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What Should Be In WWE 13'?

Article By: sosnh

This is a list of what I hope to see in WWE 13'. After the HUGE improvement WWE 12' had from Smackdown VS Raw 2011, I think they should easily raise the bar even bigger.

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What Should Be In WWE 13'?

This article is a list of things I should hope to see in next year's WWE 13'.

THQ and Yukes have outdid themselves with this years edition of a WWE game.

They have had a major reboot, in renaming the franchise WWE 12' rather than the old Smackdown VS Raw series they had for years prior.

They utilised "Predator Technology" and therefore made the star Randy Orton, and visually, this is my favourite of all the WWE Games.

They, however, lacked a lot of things that the WWE universe have been demanding for years on end.

What I include on this list will hopefully be put into WWE 13'.

1. Roster: The Roster for this year's installment is one of the biggest in WWE Gaming History. It contains Legends, Superstars and Divas. I would hope that in WWE 13', the WWE could make an option to import all the superstars/divas/legends from WWE 12' into WWE 13'.

2. NXT: NXT has been on for 2 years. In WWE 12' they included the stage and logos, but I would love to see the actual show in WWE Universe 3.0 mode (I will talk about 3.0 later). It could feature tasks and matches your CAW's (Create A Wrestler-Created Superstar/Diva) could have to get put on Smackdown or Raw.

3. WWE Universe 3.0: In WWE 12' they input WWE Universe Mode 2.0. It is very entertaining. I think that 3.0 should feature more matches, more rivalries and cutscenes. I also think they should keep doing the brand stuff they started to do in WWE 12'

4. Create-An-Entrance: I think they should include more options as to what your entrance looks like. Though I loved how they introduced the mode in WWE 12'.

5. Create-An-Arena: I would love to see this mode return, but with more options as to how you can make an in-depth arena.

6. Create-A-Finisher: I love this mode, though I think it needs a lot more options for starting poses. They should include one's that say "Off The Ropes" and "Out Of The Ring" and "Weapon Finishers".

7. Create-A-Story: This is one of my favourite modes. You can create ANY STORY you want, provided there is a scene for it. I noticed that they didn't change much in WWE 12' from what was in Smackdown VS Raw 2011. I hope they add a lot more branches.

8. Create-A-Wrestler: This mode needs more items, that is all.

9. Normal Create Entrance: This should return but the advanced mode should become the easy mode, and the advanced mode should be improved.

10. Create-A-Championship/Title: I loved this mode when it was included in the games. I created both Tag Team Championships, and single Championships. I loved facing my friends and winning titles I had created from them. I REALLY WANT THIS TO BE INCLUDED.

11. Locker Room: I loved this mode, and it tied together with the story mode. I loved how you could easily walk around areas such as the locker room and the bar and other various places. I think it should be re-named "Trailer Room" as it has a Locker Room inside of it. I also remember that if you walked on the doormat, it would ask you if you would like to go out for your next match. This if one of the modes I REALLY WANT TO BE INCLUDED. One more thing, I also like the fact that there is a machine at the bar that you can look at and you can do matches (e.g. Edge VS Mick Foley at Wrestlemania 22) on different difficulties.Combined with the newer graphics that would be introudced would make this one mode that WWE fans would enjoy so much that the team at Yukes and THQ would be forced into including it into the game.

12. General Manager Mode:General Manager Mode was one of my favourite modes. I will begin by saying that WWE 12' and a few games prior have traded in the GM Mode concept for Universe Mode, or a similar concept. However, I like both modes and what they have to offer. I hate the fact that I have to go back to my old scratched "WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2008" Disk to play GM Mode. The roster is full of wrestlers that we never see any more. I have limited matches that I do. It's entertaining, but the old limited roster is but a fragment of the current WWE 12' and hopefully an even bigger WWE 13' roster. I have knowingly spent over 1000 hours playing GM Mode. It never gets old, besides the fact that I feel confined to all the old wrestlers. I REALLY WANT ThIS TO BE INCLUDED. Though in this GM Mode I hope that their is more variety in matches, championships given away, superstars etc. I also think it would be good with the Create-A-Championship & Locker Room Modes.

13. Road To Wrestlemania:This is arguably one of the WWE games best features. For a change, in WWE 12' you did not just start the "Road To Wrestlemania" at the Royal Rumble. Instead, for instance, in the Villain Story (Sheamus) you begin at Hell In A Cell. I think they are very fun, but is sad when they end. I think 5 RTWM's would be good, like they had in Smackdown VS Raw 2011. I suggest the following: Zack Ryder, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Alicia Fox & Santino Marella. They would be good. I think even more RTWM's would be a VERY good idea.

14. Story Mode: Story Mode has not been used in the WWE games for a while now. I loved the storylines you were put in, and with the addition of the Locker Room and other modes, it makes the entire experience even better. I REALLY WANT ThIS TO BE INCLUDED. If it is included, then to mix it up, I suggest that management make it specific as to what Story you will get. This would depend on your height, weight, division, gender etc. It would impress a lot of fans.

15. Diva's Devision: I feel that the Division has always been lacked throughout the game. I say we need at least 15 current Divas rostered in. Even Divas that aren't in the WWE any more should be included.

That is all. I must stress to anyone that reads this that this is in my opinion, so do not take offence to anything I write.
I am aware that the content you just read sounds like a lot, well, it is quite possible. If THQ & Yukes (or whoever works on WWE 13') puts out a set of 3 disks or so, it would fit all the content and more on it. I think implementing all these modes will bring in thousands of dollars more in sales. It would also introduce a lot of people to the series, which in tern will make the developers a lot more money. Everyone is happy.

I can also say that a lot of what I have written can be simply done by updating the codes found for each of the above things. For example in GM Mode they can input the code they used back in Smackdown VS Raw 2008 in it, but add more matches, stipulations, writers, options, championships, designs, the ability to add you own championships to the mode and changing your brand (like Universe mode). It sounds complicated but with updated graphics and what the devs should already know, I am basically sure that ALL OF THIS IS POSSIBLE. Let's just see if they are too lazy to put them in.


Thank You,

Written By Shane O'Sullivan.


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