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Shane's Wrestling Story

By: sosnh

Chapter 16,

"Batista, Batista, Batista, is that all you fools can say." Batista announced on Raw. "In case you have forgot, I left the WWE after I became sick and tired of your stupid whining." Batista stood in the ring, rousing angrily at the WWE Universe. "As for my reason of returning, it is quite simple. I am the Animal, I am going to run wild all over the WWE. My first piece of business in the WWE is to provide the company with an actual beast of a champion, not just some winnable superstars." Triple H came out after Batista had said that. "Well Dave, if it isn't my newest WWE Superstar. While you are providing the WWE Universe with information on why you have returned, you are mistaken. You will start at the bottom, and work your way up." Hunter laughed, while Dave uneasily walked around the ring in a pure white suit, wearing his trademark glasses. "Tell you what. I will give you a challenge each week leading up to Summerslam. The current WWE Championship Match at Summerslam is Ted Dibiase defending his new WWE Championship against the prior WWE Champion, Cody Rhodes. I will insert you in the match if you can prove to me that you deserve to enter the picture. Do you agree?" Dave laughed, but once again, was uneasy. "Haha, Hunter, you think that you can just tell me what to do? I deserve a title shot. I never got my title shot after my I Quit Match back when I faced John freaking Cena. Tell YOU what, I will follow what you ask, but when I become the WWE Champion, this company will be in awe as I never lose the title that you so graciously let me obtain."

Later that night, Batista came out again, but this time wearing his wrestling attire. The universe had just been informed of his match. He would face the remaining members of NXT in a 3 on 1 Handicap Match. Shane entered first, accompanied by James, than Flo Rida, with Primo, and finally, R-Truth with Jake Roberts. Batista knew that Jake was a legend and Hall of Famer, and could have stood a good chance against him, but doubted that he could do much anymore as he is older. The match started, and Batista hit a Clothesline on all of his opponents. He grabbed Shane, and kicked him in the gut. He picked Shane up and hit him with a Batista Bomb. Then he kicked Shane out of the ring. He picked up Flo Rida, and done the exact same thing. Finally, he grabbed Jake Roberts up and hit 3 separate Batista Bomb's to him. He pinned Jake for the victory,


The next night on NXT, the Pro's talked about the disgrace that the NXT Rookies had shown during their match against Batista the previous night on Raw. They also showed a Re-Cap of the match.

Primo was chosen to read out who would be sent home that week. "Us Pro's have decided that this week, none of you will be going home. This, however, is not a good thing. Flo, you are no longer safe from elimination. You three will battle in the ring tonight. The winner will be Safe next week. The losers will face elimination. If you disappoint us again, we might force you to leave the WWE. Don't let us down." This came as a shock to the competitors.


Later that night, the match started. Shane won the match after Flo hit a Flow Ryder, Shane capitalized with a Hummingbird. He pinned Flo for the victory. James came up and held Shane's hand. Then, he kicked Shane in the gut, and hit a Hurricanrana to Shane. Primo came in, and hit Shane with a Backstabber. Dolph came in next, and hit Shane with a Zig Zag. Finlay came in next, and hit a Celtic Slam on Shane. Punk picked up Shane and hit him with a GTS. Then Chavo hit a Five Star Frog Splash on Shane. R-Truth hit a 305 on Shane, and finally, Randy Orton sat his Raw Briefcase on the ground, and RKO'd Shane onto it. The camera's focused on Shane's face. It was mangled, and blood was flowing out of his face [like a river]. In the corner of the ring, Flo and Roberts sat in dismay. What had the Pros just done? Did they plan this in advance?


The next night on Smackdown, Maria and Torrie explained their actions as strictly professional and in the past. Michelle McCool came out and slapped both Diva's on the face. She hit a massive Faith Breaker on Torrie and Maria. Mr. McMahon announced later that night that Michelle would face Torrie and Maria in a Triple Threat Woman's Championship Match at Summerslam.


The Main Event of the night was Ezekiel Jackson, Hornswoggle & John Morrison VS William Regal, Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon. The match was intense. Ezekiel went for the Torture Rack on Regal, but Daniel ran in the ring, and kicked Zeke in the shins, forcing him down. Hornswoggle jumped off the top rope on Bryan. Shane threw him off of Bryan, but was hit in the temple by John. William got out some Knuckle Busters, and hit John in the head with them. Zeke got up and hit the Book Of Ezekiel on William to get the victory. He turned around to celebrate, but was kicked in the gut by Batista, who then hit him with a Batista Bomb. He did the same to the other 5 competitors. He raged at the ropes, and left the arena, before walking back again to pick Zeke up again, and throw him out of the ring. He moved the stairs out of place, and placed them on the tarp. He hit Zeke with a Batista Bomb on those stairs, and left the arena.


