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Shane's Wrestling Story

Novel By: sosnh

This story revolves around Shane O'Sullivan (myself) as I compete in various wrestling companies, and do things that make you want to read more and more. I do not, however, own any of the companies that are said throughout our journey. View table of contents...


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Money In The Bank started off with a Bang. As Flo Rida is a participant on NXT, he performed Good Feeling. Fireworks went off when he finished performing. The sequence they exploded at looked like the words Flo and Rida.

The first match of the night was the United States Championship Match. Santino entered first, surprising everyone by holding his signature Cobra in his hand. He usually never did that. When he moved it around, it spat water out. R-Truth entered next. He came out to his What's Up Music pumping. The match started soon after. Santino punched Truth a few times until he fell down. Truth got straight back up. Santino went for a Running Elbow, but Truth dodged. He ran off the ropes and hit Santino with a Reverse Neck Breaker that looked like a Clothesline. Santino jumped up instinctively and was hit by a Lie Detector. Truth picked him up and hit him with a Suplex. He lifted Santino up again, but this time, smashed Santino's chest on the top rope towards the ramp. Santino stood on the apron. Truth walked over to him, but Santino hit with a strong elbow to the temple. Truth fell down flat in the ring. Santino climbed to the closest top turnbuckle, and jumped off it, giving a Headbutt to Truth's ribs. Truth jolted up, and Santino sprayed him with the water from his sock Cobra. He hit the Cobra on Truth and pinned him with a three count to win the United States Championship.

The cut-scene showed Sheamus in the hospital, with visitors including Shane O'Sullivan, Kofi Kingston, Santino Marella, Triple H & Randy Orton as well as his family. He has sustained a fractured spine, a dislocated arm and a broken left leg. We also saw The Big Show with only his family beside him in his hospital bed. He had a broken neck, broken right arm and 2 Toes that were burnt and might need cutting off.

Back in the arena, Ladders surrounded the arena. There was a dark blue case with the words Smackdown and Money In The Bank Match stuck to them. The participants were MVP, Drew McIntyre, Justin Gabriel, Sin Cara Negro (Black Attire), Sin Cara Azul (Blue Attire), Wade Barrett & Jinder Mahal. After the seven participants were retold what happened if you win the match (Cash in the briefcase anytime, anywhere for any title), the referee rang the bell. Instantly, both Sin Cara's attacked each other. Jinder Mahal and Wade Barrett took advantage of it by throwing them both out of the ring. Meanwhile, Justin Gabriel and MVP were fighting each other In the ring. Drew McIntyre went straight for the tallest Ladder. Outside of the ring, Sin Cara Azul hit a Hurricanrana on Jinder Mahal. Jinder's back collided with a Ladder. For the rest of the match, Jinder did not move, until medical staff came out and examined him, concluding that he has a broken back. Back in the match, both Sin Cara's teamed on Wade Barrett. When they eventually managed to keep Wade down, they both started punching each other. At this time, MVP had just knocked Justin out with a 305. Drew entered the ring with the ladder. He set it up while MVP was kicking Justin out of the ring. MVP turned around and saw Drew climbing the ladder. He pushed the ladder over, and Drew McIntyre went flying into both Sin Cara's. MVP set it back up and started climbing it. He reached the third rung before Justin Gabriel bounded up and kicked him off. By this time, Drew McIntyre and Both Sin Cara's had got to their feet. MVP was sent flying into them, crushing all 4. Justin climbed up to the top part of the ladder. He reached for the briefcase, at this moment, Wade Barrett entered the ring. Justin noticed him, and jumped off the top rung, hitting Wade with a Cross Body. Justin saw that the 4 superstars were getting to their feet. The picked Wade up, and swiftly threw him out of the ring, at the superstars. All 5 were out. Justin climbed the ladder and started moving the briefcase. After a few seconds of pulling and moving, the Briefcase came off. Justin sat at the top of the ladder as his music played. He was the Money In The Bank winner for Friday Night Smackdown.

