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Shane's Wrestling Story

Novel By: sosnh

This story revolves around Shane O'Sullivan (myself) as I compete in various wrestling companies, and do things that make you want to read more and more. I do not, however, own any of the companies that are said throughout our journey. View table of contents...


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The first match of the night was the Intercontinental Championship. MVP entered, sporting a Gold & Silver suit. This was expected as MVP always changes the colours of his outfits. The letters M, V & P were stitched onto the back. Goldust entered soon after, wearing his Blonde Wig for the first time in years. He carried the Intercontinental Championship on his waist. The match started. After a few warm-up punches, MVP took the lead by hitting Goldust with a massive Clothesline. MVP went for the 305 but failed, and Goldust planted him down, instead, with an STO. He went for the pin but MVP kicked out at the count of 2. Goldust picked him up and hit him with a DDT. He ran off the ropes and hit MVP with a Knee to the head. MVP staggered up. Goldust hit him with a Running Dropkick. When MVP stood up, once more, Goldust wrapped his arms around MVP's head and hit him with a Shattered Dreams. He pinned MVP to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

The following scene showed The Miz hitting a punching bag, warming up for his match against the returning superstar. As if by a miracle, Twitter went in chaos tweeting Returning Wrestler. It became the #1 trend before the cut scene was over.

The next match was Tommy Dreamer VS Kenny Dykstra. The match was fairly plain. Tommy Dreamer won after Kenny buckled his leg and Dreamer capitalized on it by hitting him with a Dreamer Driver. The match was over in 3 minutes.

The next cut scene was a promo for Wrestlemania 30 which confirmed that it would take place at Colorado Springs, Colorado. It showed a glamorous shining background.

The next match was the Triple Threat United States Championship match. James entered first, slapping the crowd's hands as he slowly advanced to the ring. Chris entered next, flexing his muscles and bowing to the audience. Finally, Santino Marella entered, wearing a shirt with a Spitting Cobra on it. Quite soon after, the match started. Santino took control after Chris had fallen pray to a huge Dropkick delivered by James. He pounded on Chris until he slipped out of the ring. James and Santino both leapt out of the ring onto Chris. James was the first to rise. He picked Chris up and threw him into the first row of the crowd. He turned around and was hit with a powerful Cobra to the neck. Santino tried to pick James up but couldn't manage it. He leapt around the arena, in what seemingly looked idiotic. When Santino had finished acting crazy, he took a long look at the ring. Chris Masters had James in the Master Lock. James had an extinguished look on his face. Chris swayed him left and right, making sure James felt the full impact of the submission. Santino ran to the ring and broke up the submission. James fell to the ground. Masters started punching Santino, while staggering Santino backwards. After 2 punches, Santino tripped over James. Masters towered over Santino with a menacing grin on his face. Santino reacted quickly by kicking his legs. This caused Chris to sway and fall down to his knees. Santino hit him with a quick DDT. He ran off the ropes and hit a running Headbutt on him. Masters staggered upwards, and in one swift movement, was back down on the ground gasping for breath (from the Cobra). Santino pinned Chris, and retained the United States Championship. After Santino celebrated, he left the ring. Eventually Chris did as well. When James didn't get up, medical staff had to come out. He was carried out on a Stretcher.

The next promo was about No Way Out. The promo showed Sheamus being locked up after fighting at an Irish pub. The lights flashed black and white as Sheamus tried to escape the cell. An Irish officer came by the cell and said "There's NO WAY OUT." The Promo ended and the next match started.

Kelly Kelly entered first. She sported a bright pink attire. She shared kisses with various members of the WWE Universe. Layla came out next in Black & Red tights. The match was quick. To begin with, Layla slapped Kelly across the face. Kelly got enraged and started hitting Layla hard. She taunted around the ring until Layla got up. When Layla got up, Kelly ran off one of the sets of ropes and hit a Running Bulldog on Layla. She then went to the top rope and waited for Layla to get up, and hit her with a huge Hurricanrana. She pinned Layla, and won the Diva's Championship. She celebrated. All of a sudden, huge thunderous beats of music erupted the air. Kharma appeared and stormed down to the ring. Kharma entered the ring. Kelly stood in shock, and was petrified to move. Kharma picked Layla up and hit her with a Kharma Buster. Kelly was then subjected to a Kharma Buster. Kharma stood over Kelly, waving the Diva's Championship. After a bit of a laugh, Kharma looked straight at the WWE camera's. She threw the title at Kelly's face and stormed away.

