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The Life- chapter 1

By: applechicken0

Page 1, allen plays basketball and he wants to be the best of best.

chapter 1

Everyone says I'm obsessed with my game but to me I think what i do isn't enough. All the NBA superstars spend almost every single day on the court perfecting their moves, crossovers, layups, jumpshots, 3- pointers and I'm just laying on my bed Imaging myself doing it. First I was just practicing jumpshots and then I imagined myself on the court, and its not just any court, its the home of the Heat. Heat against the Celtics 78 -80 with less than 5 seconds left in the game during a time out. The crowd was roaring, everyone was out of their seat, all you could hear the name of each team being screamed at the top of their lungs, but it wasn't like any other sound, this one had a rhythm to it.

"Let's Go Heat! Lets Go Heat!"

This was like the golden moment, everything was flowing in a rhythm and I knew the only way the win was a 3-pointer.

We're back in the game and I had the ball dribbling down the court...... 4

I faced a defender, one of those that stuck with you were ever you went. I tried a crossover but he stuck with me......3

Time was ticking, already down to three seconds. I faked a pass, spun around to fadeaway right behind the 3-point line and I only saw the basket for split second...2

I let go of the ball......1

This last second of the game everything stopped, no noise from the crowd, everyone turned to watch at the ball in unison. That long second felt like longest one in the game as the ball attacked the basket. Swish. On the scoreboard it read Heat 81- Celtics 80. The crowd exploded but the bad thing was that I was only imaging this.

"Allen! Time for dinner".It was my mom.

I snapped out of my dream. If only something like this would really happen.

I guess all the day dreaming made me hungry so I heading downstairs for our Thanksgiving dinner.

"Allen!" It was my friend Ben, he's an orphan. His parents were killed in a car accident when he was only 3 years old, they left him at his aunt's house that day. Now he lives there since the day of the accident.

"I never expected you to be here", I said

"Your dad picked me up while I was walking home. I went to ask the coach if anyone could join the team and he said that even if you can't play you could join the team, there is only 2 or 3 players."

"Really?" I got real excited because my parents knew i always wanted to be in the NBA when I grew up but my Dad wanted me to stay away from the game of basketball so I barely got to hold the ball. He thinks the game is too violent for me, what about football? He told me that I had to be a doctor. I hadn't mentioned the topic for almost as long as i remember so now Dad thinks that I lost all my interest in my dream but when I grow up I don't want to stay in a hospital. I always dreamed of playing on a team so I asked Ben to see if we could join the basketball team.

"Don't you have to get some sort of paper signed by your parents?"

"Only your teachers have to sign it"

"So keep this a secret, don't tell anyone", I told him.


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