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Shane's Wrestling Story

Novel By: sosnh

This story revolves around Shane O'Sullivan (myself) as I compete in various wrestling companies, and do things that make you want to read more and more. I do not, however, own any of the companies that are said throughout our journey. View table of contents...


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NXT started the next night. To start the night off, Shane, Flo Rida & Fred Gradier faced off against Husky Harris, Heath Slater & Bully Ray in an 6 Man Elimination Tag Match. Shane's team won after Husky attacked Rida, and Rida hit him with a Flow Ryder, which is similar to a Book End or Rock Bottom. He went for the pin, and while he did, Shane & Fred hit Ray and Heath out of the ring.

Buster Falcon faced off against Jake Roberts. Roberts won after hitting Buster with a Mid-Air DDT.

The next event in NXT was the elimination. Each one of the 8 Rookies stood outside the Yellow and Black ring. Matt Striker told the Rookies that they could head back to the Locker Room if their name was called out. The last one read out (when there are two superstars left) are sent home. Rida was sent back to the Locker Room as he was safe. The Pros chose Finlay to announce who was staying and who was going. "First of all, Fred Gradier, Heath Slater, Shane O'Sullivan, Buster Falcon." That left Jake Roberts and Husky Harris. Finlay cleared his throat. "The person leaving NXT tonight is…… Husky Harris". Matt Striker started talking, "I am so sorry, Husky, your journey on NXT is over. Do you have any last words for the WWE Universe?". Husky ripped the microphone out of Matt's hands. "To all the Pros, Rookies and Universe, you may think of me as weak, but I will prove you wrong. If I ever return to the WWE, I can assure you that you will all regret it." He threw the microphone at the audience and left the building.

CM Punk faced off against R-Truth in a friendly Pro match later that night. CM Punk won after Truth went for a Lie Detector but was hit by a Dropkick, and Punk took the advantage to hit a GTS on Truth.

The final event for the night was an obstacle course. It consisted of tires that the Rookie had to step in, Steel Steps that they had to carry, and a pole that they had to walk across carrying an egg. If it broke they had to restart that part. Shane won the course with 19.8 seconds. The closest person to Shane was Flo Rida, who managed 21.4 seconds. Shane was granted immunity from elimination the next week.

Smackdown that week saw a Triple Threat Number 1 Contenders Match between Ezekiel Jackson, MVP & Kenny Dykstra. Kenny Dykstra won by using a massive Dropkick to MVP off the top turnbuckle. MVP fell onto Ezekiel, knocking them both out. Kenny pinned both MVP and Ezekiel to win and become the Number 1 contender.

It also saw Maria being named the Number 1 contender for the Woman's Championship after defeating Christy Hemme. Torrie actually came out when she was announced the Number 1 contender and took the opportunity to talk to Maria. They shook hands.

The next week on Raw, R-Truth teamed up with Ted Dibiase to face Cody Rhodes and Santino Marella. Ted & Truth won after Ted hit a Dream Street on Santino, who was taunting him with the Cobra. Cody didn't bother enter to stop the pin, instead, he left.

The Main Event was also a showstopper. It was the debut of The Undertaker on Monday Night Raw against John Cena. The Undertaker won after John went for an Attitude Adjustment, and Taker manoeuvre around him into the Tombstone Pile Driver position.

On NXT, James Frecklington & Shane O'Sullivan teamed up to face Bully Ray & Finlay. James & Shane won when Shane hit Ray with a Hummingbird.

The other five Rookies faced off in a Battle Royal with the winner getting the opportunity to switch Pros if they wanted. The winner was Buster Falcon after he eliminated Fred Gradier. He did not want to change Pro.

The elimination was next. Shane went back first as he was safe. CM Punk was chosen to read out the list of who would stay and who was eliminated. "The Pros have decided who should deserve to stay in the WWE, and who has no right being here. If I call your name, you may walk back to the Locker Room as you are safe. Buster Falcon, Flo Rida, Fred Gradier & Bully Ray, you may return to the Locker Room. The remaining two superstars are Jake Roberts & Heath Slater. In a predetermined vote, both of you will face off in a Speech Battle on why you should stay. The person who the WWE Universe believes is not good enough will go home."

The two faced off. Heath said that he is the most surprising and most popular person in the Locker Room. He also mentioned being the One Man Rock Band, that he claimed he was. Jake Roberts talked about Legacy, and his rivalries in the past. He said that he should stay on NXT so he can become a Breakout Star and re-enter the WWE picture. CM Punk asked the WWE Universe who should stay. Jake Roberts won. Heath Slater stormed out of the arena, repeating what Husky had said the week before, but slightly changing the words he said. There was no-one safe, with no challenge that week.

On Smackdown, the Main Event was Kane VS Chavo Guerrero. The winner would become the Number 1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship at Money In The Bank. Just as the match was about to begin, Shane McMahon entered. He said that his father & brother-in law had agreed to reinstate him in the WWE. He was entered into the match. Shane McMahon won the match after Kane hit a Choke Slam on Chavo, to be hit by a Top Rope DDT by Shane. Shane hit Kane with a Money Shot, and pinned him.

The next week on Raw, Kharma defeated Eve in a Number 1 Contender's Match for the Diva's Championship. The Intercontinental Championship Match between Goldust and Kenny Dykstra was upgraded to a 15 Minute Iron Man Match after Goldust and Kenny faced off and the match was a Draw as Kenny made Goldust tap at the exact same time as Goldust finished off the pin to Kenny.

NXT started off with a Double Elimination, hosted by Dolph Ziggler. Fred Gradier and Bully Ray were eliminated. CM Punk, R-Truth & James Frecklington teamed up for the Main Event against Dolph Ziggler, Chavo Guerrero & Primo. Dolph, Chavo & Primo won after Primo hit a Back Breaker on James, who had been fighting with Chavo about calling him names. There was also a Safe Challenge. There was a Punching Bag Machine. The punch would be measured, and the one with the most force would be safe. When Buster punched the bag, he broke his arm. Medical Staff had to escort him from the ring. Flo Rida won the challenge, and was recorded as safe.

Smackdown saw participants in the Smackdown Money In The Bank Match face off against some Raw participants. During the past few weeks, they have been qualifying. The Raw team won when Kofi pinned Drew McIntyre by S.O.S.

Over the weekend, news speculated as to who would win the matches. This was suspected, as every month this would happen. No-one suspected what would happen on the actual night…...


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