Over the weekend, news spread on that Shane may not be returning to NXT after receiving a beating from the Pros. Back at Nambucca, Jay Vensu sat down at his organizing desk, frustrated at the dilemma. He had thought Shane and James were some of his tightest competitors.


The next week on Monday Night Raw, Triple H came out to start the night off. "It has come to my attention that the Pro's of NXT have assaulted a fellow Rookie. It may be in Shane's best interest not to return this week for NXT. Listen to this, you Pros. Shane could file a lawsuit against you all after what you done to him. That wouldn't be good for business, and you would all probably lose your jobs. Never, I repeat, never, do that again. The next thing on my agenda is Batista. You think you have outsmarted me, my friend, but that has never happened, and it never will. My next test for you is a match against Santino Marella tonight. But instead of a normal match, you will face Santino in a Cobra Match, In this match, the first person to touch the other with his Cobra puppet will win. The only restriction is the eyes and crotch area".


Batista came out, with a face red of anger. Santino came out like the funny buffoon he is. Santino and Batista sized up, eyeing their fellow competitor. Instead of trying to hit Santino with the Cobra puppet, Batista threw it off. He kicked Santino in the gut, and hit him with a Batista Bomb. He put the puppet back on, and touched Santino with his pinky, effectively winning the match. The picked Santino up, and hit him with a large set of Suplex's before leaving.


The next night on NXT, no-one was sure what to happen. There was no news as to the situation with Shane. Flo Rida and Jake Roberts were set off to fight to determine who would be eliminated from NXT. The other event on the night was a match between Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler, that Randy easily won after beginning the match with his combination, and then, straight after, hitting the RKO. The Rookie match was won by Jake Roberts. He knocked Flo Rida out by a Running DDT. The Pro's officially voted Flo off NXT. This would leave Jake Roberts, and Shane. Though, the next week on NXT, Shane would return (as confirmed during the airing of NXT) to discuss his situation with the WWE. This could mean, if Shane doesn't return to NXT, that Jake Roberts is the next Breakout Star in the WWE.


That Friday night, there was a Battle Royal to determine the Number 1 Contender for the Intercontinental Championship at Summerslam. Matt Hardy won after hitting a Twist Of Fate on MVP and then throwing him out of the ring. The viewers saw Goldust admire his competitor in the back, watching carefully to see if there was any particular weakness that he could capitalize on. There was also a Number 1 Contender's Tag Team Match between Finlay & Chavo against Primo & Epico. Finlay & Chavo won after Finlay used the Celtic Cross on Epico to win. After the win, Batista came out and hit a Batista Bomb on all four gentleman. He kicked Epico several times in the face, until blood came out, before he left.


The next Monday night on Raw, Hunter stood in the ring. "Welcome ladies and gentleman to another edition to Monday Night Raw. Tonight, Batista will face Ted Dibiase & Cody Rhodes in a Handicap Match, and I want someone else to join them. I will do a Roulette later tonight, and the winner will join the Handicap Match. If that team wins, said person will join the match. Batista, I fear, my friend, that you may not win this match. The other thing I would like to discuss the matter on The Big Show and Sheamus. The Big Show and Sheamus will be back for Survivor Series. I have given them instructions that say they will each be a team captain. Each person will choose 5 other superstars to join them." With that last remark, Hunter left the arena. Just as he left, Batista came out, and looked him in the eye, ferociously, and left, with his music on.


Later that night, Ted Dibiase & Cody Rhodes made their way to the ring. Hunter stood in the Locker Room, accompanied by Kelly Kelly, who was wearing a Neck Brace from her encounter with Kharma at Money In The Bank. "Spin the wheel, Kelly." Hunter told Kelly. "Yes, sir." Kelly spun the wheel. It twirled around, past names, until it stopped, on The Miz. "Well it seems that The Miz has been chosen to join the match tonight." The Miz appeared, and shook Hunter's hand. Then Batista ran up to The Miz, and threw his head through the Roulette. He picked Miz up and hit him with a Batista Bomb onto a Solid Glass Table. "There ain't ganna be a Three on One Handicap Match tonight. Hahaha!!!" Batista left, as Kelly and Hunter surveyed the damage. Hunter had a look on his face that said 'don't mess with me, Dave'. Batista's music fired up in the arena, and he entered. The match started, and Ted knocked Batista, but he didn't fall down. Instead, Batista threw him out of the ring, and then punted Cody in the chin, making him bounce off the side of the ring onto an announcers table. Ted came back in. Batista kicked him in the gut, and utilised the Batista Bomb. He did this another 3 times before attempting the pin. He won the match. The camera's focused on Hunter's angry face as Batista had only one experiment to get through before he would become the Number 1 Contender.


