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The Nexus-WWE

Article By: sosnh

This article is a discussion on "The Nexus", also later known (in a smaller group) as "The Corre".

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When an unsuspecting person thinks of the word 'Nexus' they think about the Next Generation (In terms of Phones) or plans. However, for me, the group 'Nexus' appeals more. The Nexus was actually a group of WWE Superstars. I will start of at the beginning.

ECW was replaced by NXT on the 23rd of February in 2010. The participants were originally from the FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling). The original members of Nexus were:

Wade Barret-Leader

David Otunga

Michael Tarver

Skip Sheffield

Darren Young

Heath Slater

Justin Gabriel

& Daniel Bryan.

Since then a lot has transpired, and there is no Nexus left.

Other Members Of Nexus:

CM Punk-Leader

Michael McGillicutty

Husky Harris

Mason Ryan

John Cena.

I will talk about how these superstars created a group, and had such a huge impact in the WWE.

As I was saying earlier, NXT had replaced ECW. For years, ECW was aired on Thursday Night's as Extreme Championship Wrestling. Then WWE decided to shut the ECW doors, to make room for another show that could showcase talent that they would be bringing into the industry. That is when NXT opened it's doors. NXT is a show where current wrestlers (pros) pair up with wrestlers from the FCW trying to make it into the big company (rookies). They had matches every week, along with both speaking, mental and physical tasks that they were forced to undertake, to prove their dominance. Season 1 contained the superstars that I wrote down earlier as the original members of Nexus. Throughout the course of NXT (Season 1) we all loved tuning in every week, and seeing the challenges that the rookies were required to take. We didn't tune in for the matches, as we thought it would be like 'WWE Superstars' which puts superstars who don't get a lot of air time on TV. It turns out that what we thought was funny, was actually very humiliating for the rookies. They did not like being told what to do. For example, Wade Barrett didn't like the fact that Chris Jericho was his pro, after hating Jericho's guts (Though he eventually got used to it). The torture they went through ended pretty quickly after around 10 weeks. Wade Barrett was declared the winner of NXT Season 1. From winning, he got the privilage of knowing that he gets the chance to main event any PPV he wants (with a title on the line).

The following week on RAW, Wade Barrett entered, and after he talked for a while, he told the audience of the torture that they laughed at. He said that he and some comrades (the other rookies) were now an allience of superstars called 'The Nexus'. They said they called themselves the Nexus as they were the next generation of superstars, and the 'N' comes from NXT. Wade Barrett actually said "We were just some harmless experiments for those corporate idiots to enjoy". Before long, they had began to make an impact. You could tell if someone was a member of Nexus if they wore a black armband that had the signature yellow N on it.

Very soon after entering the buisiness, they debuted during the People's Choice Of RAW. The Main Event was John Cena VS CM Punk. They walked in and brutally attacked several cast members of the show. They attacked Justin Roberts, Matt Striker, Jerry Lawler, Luke Gallows, CM Punk and John Cena. One member- Daniel Bryan, spit in the face of Cena, and on the necktie of Roberts. This action had him released from the WWE. Wade Barret explained the following week that Bryan had showed remorse, and he was taken out of the group. They also tore up the announcing area, the ring and the whole set. They ALL did their finishers on John Cena.

A few weeks later, Bret Hart showed up, as the RAW General Manager for the night. The Nexus had wanted contracts (for each of them) so they could officialy be WWE Superstars. After Bret declined, he left Wade in a rage. At the end of that week's RAW, we saw a clip of Bret getting taken out by The Nexus, and has his leg broken. This also led to WWE having the anonymous General Manager.

The first act of this anonymous saw all members of Nexus getting a contract with WWE, and giving Barrett his opportunity (that he was promised for winning NXT) back.