The next part of Money In The Bank was an ad for Slim Jims. The Miz & Zack Ryder dined at a restaurant. A waiter in a nice clean uniform sat their plates down. They contained 2 Slim Jims. They dived in eating. The ad finished with the latest offers about Slim Jims and their partners.

The next match started. Torrie Wilson entered. Then afterwards Maria entered, kissing the male members of the WWE Universe. The match started. Maria dominated with a few Running Clotheslines. Torrie dodged one, and kicked Maria in the gut. She ran off the ropes, and dodged a hit from Maria, and jumped off the ropes, hitting a strong Cross Body on her opponent. She picked Maria up, and used an Irish Whip to force Maria into the corner. Torrie jumped off Maria, and ran up the same set of turnbuckles, and flew off in a backflip, hitting a massively strong Neckbreaker on Maria. She pinned Maria with a 3 count to retain the WWE Woman's Championship.

No promo occurred during this time. Instead we saw both Maria and Torrie shake hands and leave the ring. Just as they reached the entrance, Maria went to put Torrie's hand up in celebration, but Torrie ripped it away. Maria yelled at her. "What was that about?" Torrie starred at her. She dropped her championship. She kissed Maria on the lips. The cameras got up and close as we saw Torrie wrap her tongue around Maria's mouth, and into her throat. Torrie hugged Maria goodbye and left. Maria stood there looking shocked as the next match started.

Goldust entered, as Maria left, holding the Intercontinental Championship. Then Kenny Dykstra entered. Over the course of the 15 minutes, Kenny secured 4 wins. 3 by Pinfall and 1 by Submission. Goldust won with 7 wins. 5 of them by Pinfall and 2 of them, including the final one at 0:49 seconds left by Submission. He walked out of the arena, kissing his Intercontinental Championship, and showing it to the WWE Universe.

The next promo showed Hornswoggle and Ezekiel Jackson were playing a Card Game against William Regal and Daniel Bryan. Hornswoggle lost to them. He got angry and kicked them in the face. It was extremely funny. Daniel and William went to attack Swoggle, but Zeke stood in the way, and they backed off.

The next match was about to begin. Kelly entered, wearing the Diva's Championship. Just as she started slapping the fans hands in appreciation, Kharma ran at her, and knocked her down. She picked Kelly up and hit her with a Kharma Buster. The match was called off, and Kelly was taken out on a stretcher. Kharma picked up the Diva's Championship, and laughed maniacally. She left, holding the title.

The next promo showed Kofi Kingston on a beach. He entered the water with a surfboard. After seeing him catch a few waves, he sits the surfboard down on the beach. The camera shows a close-up look at the surfboard. It says Summerslam, and the date of the event. The next part of the promo showed Kofi entering a building, and calling Randy up, telling him that Summerslam is on Pay-Per-View next month. They decide to watch it.

The next match started. DX entered first, waving Glow sticks around, and acting like idiots like they always did. This was a completely different side to the COO of the company. It was amazing how he managed to control it. Cryme Time entered next, acting like Gangsters as usual. Shawn started off in the ring with Shad. Shad took control with a few punches and Clotheslines. He hit Shawn in the gut, and pulled him towards his crotch. He picked him up and hit him down with a Power Bomb. Shad tagged in JTG. JTG waited for Shawn to get up, and hit him with a Hurricanrana. Shawn hit the ropes, with his head wrapped around the middle rope. JTG ran off the ropes and done an Outlaw Attack on Shawn. Shawn coughed, while JTG taunted. JTG went to pick up Shawn, but Shawn hit him with a Backslap. Shawn hopped up as JTG tried to stop HBK getting an advantage, but Shawn hit JTG with a Sweet Chin Music. He elbowed Shad in the head, making him fall of the side of the ring. He tagged in Triple H, who hit JTG with a quick Pedigree to win the match. They showed off their titles before leaving.

The next promo showed Dolph Ziggler gearing up for the upcoming Raw Money In The Bank Match. He put on his left sock and shoe (the other side was done) and got up and brushed his hair back.

