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Shane's Wrestling Story

Novel By: sosnh

This story revolves around Shane O'Sullivan (myself) as I compete in various wrestling companies, and do things that make you want to read more and more. I do not, however, own any of the companies that are said throughout our journey. View table of contents...


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Michael Cole stood in the ring at the start of Raw. "Tonight, Ladies and Gentleman, is a special 3 hour edition of Monday Night Raw. Triple H is off in New Zealand on business, and is texting me the details to each match of the night, and is watching this edition of Raw unravel. I will bring you updates throughout the night as to what matches will happen. Triple H has informed me that the first match of the night will be a Battle Royal featuring every diva in the WWE. The winner will win a mystery prize." Michael Cole left the ring.

All the Diva's entered the ring. The match began. Quickly, many Diva's were eliminated. The final 10 were Gail Kim, Kelly Kelly, Kharma, Layla, Michelle McCool, Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, Nickie Bella, Eve Torres and Torrie Wilson. Kharma grabbed Nickie and Eve by their throats, and thrusted them out of the ring. Gail hit Layla with an Enziguri, knocking her out of the ring. She turned around but was kicked out of the ring by way of Dropkick by Kelly. Michelle kicked Mickie in the gut. She went to throw Mickie out, but Mickie held on. Michelle tried to drop her out of the ring, but Mickie hit a Hurricanrana on her, forcing her out of the ring. Mickie went to climb back in the ring, but Michelle knocked her off. Kelly was hit by a Glam Slam by Beth. Beth got up but was knocked out of the ring by Clothesline from Kharma. Torrie and Kelly teamed up, and with a big struggle, forced Kharma out of the ring. Kelly went to thank Torrie, but Torrie slapped her across the face and threw her out of the ring. The bell rang. Michael Cole had a leather case in his hand. He walked to the ring, carrying the case and a microphone. Torrie stood in the ring as Michael entered. He started to talk, once in the ring. "Please congratulate Torrie for winning the Battle Royal." He stopped while the audience let of some screams. "Torrie, as you know, I said that the winner of this Battle Royal would receive a prize. This prize was once a part of the WWE, but was ruined by Diva's. It has been re-made, and I would like to present it to you." He sat the microphone in the corner of the ring and unzipped the leather case. The Woman's Championship came out. Torrie started screaming, with a bright smile enveloping her face. Michael placed the belt on Torrie. He walked back to the corner while Torrie watched. He picked up the microphone and started talking. "Torrie is your new WWE Woman's Champion. Torrie, however, if you want this title, you must defend it for Smackdown. You are a Raw superstar. Are you willing to draft to Smackdown and become the first new Woman's Champion?" Torrie shook her head. "Yes, of course." She hugged Michael and left.

Michael looked back at the WWE cameras. "While I was talking to Torrie, Hunter sent me another text. It says that Santino Marella will be defending the United States Championship in a Fatal 4 Way Hardcore Match against John Cena, Dolph Ziggler & R-Truth." Michael left as Santino's music came on.

Santino entered, wielding his new United States Championship. Then Cena entered, ashamed of losing it to Santino, then Dolph entered. Finally, Truth entered. Santino immediately took control over Dolph Ziggler. Cena fought with Truth. Santino hit the Cobra on Ziggler, but he fell out of the ring. Santino went after him. Meanwhile, in the ring, John Cena picked up Truth for the Attitude Adjustment. Truth slithered out of it, and Cena turned around and is hit by a Lie Detector. Truth picked him up and hit him with a Little Jimmy (A 305 or Reverse STO). He pinned Cena to win the United States Championship. Santino walked back in the ring, and congratulated him on it.

The competitors left. Cole walked into the ring. "Triple H has informed me that at the Money In The Bank Pay Per View, Ted Dibiase will receive a rematch for the WWE Championship. Tonight, Cody Rhodes will defend the WWE Championship in a Triple Threat Ladder Match against The Big Show, and the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus. If Cody loses the match, he is not given a rematch clause. If Cody wins, he will choose the stipulation, if any, at Money In The Bank. This is a treat as for what will be in store for those of you that purchase Money In The Bank."

Cody entered, and gave his WWE Championship to a referee, who hoisted it up high above the arena. The Big Show and Sheamus entered. The match started. Cody attacked Sheamus, while The Big Show left the ring and sat down on a Steel Chair at ringside. Sheamus dodged a heavy punch from Cody, and ran off the ropes, hitting him with a Double Lariat. He done this another 2 times before Cody refused to take another one, and escaped the ring. Sheamus exited the ring, and walked over to the ramp, where a particularly tall Ladder stood. The Big Show noticed this. He went to walk away, and Cody tried to attack him, but he just pushed him away. He started punching and kicking into Cody until he spied Sheamus climbing up the ropes. He slyly set up two tables on top of one another. He reached under the ring, and grabbed a few handfuls of Barbed Wire. He sat them on the top table. By now, Sheamus was aware of Show's presence, but took advantage of it by continuing to go for the title, as Show outside the ring couldn't stop him. Show found a matchbox under the ring, and set fire to both the top and bottom tables. He walked in the ring, and started to climb the ladder. When he reached the top, Show was eager to knock him off, into the tables, and effectively putting him out of action, while he secured the WWE Championship, and perhaps, supremacy over the WWE. Sheamus battled it out with him until it looked like it could go either way. Cody Rhodes came out of nowhere and pushed the Ladder over in the direction of the tables. Sheamus and The Big Show fell of into the tables. They were not on fire, but heavily burnt, as by the bright velvet marks that arose. As they scuttled for breath down below, Cody unhooked the WWE Championship. He retained the Championship. Cody glanced down below at the fellow superstars. Blood cluttered the tarp. Medical personnel came running down. Not to soon after, 2 stretchers were lifted, and both superstars were carried out on them. Cody Rhodes took this opportunity to announce that his match with Ted Dibiase at Money In The Bank would be contested in a Steel Cage.