Soon after this began, it was time for Fatal-4 Way, a PPV WWE was testing out. The Main Event saw Sheamus defend his WWE Championship against Randy Orton, Edge & John Cena. During the match, The Nexus inteferred and ruined the whole set again. They approached John Cena again, and did the same thing that they did a few weeks before to him. Sheamus took this opportunity to walk in and pick up the victory. Soon enough, Sheamus was trying to form an alliance with The Nexus, as he thought they could help him keep his WWE Championship.

The next few weeks, The Nexus continued to make statements by taking out Hall Of Famer-Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat and more employees.

On the July 5 edition of Raw, the anonymous general manager demanded Cena and Barrett call a truce later in the night. Cena refused and attempted to attack Barrett, which began a brawl between Nexus and most of the Raw locker room. After Cena would not stop assaulting Darren Young, the GM announced that Cena would face Nexus in a 7-on-1 handicap match the following week, which caused Cena to further attack Young. Young was removed from the match the following week due to his injuries, making the matchup a 6-on-1 handicap match, which Nexus won after the 450 Splashfrom Justin Gabriel, who then pinned Cena.

A few days before the 'Money In The Bank' PPV, Nexus appeared on NXT, and competed in a Battle Royal featuring the second season pros and rookies. The storyline started when Percy Watsoninvited his partners (the other rookies) to attack MVP (Montel Vontavious Porter)(in retaliation for the pros attacking the rookies in the aftermath of Nexus forming-to "keep them in line"), but in reply to this, MVP called the other pros and became ready for a fight. Co-host Matt Striker then intervened and arranged a Battle Royal, also including Nexus (who were making a scheduled appearance on the show anyway). All seven Nexus members were declared co-winners after being the last men in the ring.

At MiTB, Nexus attempted to get involved in the WWE Championshipmatch involving Sheamus and John Cena in a steel cage by breaking the door. However, the referee on the outside of the cage threw the key into the crowd and the tool that Tarver tried to use to break in. They then tried to climb up and get involved. However, Sheamus and Cena were able to hold them off and escape, with Sheamus winning. Afterwards, Cena began beating up Tarver and Young and then took Tarver's Nexus armband.

On the July 19 edition of Raw Nexus continued their attacks on the Raw roster by first attacking Edgeand then Chris Jericho, after the two longtime rivals attempted to manipulate the group against each other. Later on in the show, Barrett defeated Mark Henry in a singles match. After that, Barrett and Nexus asked Cena to join them. Cena refused and said that he would take them all down at Summerslam, and that he had found some help to do it. Cena revealed his team one by one; the members were Edge,John Morrison, R-Truth, The Great Khali, Chris Jericho and Bret Hart.The next week of Raw featured Nexus defeating Team Raw (Mark Henry,The Hart Dynasty, Jerry Lawler,Evan Bourne, Goldust and Yoshi Tatsu) in a 7-on-7 elimination tag team match with a clean sweep. Nexus later mocked Cena's team, who were arguing amongst themselves, saying that they'd have an easy victory at SummerSlam.

At SummerSlam, Nexus were defeated by Team WWE, featuring a returning Daniel Bryan (who joined Team WWE as a surprise member after Nexus had injured Khali), and eliminated both Young and Slater. Cena ended up being the sole survivor, as Nexus had taken out the other members of Team WWE. The following night on Raw each member of Nexus competed in matches against members of Team WWE (except Bret Hart, who was replaced by Randy Orton), with the stipulation that whichever Nexus member lost their match would be exiled from the group. While almost all the members of Nexus won their respective matches, Darren Young failed to defeat John Cena in the main event and was not only kicked out of Nexus, but attacked by the group following his loss. In a live event in Hawaii on August 18th, 2010 at the Blaisdell Arena, Skip Sheffield broke his ankle during a tag match where he teamed with Otunga against the Hart Dynasty, putting him out for months, thus leaving only five active membersof Nexus remaining.