Back at the arena, Shane McMahon entered, as the World Heavyweight Championship match officially started. John Morrison entered next, showing the WWE Universe his title. Shane started off on a high start, taking down John with one strong punch. Then John fought back after regaining composure by hitting him with a few punches and than a Dropkick. John jumped off a set of ropes, kicking Shane in the skull. John went for the pin but only managed a count of 2. John got up, and set Shane up for the Starship Pain, but Shane dodged. John got up, but Shane ran off the ropes and collided with John in an epic Clothesline. John did a Backflip from the impact. Shane hopped to the top turnbuckle on the closest side of the ring, and hit John with a Money Shot. He pinned John in a 3 count to win the World Heavyweight Championship. He celebrated, and left the arena.

The Raw Money In The Bank Match started. The competitors entered. Kofi Kingston, CM Punk, Randy Orton, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger & Zack Ryder. The match started. Kofi and Randy attacked Dolph and Swagger. The Miz, Punk and Zack hit each other in the ring. Miz hit Ryder with an Uppercut in the jaw. He rolled out of the ring. Punk hit Miz with a Clothesline. The Miz escaped the ring to avoid being hit again. Outside of the ring, Swagger had knocked Kofi down. Dolph and Randy were apart from them fighting it out. Randy hit a few European Uppercut's on Dolph, and then hit him with an RKO. Punk, by now, had obtained a Ladder. He poised it up high in the air. He started climbing. Jack Swagger ran in the ring, while Miz was hitting Ryder. Swagger climbed the ladder. Once both superstars had reached the top, they fought each other. Eventually, Randy came in and pulled them each down, delivering each of them an RKO. The Miz came in behind Randy, and knocked him over with a Skull Crushing Finale. The Miz re-set up the ladder and started to climb it. Kofi jumped off the ropes, and landed on the second-to-top rung of the ladder. He pushed The Miz off, who flew out of the ring, just as Zack Ryder was standing up. Kofi almost unhooked the briefcase, but Dolph ran at him from behind and hit him with a Zig Zag. From behind him, Punk hit him with a Roundhouse Kick to the head. Punk fell down as Swagger hit the Ankle Lock into him. The Miz grabbed Swagger's hands, and hit him with a Skull Crushing Finale. Randy got up, and hit an RKO on The Miz. He jumped up to the third rung, and climbed till he reached the top. He easily unlocked the Briefcase. He hopped off the ladder, holding the briefcase. They announced Randy as the winner of the Raw Money In The Bank Match. He picked up Kofi, and left. Kofi congratulated him, but that also meant the possible end of the Tag Team, so Randy could focus on Singles Competition, but not their friendship.

The next cut-scene showed Ted Dibiase walking into a Locker Room, to find Maria and Torrie Wilson kissing, and making out. Ted just shut the door and walked out, without the Diva's noticing him. The cameras caught a shot of his hysterical face, which made the entire WWE Universe laugh.

The next match started with Cody Rhodes entering. The Steel Cage had been lowered, Ted Dibiase entered next, still wrapped about seeing the Diva's. The match started, and Cody took control. He hit a few tough punches in before Ted could even think. Cody flung Ted at one set of ropes, and Ted flew back at Cody, who lifted Ted up into a Flapjack. Cody pulled Ted's legs, and fell down, flinging Ted up, and into the Steel Cage Barrier. Off the rebound, Cody hit Ted with a Dropkick, forcing Ted's face back into the Steel structure. Cody started climbing the cage. He was just over half way when Ted's hand grabbed hold of his leg. Ted balanced himself on the top and middle ropes, and threw Cody off the cage in a massive Power Bomb. He taunted for a while until Cody reached his feet. Ted hit Cody with the Dream Street and pinned him to win back his WWE Championship.

Ted celebrated. He climbed to the top of the cage and sat down, wearing the championship on his waist. He climbed down, where, out of nowhere, Batista appeared. He kicked Ted in the gut, and hit him with a Batista Bomb.

For the remainder of the weekend, speculation was high as to Batista's return, after leaving the WWE years before after losing an I Quit Match with John Cena. They were also wondering if this had meant Batista entering the WWE Championship picture.


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