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Whats Up with Dribbling?

By: TheBrownGuy

Page 1, This is a short write up on the art of dribbling in the sport of Football (Soccer). It explains the need and effectiveness of dribbling in the beautiful game.


           Dribbling constitutes balance, agility, and ball control.  Dribbling is something I would say evolved over time.  We remember  legends like Pele, Maradona  and even Beckenbauer. They went on a frenzy each time they dribbled with the ball. However, even  though there are  players with that ability to dribble, something is missing if you compare  how the game was played back then. The main factors are space, speed and  players. These factors, I believe, altered the way we see dribbling.  During those times, the likes of Pele and Oswaldo  Ardiles  would dribble past several players and score fantastic goals. Unlike the past, that might not  be as easy to accomplish in the modern game.  We now have the master dribblers like Messi, Ronaldhino and Neymar. However , they are not given the luxury to do that at present.

          Instead, they  fully  utilise their ability to dribble to create chances and also assist in attacks. At times they even score and that’s why these names are comparable to legends. Dribbling is seen as a method to propel the ball forward while still having possession of the ball. At times when the defence closes you down, you either pass up or deliver a cross.  So to technically put it, while dribbling the ball, the dribbler can either score or create chances for the play. In addition, a good dribbler can also gain opportunities for penalties and set-pieces. This can significantly change the game and give the team an important advantage during the game.  Reason being, a good dribbler would prove considerably hard to dispossess and this in turn will be followed up by unsuccessful tackles which will see the team receiving set-piece chances during the game.  I would suggest looking at a team that can dribble rather than just an individual who can dribble. When I think of  a team, I think of FC Barcelona. The entire team can dribble and create chances  from start to end which is what makes them one of the most -feared attacking sides in modern  Football.  As Pep Guardiola, Manager of Barcelona, mentions about how Messi has transformed the game. ‘’ Messi started his career as a winger and that made him an excellent dribbler. Taking on players was his key asset. Dribbling is still an essential key feature of his game and I believe that he is raising standards of this game. It’s unbelievable. ‘’  Thus, I like to conclude by saying that it depends on the team’s on-pitch chemistry  that can ultimately decide the success of dribbling.

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