On the 900th episode of Raw Nexus defeated John Cena, Edge, Chris Jericho, Sheamus and Randy Ortonin a 5 on 5 elimination match, after Gabriel hit Cena with the 450-splash for the third time, pinning him a second time, while Barrett dropped and pinned Randy Orton. Earlier on in the night the group also attacked The Undertaker with help from Kane.

The following week, Wade Barrett lost to Randy Orton, after a distraction from the returning Darren Young. Barrett used his guaranteed championship match in the Six Pack Challenge for the WWE Championship at the Night Of Champions PPV but was eliminated by Orton, who later won the match and the title.

At the Hell In A Cell PPV, Barrett and Cena faced each other in a match with the stipulation that if Barrett won, Cena would have to join Nexus, and if Cena won or Nexus got involved, the group would be disbanded. The match spored a lot of attention, and we all thought Cena was going to win, before Michael McGillicutty & Husky Harris interferred (Not a member of Nexus). This helped Wade win the match.

On the October 4 edition of Raw, Tarver was paired with Cena who brutally attacked him after the match. Later Barrett would say that he was planning on getting rid of Tarver anyway implying he was no longer a member (in reality Tarver was pulled due to a nagging groin injury). After Cena openly declared that he would destroy the Nexus from within by fighting them though he was a member, the mystery GM stated that Cena had to honor the stipulations of the PPV match, and since he is now a member of teh Nexus, he must take orders from Wade Barrett or he will be fired. Later that night, Barrett ordered Cena to help him win the #1 Contendership in a Battle Royal for the WWE title. The match came down to Cena and Barrett, where Barrett ordered Cena to eliminate himself.

At the Bragging Rights PPV, Nexus won their first titles in the WWE when David Otunga and John Cena defeated the WWE Tag Team Champions-Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre to win the titles. Later on in the same night, the group helped Kane defeat The Undertaker in a Buried Alive match. In the main event of the PPV, Barrett beat Orton in a WWE Championship match via disqualification, caused by John Cena, thus not winning the title.

On the October 25th episode of Raw, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel won the Tag Team Championships, after beating Otunga and Cena in a match in which Barrett ordered Otunga to lie down and be pinned.On the same night Barrett revealed that Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty had become official members of Nexus.In the main event of the night Cena defeated Orton via disqualification, this time caused by Barrett, who then as a result was allowed to select his own special guest referee for his WWE Championship match against Orton at Survivor Series. Barrett chose Cena and declared that if he doesn't win the title at the pay-per-view, Cena will be fired, but if he does, Cena will be relieved of all of his responsibilities to Nexus.

On November 5 Otunga, who had been questioning Barrett's leadership in the past weeks, led Gabriel, Harris, McGillicutty and Slater to an invasion of SmackDown, interrupting a match between Edge and Alberto Del Rio.Nexus was then defeated in the main event of the show in a ten man tag team match by Edge, Del Rio, Big Show, Kane and Kofi Kingston. Barrett didn't approve Otunga's decision to lead Nexus to SmackDown and as a result forced him to defend his spot in the group a week later. On the November 12 edition of SmackDown Otunga defeated Edge in a lumberjack match, after an interference from Kane, to keep his spot in Nexus.At Survivor Series on November 21, 2010 Randy Orton retained the WWE Championship against Wade Barrett via pinfall and John Cena was fired from WWE and subsequently departed from Nexus.

Despite being fired, Cena continued to show up on Raw in the subsequent weeks, causing interference in Nexus' matches and attacking them backstage, in the ring and in the arena parking lots. On the December 6 episode of Raw, Slater and Gabriel lost their WWE Tag Team Championships against the team of Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlof in a Fatal 4 Way-Tag Team Match, following an interference from Cena. Later the same night, Cena informed Nexus that his attacks on them may stop, however attacks on Barrett would continue. Wanting the attacks to stop, Nexus (excluding McGillicutty, who was injured after being attacked the previous week by Cena) threatened to eject leader Wade Barrett from the group if he did not get Cena rehired the following week. The following week Barrett rehired Cena in exchange for a Chairs match at the TLC PPV (Tables, Ladders, Chairs).On December 19 at TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs, Cena defeated Barrett in the main event of the evening, after attacking all the other members of Nexus throughout the event.