The next cut scene involved a backstage fight between Cody Rhodes & Shawn Michaels about who would win the WWE Championship. Cody bet that Jeff Hardy would win, while Shawn believed that Sheamus would retain. Other superstars including Carlito, R-Truth, Drew McIntyre, Christian, Ezekiel Jackson & even Edge tried to stop the fight. It was announced that the Main Event at Raw would be Cody Rhodes VS Shawn Michaels in a Hardcore Match.

The next match was for the WWE Tag Team Championships. Cryme Time entered first, wearing their street attire. Next, Kofi & Randy entered, carrying the WWE Tag Team Championships on their arms. The match started soon after. Kofi stepped in the ring with JTG. Kofi took the lead after hitting JTG with a Gut Kick and following it up with a Hurricanrana of the ropes. Kofi ran off the set of ropes again, and taunted and hit the Boom Drop on JTG. JTG staggered upwards, while Kofi ran off the ropes to hit a running Clothesline on him, and was then subjected to a further 2 Clothesline's. Kofi moved JTG over corner and tagged Randy in. Randy taunted around and when JTG stood up, he hit his combo in. First was the Clothesline's, followed by the Scoop Slam. He pounded his heads on the canvas, feeling voices in his head. When JTG had half-risen, Randy was up to his feet, posed and ready to deliver the RKO. At this time, Shad was in the ring, he pulled Randy over to face him. Before Randy could react, Shad hit him with a STO. He stood up but was hit by a Trouble In Paradise. When Kofi stood up, JTG hit him with a Fireman's Carry, forcing him to fall out of the square ring. He picked Randy up, feeling the weight pressing against his sore hands. He hit three separate Suplex's on Randy, followed by a massive Dropkick. He, once again, picked Randy up, and hit him with a reverse STO, and pinned him for the victory. Cryme Time was congratulated after winning the Tag Team titles.

The next promo announced that the following week on Raw & Smackdown, there would be rematches. It also confirmed that the returning superstar would get a choice to face any champion he/she wants for the title.

The next match was for the World Heavyweight Championship. The Undertaker entered first, spreading the WWE Universe into awe as they surveyed a legend on his way to the ring. John Morrison entered next, holding the World Heavyweight Championship. The bell rang. John and Taker stared at each other for a few seconds. They locked up, and started trying to get the upper hand. After a few twists, Taker gained control. He hit 2 Knee's to John's gut. He then placed John between his legs and lifted him up. He got into the position for the Last Ride but John jumped off, landing on the middle rope on the opposite side. He looked behind at Taker, who was still in the process of figuring out what had happened. John flipped off the ropes into a backflip, just as Taker turned. It was a direct hit. John got up and hit a Lionsault on Taker. He went for the pin but only got a 2 count. Taker sat up, and John fell backwards in fear. He regained his composure and ran off a set of ropes, hitting a giant knee in Taker's temple. He went for the pin and got the three count. John had retained the World Heavyweight Championship. This had been unforeseen, considering Taker's newfound momentum of returning to action.

The next promo featured The Miz. He told the WWE Universe that he is awesome and awesome people eat Slim Jims. He ate a stick of the Beef Jerky. Hornswoggle came in and multiplied himself, eating different flavours of Slim Jims.

