breakup, and Barrett would go on to lose the Intercontinental Championship to Jackson at Capitol Punishment (PPV). Gabriel and Slater would continue to team together and feud with The Usos. Slater engineered the duo’s breakup on the July 15th episode of Smackdown when he declared that Gabriel had been holding him down. Barrett, Gabriel and Slater all competed in the Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder Match at the MiTB PPV, but none of them were successful in winning.

Theme Songs:

*End Of Days (Various Versions)

Championships and Accomplishments:

WWE Intercontinental Championship-Wade Barrett

WWE Tag Team Championships-Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel (2 Times)

My Opinion:

Just like The Nexus, The Corre was a powerful entity within the WWE Roster. I think they made a huge impact, and if they were still a group, I see Wade Barrett being the current World Heavyweight Champion, and Justin Gabriel being the current Intercontinental Champion. Though this did not happen. I also think that the break up from the Corre caused Ezekiel Jackson to lose the Intercontinental Championship pretty quickly to Cody Rhodes. I also think that WWE had dropped him, he is such a physically tough superstar, and deserves a Main Event spot, but they are not giving him that of which he deserves. Heath Slater, as far as I have seen, is not good enough to be a single wrestler, he NEEDS a Tag Team Partner. Wade and Gabriel have established that they are both Powerful Superstars in Single Competition.

Thank You.

Remember to put a link to your arguments in the comments section. This way I can check your arguments where you can explain them over 1000 words. Thank You, once again.


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