The group, sans Wade Barrett, after repeated attacks on John Cena, would ambiguously announce that it was under "new management". CM Punk was revealed to be the new leader, acquiring the position after Barrett lost a Steel Cage match against Randy Orton and Sheamus, in which he would lose his status as leader and be exiled from Nexus should he lose the match.On January 10, 2011, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater left the group, after refusing to follow CM Punk's orders of initiation by hitting each other with kendo sticks, to join Barrett and Ezekial Jackson on Smackdown, while Husky Harris, Michael McGillicutty, and David Otunga successfully completed the initiation, and stayed in Nexus.On the January 17 edition of Raw, Mason Ryan joined Nexus, interfering in a match between Punk and Cena.The group participated in the 2011 Royal Rumble but were eliminated by John Cena (aside from Harris who was eliminated by The Great Khali), this would finally end the feud between Cena and The Nexus.At the Royal Rumble, The New Nexus would cost Randy Orton the WWE Championship.

Two weeks later on the January 31 edition of Raw, Michael McGillicuttyand Husky Harristeamed up against Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov for the WWE Tag Team Championships in which they lost. After the match, Randy Orton entered the ring and punted Husky Harris in the skull, injuring Harris.Randy Orton would then, over the ongoing weeks, punt all members of the New Nexus, despite interference by CM Punk, removing each, one by one, from active competition.

At Wrestlemania 27, Randy Orton defeated CM Punk, but was unable to punt him in the skull, thus leaving CM Punk as the only active member of the New Nexus. McGillicutty, Otunga and Ryan returned on the April 11 edition of Raw and again cost Orton another shot at the WWE Championship and bringing New Nexus back to full strength.

On the April 25 edition of Raw, at the WWE draft, Orton was drafted to Smackdown and beat Punk at Extreme Rules 2011 thus ending his feud with New Nexus.On the May 23 edition of Raw, Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga defeated The Big Show and Kane for the WWE Tag Team Champioships.

At the June 20 "Power to the People" edition of Raw, CM Punk originally going to be named the #1 contender to the WWE Championship, but he was forced to compete in a triple threat match with Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio with a falls count anywhere stipulation voted by the WWE Universe. After the match, Punk won and revealed that his WWE contract would expire on the same date as Money In The Bank, where he would face John Cena for the WWE Championship, meaning that if he wins, not only will he leave the New Nexus and the WWE altogether, he will also leave the company with the Championship. Mason Ryan was voted to face Evan Bournein a singles match and won, but was later to be revealed to be a glitch in the voting process, as Sin Carawas the actual winner. The following week, it was announced that Ryan had suffered an injury over the weekend. After this, Punk ceased to appear with the remaining two members of the Nexus, (McGillicutty and Otunga) who never spoke about Punk leaving. CM Punk would go on to defeat John Cena at Money in the Bank. CM Punk was not wearing any Nexus merchandise for the match, as he stated prior he would leave the WWE, and New Nexus. CM Punk then left the WWE after becoming WWE Champion as his contract expired at midnight on July 17.

However, on the July 25 episode of Raw, he legitimately re-signed with WWE and confronted the newly crowned WWE Champion, John Cena who had defeated Rey Mysterio for the "Vacant" WWE Championship. During this confrontation, Punk came out to "Cult Of Personality" by Living Colours, which became his new theme song, and a new Titantron.