The next match was The Miz VS the mysterious superstar. The Miz entered first, with his usual cocky attitude at a high. The lights flashed on and off as everyone awaited the returning superstar. A purple & grey sign appeared on the Titantron. It said HLR. Everyone started talking. A cap appeared on the screen and said the same thing. Fireworks went of at this. Then a message appeared on the screen. It said HEEL in capital letters. A kunai flew across the screen, erasing the words Heel. Then the word FACE appeared on the screen. A hand formed on the screen (thumbs up). Everything went dark. John Cena's music came in, and he stepped out in a Purple & Grey getup. His cap had HLR written on it. The back of his top had the same Kunai and HEEL/FACE message on it, and the words Hustle, Loyalty & Respect embroiled towards the bottom of it. Cena ran to the ring. The match started, and immediately John started dominating. After a few punches and kicks, John collided with the ropes, flinging himself over Miz's head, hitting the Running DDT. He poised himself for the Five Knuckle Shuffle and hit it in, and when Miz staggered upwards, John hit him with an Attitude Adjustment. He pinned The Miz for the victory. He shook the hands of the front row of viewers. Before he left he decided to grab a microphone and explain himself. "Look, I have been a bit down over the past few months. When Shane put me out of action, I spend hours of every day in every week in the Gym, and it occurred to me that I was not born to be heel. I love this company, I love the superstars, and I love the WWE Universe." At the finishing word of this sentence, the WWE Universe erupted into cheers. "...and as for the title opportunity, I have decided to start from the bottom. I will be facing the United States Champion. I am also proposing that if I lose, I will have to start at the very bottom. To where I would have to prove myself time and time again, just to become the Number 1 contender for the United States Championship, much less the WWE Tag Team Championships or the WWE Championship."

The next cut scene was Jeff Hardy, who was putting on his armbands and face paint. During the cut scene, Matt Hardy also wished him luck.

The final match of the night was the Triple Threat WWE Championship Match. Ted Dibiase entered first, in a new, blue attire. Jeff Hardy entered next. Then finally, Sheamus entered, wielding the WWE Championship. The match started and Ted started beating Jeff up almost immediately. Sheamus dawdled over to Ted and Jeff. He grabbed Ted by the neck and picked him up to stand face to face with him. He kicked him in the gut, and threw him out of the ring. Jeff, at this time, was standing up. Sheamus helped him up. Jeff thanked him, but did so menacingly. Sheamus pointed at Ted, who was splashing on the ground. He told Jeff to jump off and hit him, and he would do so as well. They agreed, and ran off one side of the ropes, and jumped out at Ted. Sheamus hit him with a Running Suicide Dive, and Jeff hit him with a Front Flip Senton. Sheamus was the first to get up. He picked Jeff up and threw him under the ring. He lifted up the steel steps on both sides of the side of the ring that Jeff was stuffed under. He placed them in front of the ring. He grabbed Jeff's left arm and spread it through the top of the side of the ring. He moved the steps in more closely. When he finished, Ted attacked him from behind. However, Sheamus didn't fall down. Instead, Sheamus turned around and hit him with a running Lariat. Ted's stamina forced him to pounce back up, but went head on with another Lariat. Sheamus lifted him up and threw him into the ring. He jumped in, and waited until Ted got up. He went for a Brogue Kick, but Ted swiftly moved his head, avoiding the kick. Sheamus' leg got caught on the rope. From below, Jeff had risen, and somehow manoeuvred his way out of the predicament he had been in. Jeff held onto his leg. Ted noticed this, and ran off the ropes, hitting Sheamus with a huge Clothesline. When this collided it caused Sheamus to flaunt down on the ground, and his leg was hurt from the recoil of the leg. Jeff leg go of Sheamus' leg and entered the ring, but Ted knocked him off. Jeff fell onto the announce table. Ted climbed to the top turnbuckle and looked around at Jeff and Sheamus. He knew that if he hit Jeff, there was a good chance that the table could break, even though nothing had been removed, but if he hit Sheamus, he could take advantage of it and perhaps get a pin. He decided on Sheamus. He jumped off the turnbuckle and collided with the Irishman's chest. Sheamus flaunted around in pain. Ted taunted until Sheamus got up, and hit him with a Dream Street. He picked up the victory, and the WWE Championship. He celebrated. As he did this, Jeff came up from behind and hit him in the gut, then hit him with a Twist Of Fate. Sheamus laid sprawled on the ground. He finally managed to get up, and, in shame, left the ring.

The next night was shaped up to be a good one. If the promo's that were given out through the evening was anything to go by, then Raw, and even Smackdown, would be very good.


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