Michael Cole came in next and told the universe that Triple H has announced that The Undertaker will face John Morrison in one final match. Triple H told Michael in a text that if Taker loses, he will be drafted to Raw, and not be able to face anyone for the World Heavyweight Championship unless he is drafted back to Smackdown.

The Undertaker entered first. He wore his iconic black suit. John Morrison came in again, with a big smile on his face. He entered the ring, and asked for a microphone. He started to talk. "Taker. Time after time I am told that I won't come out of my matches as champion. Let me tell you this. Only 10% out of 100 voted myself as winning the World Heavyweight Championship. That same night I defeated 3 other Main-Event Superstars including the former champion, Shane O'Sullivan, when I hit a Starship Pain to him through the ring. He is back now and showing why he became a champion so quickly. As for me, I have defeated you on a range of different occasions. It is not as though I don't respect you, which I do, but you are not in your prime. You put me at the top of my game, but you are yet to defeat me. Good Luck, Pal". He threw the microphone out of the ring. John took control with a Dropkick right of the bat. He hit Taker with a few Clotheslines. The Undertaker fought back with a series of mildly severe punches to John's Cranium. He picked John up and threw him into one of the top turnbuckles, then ran off the ropes and hit him with a Big Boot after the impact of the Snake Eyes. He went for the pin, but only managed a count of 2. He picked John up and hit him with 2 Clotheslines. He went for a third, but John dodged and countered with a Cross Body. He jumped up to the top rope. He flew off and hit Taker in the ribs with a gigantic elbow. He went for a pin, but Taker kicked out at 2. He pushed Taker's back up and utilised a submission in which his knee cap was pressed up against Taker's spine. Taker refused to tap out and slowly got back up again. John started punching Taker, but Taker caught his hands, and kicked John in the gut. He put John in the position for the Last Ride, but John moved out of the way, and hit Taker with a Neckbreaker. He jumped off the turnbuckle and hit Taker with a Starship Pain. He leant down to go for the pin, but Taker ferociously grabbed John's hands. He held them tight and forced his head into the Hells Gate. John fell down. Blood started emerging from John's mouth, but he refused to tap. He tried with all his strength to pick Taker up, but was too weak to manage it. He started to fade away. The referee came over and pulled up his hand 2 times before John responded. John quickly reached for the ropes and held on. Taker let go at the count of 3. John gasped for air. While he was breathing, Taker stood behind him, with his hands in the position for a Choke Slam. John turned around into the hold of Taker. Taker lifted John up into the air, but John swiftly grabbed Taker's head, and pulled him down into a massive DDT. He jumped off the ropes again, hitting Taker with another Starship Pain. He pinned The Undertaker with a three count to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. He celebrated. The Undertaker reached his feet, and he looked dazed and confused. John shook his hand and they walked out together, like old friends.

Michael Cole entered the ring next. He announced that the Main Event would be the return of 4 legends for one match. Cowboy Bob Orton & Arn Anderson would face Randy Savage & Hulk Hogan. The match started soon after, and the crowd went wild at each familiar face. The nostalgic feeling was certainly present in the arena. When the match started, Arn took control. He ran off the ropes, knocking Randy off his feet with a Clothesline. He leapt up, but was hit with a Gut Kick. Arn placed his arm around Randy's head, ready for the DDT. Randy used all his strength and flipped Arn over him. He tagged in Hogan. Hogan ran off the ropes, and went for a Leg Drop, but Arn moved out of the way. He tagged in Bob, who took control with a series of Scoop Slams, Clotheslines and Irish Whips. Just when it looked like Bob would defeat them, Hogan managed to make it back to his side of the ring, where he tagged in Randy. Randy came in flying at Bob, knocking him down. He hit a few Dropkicks on Bob. When Bob reached his feet, he started punching Randy, forcing him into Arn's corner. He tagged Arn in. Arn kicked him in the gut. Bob left the ring, while Arn hit a DDT on Randy. He pinned Randy for the victory. After the referee held up their hands, Arn and Bob walked over to Randy and shook his hand, and the same for Hogan. They all left together.

Everyone agreed that the three hour Raw was something to remember. The WWE also hosted a special event on Tuesday. It was hosted by Hulk Hogan. It listed several matches that took place in History. The show was a set of matches that were shown from different places. They were listed as some of the most popular matches In the history of the WWE.


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