Their last appearance under New Nexus was on the July 29th edition of Smackdown, when they made a title defense against The Usos. A week later, on the August 1 episode of Raw, McGillicutty and Otunga competed against Santino Marella and Zack Ryder without any Nexus gear or music, and with all Nexus logos removed from their TitanTron, effectively signaling the end of the group.Otunga and McGillicutty would still undergo tag team competition on their own, but no longer under the Nexus banner. The duo lost the Tag Team Championship to Air Boom(Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne) on the August 22 episode of Raw, and then began a feud with Jerry Lawler, who claimed the duo was boring and also revived the in-joke mostly done in NXT season 1 of bringing attention to Otunga's relationship with Jennifer Hudston. The team suffered several losses in tag matches versus Lawler and various partners. The team split in September, as Otunga would debut a Legal Advisor gimmick while McGillicutty moved on to singles competition.

I will now show you a table of Nexus (and New Nexus) members and departures.

Member Joined Dismissed Notes Wade Barrett June 7 2010 January 3 2011 Original leader of The Nexus, overthrown by CM Punk. Later established the Corre on Smackdown Daniel Bryan June 7 2010 June 11 2010 Released for his actions on Raw being deemed to violent for the WWE's TV-PG programming. In storyline, licked out for showing remorse. Darren Young June 7 2010 August 16 2010 Exiled from The Nexus after losing a match against John Cena Skip Sheffield June 7 2010 August 18 2010 Legitimaly broke his ankle and was left inactive throughout the rest of The Nexus' tenure. Michael Tarver June 7 2010 October 4 2010 Left the stable due to injury and was fired. Justin Gabriel June 7 2010 January 10 2011 Left the stable and joined The Corre on Smackdown. Heath Slater June 7 2010 January 10 2011 Left the stable and joined The Corre on Smackdown. David Otunga June 7 2010 August 1 2011 Only member to serve during the entire tenure of Nexus. John Cena October 3 2010 November 21 2010 Left after being fired. Husky Harris October 25 2010 January 31 2011 Quitely left the group after a minor injury. This was caused by Randy Orton. Michael McGillicutty October 25 2010 August 1 2011 One of the last two members of The Nexus. CM Punk December 27 2010 July 17 2011 Became the new leader of The Nexus after overthrowing Wade Barrett and renamed the stable, left the group after his contract expired. Mason Ryan January 17 2011 July 11 2011

Sustained an injuryshorly before the stable disbanded.

The Nexus had a range of themes they used:

*We Are One-12 Stones

*Cult Of Personality-Living Colours

*This Fire Burns-Killswitch Engage

*Death Blow-VideoHelper Production Library

*All About The Power-S-Preme.

Championships and accomplishments:

*PWI Feud Of The Year *PWI Most Hated Wrestler Of The Year *PWI Rookie Of The Year (David Otunga)*NXT (Season One)-Wade Barrett *Slammy Award For Debut Of Nexus *WWE Championship-CM Punk *WWE Tag Team Championship-John Cena & David Otunga, Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel & David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty.

My Opinion On The Nexus:

The Nexus were a bunch of guys who wanted to make it into a big industry. Little did they know that they were in for a big adventure. I do acknowledge the fact that they were very destructive, and I loved their theme song (We Are One) but they hurt a tonne of people, just to make a statement. If the group was still around, I would say that they would have all been faces (Good People) or something would have been done about it. The Nexus was only the jumpstart to the careers of many of these superstars. Look at Wade Barrett, for example, he is (before he just got injured)on of the top dogs on Smackdown, awaiting the chance to win the coveted World Heavyweight Championship. I can also see that Justin Gabriel is close on getting a shot at the Intercontinental Championship. Do I wish they were still a team? Well, In a way I do, as they made it so entertaining to watch, even though we all hate to admit it, and they were strong. However, this process of beating up people and taking advantage over others would get old, and I think no matter what would happen, I think by the end of that year, they would be a distant memory again.

Check out my article on "The Corre". http://www.booksie.com/sports/article/sosnh/the-correwwe/chapter/1

Comment and I will reply. If you have a big argument, then give me a link to an article of you speaking your mind. Thank You!
Sources: My Own Knowledge.



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