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he shoots ...

By: kye303

Page 1, a great story about a footballer who starts off small and makes it big

i breathed hevily as i ran i noticed people screaming my name i kick the ball as hard as i can the ball wizzed passed the keeper the crowd goes wild i run and slide on my knees iget up with a smile on my face .. my names adam shaw and this is my story

when i was13 all day in class i would day dream about being a footballer for a major leuge team but for now i have to get my head down and study the bell goes and i leave for fotball practice for the school football team sudenly davies passes me the ball i run down the pitch still thinking through my stratagies sudenly i look to my left and see johnson slide me i fall to the floor the referees whislte blows its a indirect kick my only chance for us to win this practice match i whisper to wilkinson to do a fake he runs for it and jumps luckly the wall brakes and the goalie dives i shoot it hits the cross bar i run and vollie off the bar and the ball just touches the back of the net all the team runs up to me tackaling me to the ground the coach asks me to stay behind after practice i take my boots off and bang them against the wall the coach walks up to me he looks down at me i ask him whats the matter coach? he replies with i know you have been trainging hard this seson and i would like you to be the first teams captain if you can handle that i jumped in the air and screamed"yes"the coach handed me a red band he said treat it well


we had a match against psg they were the best french team we had to play at our best we walked on to the pitch i looked around and saw about 50 people in the crowd and got quite exited the first whislte blew jhonson passed to me i followed it through to wilkinson he kicks it up in the air i run after it i jump and header the ball it wized passed the goalie but it bounces off his boot i look down at the floor in depresion i lift my head and i tried more the ball slowly rolls off pitch its our corner and furgison takes it i comes flying towords me i jump and bicicle kick it i flys into the back off the net the team all follow me as i stop and do the robot for my celibrasion but sudenly davidson tackles lewis and he runs down the pitch dribling past our deffenders he shoots and scores he looks to the crowd and bows its our kick off and i start i pass it to lewis he passes back to me i run down the line dodgeing every played in sight i slide the ball through the goalies legs then run behind him and kick the ball in :half time :

in the locker rooms the manager complements us and we run back on to pitch theres no goals in this halfwe won our first match of the seson as i get my gear together and wallk home a scout walks next to me and offers me a place in newcaslte united i dont refuse he asks me to meet him at the airport tommorow so i do he tells me to bring my football gear with me wenn i met him had a smile on his face he said have you packed i replied with what for he said the ride of your laugh we entered the plane we reach new caslte i exit through the front gate its finaly comeing true all those time all those dreams of playing profesonal its comeing true the scout took me to a hotel and i stayed there for the night the next day i woke and the scout cameknocking onmy room door he walks in telling me to get dressed in my i did we get in the car and drive to the stadium i walk into the changeing rooms and saw some of the players i was so exited as i walk onto the training ground i see the ball come flying towords me i chest pass it thenvollie it it flys into the goal everyone looked at me as if they thought i was going to miss the manager walks up to me and says get playing i run on to pitch the ball lands in my feet i try to shoot by somebody slide tackles me and i fall to thegroundi get up andcarry on playing that night i fall straight asleep .

chapter three:a good day

on the way to training i bump into david beckham i ask why are you here he replies im here to sighn with new castle united i ask why when u play for manchester united he said he needs something differant he wants to make a new team get to the top and laughs he ask me why im here i replied with the same reson as you he said well do you want a lift i acepted when we get there the manager asks both of us in and theres two contracts on the table i rub my eyes to see if im dreaming i wasent i sighned the contract and me and beckham walk onto the pitch and get asked to follw a man he takes us to get our shirts fitted finaly im part of a team james perch passes me the ball i run down the line i saw demba ba on my left i crossed it in to him he shoots and he scores we all run up to him and hug him a week later we get called up to play against west ham its my first profesional game for the first team we all walked into the changeing rooms and got into our kits as we walked onto the pitch i stroked the ground and looked round and i saw the west ham team captain give me dirty looks i got angrythe first whistle blew i ran up the left wing fabrico coloccini crossed the ball towords me i juped headerd it it wizzed past the goalie i screamed gary oniel got annoyed suddenly gary kicked it form the 30 yard mark the goalie lets it in its 1 all the firs half endedin the changeing rooms the manager hadago at us we walked back on pitch the whistle blows cheick tote tackles west hams stricker and passed to me i rainbow flick it over the deffenders head and finish it off our next game is arseanal in the finals if we win we will be the chapions of the premier leauge after the game we have a party

chapter 4 the end

my phonerings and i answer it i hear a voice i recogniseit says that my uncle has died of cancer i ran to the hospital when i got there the paparotzie was there one of them was in the room were my uncle was he was takeing pictures off me i punched him and smashed his camera up the wall i kept kicking it and kicking it the seciraty restraind me i stoped and saw my fans looking i stoped and walked away the day off the match

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