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The Story of My Life

Miscellaneous By: Brady Trammell

The game of Football.

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Everyone has that one passion that they eat sleep and breathe. As most of you know, mine is football. Football is not just a game. It's so much more than just a game. It's a lifestyle for me. I love the game more than I probably love my life. When you say the word football, my attention directs towards you. Now, as most of you know, I love the game. But that's not what this is all about. Not many of you know what goes on behind the scenes. Not many of you know my story. Well, I'll start by saying football is something I've stuck to my whole life. No matter how hard life gets for me, I always have football there for me to fall back on and take my emotions out on. I've been told my whole life that I would never be good enough to achieve my dreams and goals of playing for LSU and then in the NFL. No matter how good you say I am or how bad you say I am, it makes no difference to me. Haters are actually what's gotten me where I am today. But I use those people who tell me I'm not good enough and tell me I'm not big enough as an advantage. When I'm training, the people who tell me that stuff are running through my mind, therefore I train much harder, because I want to prove them wrong. My mom especially knows how bad I want it. She's the one who's gone through hell and back with me and the game. And I thank her for always supporting my football career. She will even tell you that all I talk about is football. My family tells me to shut up all the time because it's all I talk about. And honestly, other than God and my family, football is all I care about. It's the one thing I dedicate my life to. In most kids free time, they'll play video games or talk on the phone to their girl friend. What do I do? Take a wild guess. I train. I want to be at the top more than I want to breathe. I don't dream about being successful as much as most people would. And that's because I don't dream about success, I simply work for it. Spend a week in my shoes. You'd be surprised at the amount of stuff that I do for football. Everything I do is for football. And before I get any further, I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for just giving me the ability to play football. For allowing me to play the game. If it wasn't for Him, I wouldn't even be here today, so I give all thanks and credit to God. Anyways, football is a sport that has done me a lot of good. I'm fully dedicated to becoming a starter on varsity as a sophomore this year for Byrd. This offseason, I've trained harder and trained more than anyone I know. But it's for a good cause right? For someone who's only started 4 games in a long 10 year career, most people would've quit by now. But me? Haha quitting is not an option. When you love the game as much as I do, you'll do anything you can to get on the field and get playing time. That's why all I do is train. I feel that if you want something bad enough, you'll do everything you can to achieve it. I want to be a starter next year. Therefore I'm doing everything I can to make sure I become a starter. There is no backing down, I don't quit til the job gets done. You may knock me down, but I will get right back up. I do not slack in anything I do for football. No matter if you knock me down 10 times in a row, I'll get up and still give it my all the next play and the play after that, and until the job gets done. And that's what's gotten me to where I am today. The drive. I'm so drove into the game it's crazy. I have dreams and goals. I don't talk about them, I go out and I work hard so that I can achieve them. This offseason has been the best offseason I've had in my whole career without a doubt. I've done things that I never thought I could do. And that's something that keeps me going. By doing things that I never thought I could do, it's seemed to change my whole attitude. Therefore when something crosses my mind that I don't think I can do, I always remember that I have done things that I never thought I could do. Matthew 19:26 says With God, all things are possible. And that is very true. This offseason I've truly worked harder than any player I can think of. From crushing it every day at school lifting weights, going to Speed Works on Tuesdays and Thursdays, training on my own every day from 5-8:30, to freezing my ass off in late night ice baths for recovery from so much training. You'd think my body would be worn out. Physically, it is. But mentally, it's not. I have my mind set to train every chance I get. That dedication is what is going to help me hopefully achieve my goal of starting varsity this year as a sophomore. I drink at least a gallon of water per day. This offseason, I've increased my squat max by about 90 pounds and my bench max by about 60 pounds, no joke! I crush it every time I lift weights at school or on my own. My heart is in it. I don't want to become second string. Second in anything means first loser. If I become a starter on varsity this year as a sophomore, I'll finally feel achieved and I'll finally feel like I've done something. It'd be the best feeling in the world knowing that I proved all of my hatters wrong. Maybe for the first time in my life, my dad would be proud of me if I achieved this goal. I'm going for my goal, my heart is in control, my mind is on succeed. I scored a touchdown in 7 on 7 when we played it. Coach was watching. I got thrown to once, and I caught it for a touchdown in double coverage. The sideline reaction made me feel so good. Everyone said," Ooooh." I felt like I actually did something for once. It's not about the size of the player in the game, it's about the size of the game in the player. God bless! "I can do all things tbrough Christ who strengthens me" -Philippians 4:13 By Brady Trammell


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