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Shane's Wrestling Story

Novel By: sosnh

This story revolves around Shane O'Sullivan (myself) as I compete in various wrestling companies, and do things that make you want to read more and more. I do not, however, own any of the companies that are said throughout our journey. View table of contents...


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The intro played for No Way Out. Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler introduced the WWE Universe to the pay per view.

JTG & Shad entered, wearing the Tag Team Championships. DX came in, throwing blue and green glow sticks around. The match started, and from the get go, Shawn Michaels had the match. By the end of the match, Triple H hit a Pedigree on Shad, then tagged in Shawn, who hit an oncoming JTG with a Super Kick than pinned Shad for the victory. DX celebrated with the fans, wearing the WWE Tag Team Championships.

The next promo was of Flo Rida, Shane O'Sullivan & Fred Gradier who were talking to Santino Marella and R-Truth. They were talking about the season of NXT and how it was going. They said that they thought that Bully Ray would be eliminated. Suddenly, Bully Ray, Heath Slater and Husky Harris appeared. They started fighting. Buster Falcon and Jake Roberts came in as they tried to stop the fighting. Santino and Truth helped stop the fight.

The cameras cut to the ring. The Diva's Triple Threat match for the Championship started. Gail Kim entered, then the ferocious Kharma entered. Finally Kelly's music erupted throughout the arena and she entered. She held the Diva's Championship up high in the air. The look on her face said it all for the WWE Universe, she was afraid, afraid of facing Kharma. The match started, and Gail and Kelly kept double teaming on Kharma until she fell down to the canvas. Gail kicked Kelly in the ribs. When Kelly leapt to her feet, Gail went for a Dropkick, but Kelly swivelled around her legs to avoid the hit. Gail sat up, and Kelly ran off the ropes and hit her with a running bulldog. By this time, Kharma was regaining composure. Kelly hit her with a Dropkick, forcing Kharma back down to the mat. She picked Gail up and hit her with a Flat Kelly DDT. This move is basically Kelly jumping up in the hair, grabbing hold of the victim's hair, and slamming them face-first back into the canvas. She pinned Gail for the victory. She celebrated her win. When she turned around to show the title to the 4th corner, Kharma appeared and hit her with a Kharma Buster. She threw Kelly out of the ring, and picked up Gail. She hit a Kharma Buster to Gail. She stormed out of the ring.

The next cut-scene was a movie that featured Cody Rhodes robbing a bank. He went to escape when Randy Orton appeared. Randy appeared. Cody pointed a Pistol at Randy, but Randy kept walking. Cody shot bullets at Randy, but they flew off him. Randy knocked the Pistol out of his hands, and hit a few quick manoeuvres on Cody that knocked him down. He grabbed a briefcase that Cody had been carrying, and walked away, carrying the Pistol and the briefcase. It read 'Money In The Bank'.

The next match started. Ezekiel Jackson entered, wearing brown tights. Goldust entered next, wearing the Intercontinental Championship. Goldust took control of the bat, hitting Ezekiel with several kicks and punches. He kicked Ezekiel in the ribs, forcing him to bend down in reflux. Goldust ran off one set of the ropes, and fell down to the ground in front of Ezekiel, hitting him with a large Uppercut. He sized up for the Shattered Dreams. After a few seconds of gaining focus, Zeke stands up, and Goldust goes for the Shattered Dreams, but as he does this, Zeke picks him up into the Torture Rack. Goldust flaunted, trying to escape. He eventually escapes, wearing down Zeke. Zeke turns around and is hit by the Shattered Dreams. Goldust shoots up, and holds the Intercontinental Championship over Ezekiel's head.

The next scene involves Sheamus. He is kicking the heads of straw scarecrows. Evan Bourne comes in and challenges him to a kicking match to see who could kick the highest. Sheamus won by kicking only a fraction higher than Evan could. They shook hands and Evan left. Sheamus continued to hit the scarecrows.

The next match started. John Cena entered, holding onto the United States Championship. Santino entered, looking bright and happy as ever. The match started. Cena dominated, without Santino even getting a hit in. Just as Cena went for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle, Santino kicked him down. Santino ran of the ropes and hit him with a Headbutt. He jumped up to the top rope and as Cena got up, he flew off and hit him with a huge Cross Body. Santino pulled out the Cobra. Cena staggered upwards, and Santino hit him with the Cobra. He pinned John Cena to secure the victory, and won the United States Championship.

The next part of the night showed The Miz walking to the ring, as they talked about Slim Jims, and Miz helping out wish the Make A Wish Foundation.

The Miz entered. Then Zack Ryder entered. The match started, and was over quickly, as Zack hit a Rough Rider on Miz after Miz had staggered from the ropes after failing a Mizard Of Ox.

The next ad was a promo for WWE '13. It showed CM Punk talking about a Revolution. The camera's than focused on Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler as they talked about THQ's new game.

The next match started. Cody entered first. Than Ted entered, holding the WWE Championship in his right arm, as he took pictures with the WWE Universe. The match was spectacular. At one point, Cody jumped off the top rope to hit Ted with a Dropkick, but Ted countered by hitting him with his own Dropkick. The ending of the match went to Cody Rhodes after Ted went for a Dream Street and failed. Cody ran off the ropes and hit her in the back with a Clothesline. Ted bent down in pain. Cody took advantage of him by hitting him with a Cross Rhodes. He held up the WWE Championship as he celebrated his victory. The Big Show's music came on. Show entered. Cody tried to escape but Show hit him with a WMD. Referee's tried to stop him but he hit them with a WMD. Sheamus ran in and tried to calm him down. Show went to walk off with Sheamus, but instead threw him out of the ring. He walked out of the ring. He pulled up one of the steel stairs and hit Sheamus over the face with it. Kofi Kingston & Randy Orton came out. Randy was quickly dealt with by a massive WMD, and Kofi was hit with a huge spear. Show picked Kofi up and threw him into the outer side of the turnbuckle. He entered the ring once more and left the arena with the WWE Championship.

The next promo announced that the following Raw would go for 3 hours. It was supposed to be a spectacular episode that the WWE Universe would remember. Randy Savage & Hulk Hogan would return in a Tag Team Legends Match. The opposing side would be Cowboy Bob Orton & Arn Anderson.

Back at the ring, the Steel Cage had been lowered. The Undertaker made his way down to the ring in his eerie attire. Then John Morrison came down to the ring, wearing his bright brown jacket. He wore the World Heavyweight Championship on his waist. He entered, and shook Taker's hand. The match started. Taker dominated the match. Towards the end of the match, Taker hit John with a strong DDT. Taker picked him up and threw him at one of the turnbuckles, and as John felt the Snake Eyes, Taker ran off the ropes and hit John with a massive Big Boot. He taunted until John stood up. He proceeded to pick John up for the Tombstone Pile Driver. John swiftly moved out of Taker's grasp. Taker turned around, but was kicked in the gut by John. John hit two separate Dropkick's on Taker. Taker took some time face down while John taunted. Taker's sat up, and John noticed it and ran off the ropes, kicking Taker in the temple. John jumped of the turnbuckle and hit Taker with a Starship Pain. He pinned Taker in the cage to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

The night ended after that. The WWE Universe was going wild, and it looks like Monday Night Raw will be one of the best in a long time. "Hey, Jerry, when was the last time Raw was 3 hours long?" Michael asked. "Last year after Survivor Series when CM Punk faced John Cena and Edge in a Triple Threat TLC match for the WWE Championship." "Well we can assume that tomorrow night will be a blast from the past."


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