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Shane's Wrestling Story

Novel By: sosnh

This story revolves around Shane O'Sullivan (myself) as I compete in various wrestling companies, and do things that make you want to read more and more. I do not, however, own any of the companies that are said throughout our journey. View table of contents...


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Raw, as discussed at Over The Limit, was going to be epic. The night's match's included a United States Championship Fatal 4 Way Match between James Frecklington, Chris Masters, Santino Marella & John Cena. The WWE Tag Team Championships were being defended in a rematch between Cryme Time and Kofi & Randy. Ted Dibiase would defend his newly awarded WWE Championship against Jeff Hardy and Sheamus. The Main Event was Cody Rhodes VS Shawn Michaels in a Hardcore match.

The first match of the night was a Diva's Tag Team Match between Kharma & Gail Kim VS Kelly Kelly & Layla. The victory went to Kharma & Gail Kim after Kharma hit a Kharma Buster on Layla, which injured her leg.

The United States Fatal 4 Way Championship Match was won by John Cena, after Santino hit the Cobra on James, who had knocked Chris out of the ring. John picked Santino up and hit him with an Attitude Adjustment. He celebrated his championship gold.

The WWE Tag Team Championships were defended. Cryme Time retained after Shad hit an STO to Kofi. At that time, Randy had been out of it, and was not aware that Kofi was being pinned.

The WWE Championship Match was interesting, as things boiled over between the three participants. Eventually, Sheamus set up for the Brogue Kick but failed, and was hit by a Dream Street by Ted. Jeff kicked Ted, and went for the Twist Of Fate, but failed after Ted took hold of his leg, twisted it around and hit him with a huge Dream Street. He pinned Jeff Hardy to retain the WWE Championship.

The Main Event result was that Cody Rhodes won after putting Shawn on a Table, and hitting an Elbow Drop into it, then picking the carcass up and sliding around to hit a Cross Rhodes in. Mr McMahon came out, after the match, and announced that as former Chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment, he is now well enough to help Hunter (Triple H) manage the company. Hunter came out and shook hands with his father in law. He went back to his office and Mr. McMahon announced that as the winner of the match, Cody is the Number 1 Contender at No Way Out for the WWE Championship. He also announced that ECW would be ending, and the title would go to Smackdown (Held by Chavo Guerrero) for 'a while'. He announced that a new shot, named NXT was being developed. He said that on the final ECW that week, he would reveal the rest. He also announced the main event of the night. It was Chavo VS Kane. The winner would become the final ECW Champion until NXT finished.

The next night at ECW, Chavo defeated Kane and retained the ECW Championship. The victory came when Chavo hit the 5 Star Frog Splash on Kane. Mr. McMahon announced that NXT would be a show that puts old and new WWE superstars in a tournament, where the winner, after several weeks, would gain a WWE contract, and the chance to have a championship match at any PPV during the course of the year that would follow the achievement. He said that there would be 8 Rookies, and 8 Pros. The Pros would be current superstars, and the Rookies would be the new or old superstars. Basically, the Pros and Rookies would be randomly determined and the Pros would help the Rookies adjust to the WWE. He announced the 8 Pros and Rookies.

  1. PRO: CM Punk. ROOKIE: Heath Slater.
  2. PRO: Randy Orton. ROOKIE: Fred Gradier.
  3. PRO: Dolph Ziggler. ROOKIE: Husky Harris.
  4. PRO: James Frecklington. ROOKIE: Shane O'Sullivan.
  5. PRO: Finlay. ROOKIE: Bully Ray.
  6. PRO: Chavo Guerrero. ROOKIE: Buster Falcon.
  7. PRO: Primo. ROOKIE: Flo Rida.
  8. PRO: R-Truth. ROOKIE: Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

He said that any number of the superstars could gain a contract, but the winner would certainly get a contract AND the opportunity to face fellow superstars in the WWE for any championship in the WWE. The WWE Universe was shocked. They had thought that Shane would have returned at Over The Limit, but instead, John Cena returned. The same could be said for both Heath Slater and Husky Harris. Bully Ray had left Impact Wrestling, and it was rumoured that he would seek out returning to the WWE. Flo Rida & Jake Roberts both mentioned physical involvement in the WWE.

Smackdown, that week, was similar to Raw. Goldust was to face MVP in a rematch for the Intercontinental Championship, Layla would face Kelly Kelly in a rematch for the Diva's Championship. Every WWE Diva besides the Diva's Champion would be in a Battle Royal. The final diva left in the ring would be named the Number 1 Contender for the Diva's Championship at No Way Out. The Big Show would have a match against Carlito. The Main Event was John Morrison VS The Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Firstly, we seen the Diva's Championship Match. Kelly retained easily, after hitting a Missile Dropkick on Layla from the top turnbuckle.

Goldust retained the Intercontinental Championship after MVP was disqualified for hitting a referee out of the way to leave him alone.