The next night on NXT, Shane came out to the ring, without any music. James tried to come, but Shane punched him in the face, almost braking James' nose. The other Pro's were about to go for him, but remembered what Hunter had explained to them about touching Shane. He had a broken right arm, and a few stitches in his face. He held a microphone in his hand. "I entered the WWE in the hopes of everyone loving me. Everyone caring for me. That did not happen. Several times now I have been injured, and I concede that it is my fault. I should not have expected for any of those idiots up there" Shane pointed at the 8 Pros. "to do their job right. They, and we are, individual superstars. I entered the WWE and almost instantly, became a champion. As for you" Shane looked at the WWE Universe, "you are all a bunch of hypocritical, maniacal buffoons, who disrespect me, and don't care that I get injured, and as for NXT, I Quit." Shane threw his microphone at the crowd and left.


The rest of the night featured a re-union of the participants of NXT. Matt Striker also crowned Jake "The Snake" Roberts, the winner of NXT Season 1. They announced that NXT would be returning after Wrestlemania 30 for Season 2. Until then, ECW could return as it was before.


Smackdown reviewed what had transpired on NXT the previous night. Sheamus made a visit from the hospital to watch a match between Evan Bourne and Jack Swagger. After the match, he asked Evan if he would like to join the Sheamus team for the 6 on 6 Tag Team Elimination Match that they held every year at the Survivor Series PPV. He replied yes.


Over the weekend, Triple H announced that at Summerslam, John Cena would face The Undertaker. The winner would get a chance at joining any team they wanted to for Survivor Series.


The next week on Raw, Hunter, once again, stood in the ring as the show started. "Last week on NXT, a friend of mine, Shane O'Sullivan, was forced to quit NXT due to the inappropriate behaviour of the Pros. He has informed me that he is charging each of the 8 Pros ten thousand each, or they would be taken to court. As the COO, I have deducted that amount from each of the Pros' salary. Shane has also said that I must re-add him back to the WWE, or be forced to fight him in court for the disrespective behaviour of his superstars. I happily granted him access back to the WWE, and he will return the week after Summerslam, in a match of his choice. Tonight, Batista will face me in a match. If he can defeat me, he will enter the WWE Championship Match at Summerslam, and if he wins, it will be contested as a Triple Threat Submission Match."


Later on that night, Batista entered, followed closely behind by Triple H. He hadn't wrestled in two months, and was eager to get back in the ring. The match started, and Hunter got a few quick shots on Batista. Then, Batista dodged, and ran off the ropes, and came crashing back with a Spear. Hunter jolted back up, and was hit by a few strong Clotheslines. Batista hit Triple H in the gut, and connected with a Batista Bomb. He went to pin Hunter, but decided against it. He picked up some Steel Steps, and placed then inside the ring. He picked Hunter back up, and hit around 7 separate Batista Bomb's on him, before going for the pin and winning. After the match, Hunter slowly rose up, and shook Dave's hand. He grabbed a microphone from Tony Chimmel, and began to talk. "Batista, tonight you have proven yourself worthy. At Summerslam, you will face Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes in a Triple Threat Elimination Match for the WWE Championship." Batista left, and gradually after that, Hunter left.


The next night, ECW premiered. The night was exiting, but the matches failed to meet expectations. Chavo faced off against Kane for the ECW Championship in a match, and Kane won, by way of Chokeslam. There was also a Number 1 Contender's First Blood match between Goldust and Jack Swagger. Goldust took control throughout the match, hitting several big hits on Swagger. Just as Goldust was going to hit the Shattered Dreams, Swagger kicked him in the gut, and went to hit his finishing move on Goldust, but he dodged, and Swagger fell to his feet. Goldust taunted until Swagger reached his feet, and hit Swagger with a Shattered Dreams. He was named the official Number 1 Contender to Kane and Chavo Guerrero in a Triple Threat Steel Cage match for the ECW Championship. Shortly after this, Kane came out, and stood face to face with Goldust. Goldust went to walk away, but Kane pulled him back and hit him with a Chokeslam.


The next night, Smackdown had a match between David Otunga and MVP. David Otunga won after MVP attempted the 305 but miscalculated the manoeuver so Otunga could hit his finisher on him. The Main Event was Goldust VS Matt Hardy for the Intercontinental Championship.  Matt pounded on Goldust, after the bell rang, until Goldust fell down to the floor. Goldust jolted back up, and Matt hit him with an impressive DDT. Matt hoisted himself up to the top rope, and jumped off, hitting Goldust with a high Elbow Drop. Matt went for the pin, but only managed a 2 count. Matt taunted, reading to utilise the Twist Of Fate. When Goldust eventually reached his feet, Matt pulled him down, but Goldust held Matt's head with his left hand, and elbowed Matt in the head 3 times with elbows. Matt stepped away, and walked back, but was hit by the Shattered Dreams. Goldust went for the pin, and retained the Intercontinental Championship.


Over the weekend spread an article of the Summer's best rivalries. These included the nightmare implications of the 2011 Money In The Bank WWE Championship match between John Cena and CM Punk.

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