The Big Show easily defeated Carlito with a WMD immediately after the match started.

The Diva Battle Royal was a hit. The final 4 Diva's were Kharma, Gail Kim, Mickie James and Michelle McCool, who had just eliminated Layla. Mickie jumped at Kharma, but Kharma threw her out of the ring. Michelle was hit by a running Elbow from Gail Kim. Gail picked her up and threw her out of the ring. Kharma sat next to one of the sets of ropes, regaining momentum. Gail ran at her in a Clothesline. Somehow, both Gail and Kharma fell out of the ring. The match ended. The titantron displayed the highlights of the match while Kharma and Gail sat near the ring, watching the replay. The referee had trouble figuring out who was eliminated first. It got to the point that they took it frame by frame. It turned out that both Kharma and Gail fell at exactly the same time. Hunter came out and announced a Triple Threat Diva's Championship match at No Way Out,

The final match went to John Morrison after Taker was caught on a turnbuckle. John had run up to him, hitting him with an Enziguri. Taker fell down in a perfect position and hit him with a Starship Pain. He pinned The Undertaker to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

The following week on Raw, we found out that D-Generation X (Shawn Michaels & Triple H) were the Number 1 contenders for the WWE Tag Team titles after defeating Christian & Edge. Besides that, John Cena had a good match against Jack Swagger. He won by locking the STF into Swagger.

The following night was the premier of NXT. The WWE Universe was exited for this new show. Mr. McMahon came down and announced that the person in charge of NXT would be Matt Striker. Matt went on to introduce the Pro's and Rookie's. The first week, as explained by Matt, is a non-elimination week. This meant that no superstar out of the 8 would be eliminated from the competition of becoming a new WWE superstar. CM Punk & R-Truth faced off against Primo & Dolph Ziggler in a Tag Team Pro's Match. Dolph Ziggler & Primo won after Ziggler hit a Zig Zag on CM Punk.

The Main Event was a Battle Royal. Bully Ray won after eliminating Shane who had seemed unfit to compete. There was no prize for winning besides Bragging Rights.

Smackdown had nothing particular that happened besides an Intercontinental Number 1 Contender's match between Ezekiel Jackson & Christian. Ezekiel Jackson won after hitting him with a Zeke Bomb. There was also a Number 1 Contender's match between The Big Show & The Undertaker. The Undertaker won after The Big Show went for a Knockout Punch, but failed, and Taker hit him with a Big Boot and a Chokeslam that was extremely strong. He was, once again, named the Number 1 contender.

The next week on Raw, Ted Dibiase & John Morrison teamed up to face Cody Rhodes & The Undertaker in a Tag Team-Champions VS Challengers match. Ted & John won after The Undertaker left Cody to be hit by a Dropkick from Ted. Ted picked Cody up and hit him with a Dream Street to win.

NXT was interesting. It was another non-elimination night to test the superstars out. The matches included:

Husky Harris VS Bully Ray

Flo Rida VS Heath Slater

Shane O'Sullivan VS Buster Falcon

Jake Roberts VS Fred Gradier

There was a speech task that took place instead of a Main Event.

The winners of the night were: Bully Ray, Flo Rida, Shane O'Sullivan & Jake Roberts. The match between Shane and Buster stole the show. Buster had a small build and wore a Yellow & Green Mask like a Luchador. Buster flew around the ring in a flash. Shane won eventually after he hit Buster with a flying Missile Dropkick of the top turnbuckle, then by a Hummingbird.

The speech task was won by Flo Rida. The task was to talk to the WWE Universe about your aspirations in the WWE, and show off one of your talents. Rida sung the hit song "Good Feeling" and said that he had always been a music star, but he was built to wrestle. He hoped to obtain the United States Championship, then go on to win the WWE Championship. He was granted immunity in the next week. What happens next on NXT is that the Pro's vote for the weakest competitor, and they will be eliminated. If a superstar is immune, than he cannot be voted off. The next week on NXT, they would decide at the start of the show before Matt would introduce the match.

Smackdown had 1 good match between The Big Show & Goldust. The Big Show won after hitting Goldust with a WMD. The match had been very interesting with parts where both Show and Goldust shined.

That weekend was No Way Out. All the superstars were fired up and ready to fight.

The match card was:

WWE Tag Team Championships: Cryme Time VS DX

Diva's Championship-Triple Threat: Kelly Kelly VS Kharma VS Gail Kim

Intercontinental Championship: Goldust VS Ezekiel Jackson

United States Championship: John Cena VS Santino Marella

The Miz VS Zack Ryder

WWE Championship: Ted Dibiase VS Cody Rhodes

World Heavyweight Championship: John Morrison VS The Undertaker.

On Saturday, wwe.com reported that the World Heavyweight Championship had been upgraded to a Steel Cage Match as by command from Mr. McMahon.

So the only difference to the card was:

World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match: John Morrison VS The Undertaker.


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