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Shane's Wrestling Story

Novel By: sosnh

This story revolves around Shane O'Sullivan (myself) as I compete in various wrestling companies, and do things that make you want to read more and more. I do not, however, own any of the companies that are said throughout our journey. View table of contents...


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The arena erupted. The excitement was massive. Everyone in the arena was so happy and waiting for the first match to start.
A loud bang sounded and dust coloured the arena. Shane entered. He stood in the ring, a microphone in his right hand.

"So, you want answers?" Shane asked. "You want answers? Do you? Well to bad. You can try figuring it out with your small nut sized brains. As for my match tonight, thanks to Hunter, I have chosen a 2 on 1 Handicap match against CM Punk and James Frecklington." Shane slammed the microphone on the ground and walked out.

The Tag Team Championship match was fairly plain, with D-Generation X winning easily by way of Pedigree, knocking off Chavo & Finlay in contention.

The next good match saw Batista face off against Cody Rhodes. He defeated Cody within 3 minutes, unleashing his anger out on Cody after the match. The medical staff had to come out to ringside to take Cody from the ring, saying that Cody had a broken back.

Batista walked out of the entrance area into the waiting area. Shane and Batista met eye to eye. "Good work out there, Dave. Let me tell you something. Hunter made you work your ass off to get in that championship match last night. You deserve another shot at the title, one-on-one." Batista's look of rage subsided. "Thanks, Shane." Shane laughed, "No problem, as I said you deserve it." Shane continued to warm up while Batista walked away. He stops, and wishes Shane good luck in his match, and if he wants, he will come out there to help.

Shane's match comes next. Punk and Frecklington walk out first. Shane comes out in a plain white shirt, and blue jeans. He has no music and no fireworks, or even an entrance video. The match starts, with Punk in the ring. Punk runs at Shane, but Shane knocks him over with ease. He taunts to James, making him angry. Shane laughs, and starts kicking Punk hard. Shane runs off a set of ropes and hits a running Leg Drop to Punk. Shane jumps to the top turnbuckle and waits for Punk to get up. When Punk reaches his feet, Shane jumps off, attempting a Clothesline, but Punk hits him with a Dropkick, knocking him down. He tags James in. James comes over to Shane, as Shane is getting up. He tries to pick Shane up, but Shane pushes him away. Shane runs over to James and knocks him out with a massive Clothesline to his temple area. James starts having a fit in the ring. Shane laughs, and hops on the opposite top turnbuckle to where Punk is, and hits a massive Senton to James. James is loudly convulsing, and could die at any moment. Shane picks him up and throws him at Punk so Punk gets tagged in. Punk jumps in (while medical staff attend to James) and gets knocked flat by another Clothesline by Shane. Shane hits several elbow drops and knee drops on Punk's left arm until it made him scream to touch it. Shane then locked the Kimura Lock on his arm. Punk tapped out, but Shane kept the hold on, He continued the hold until the security staff pried him off of Punk. As a side note, Punk was announced to be out of action later that night after Raw ended.

The final match of Raw was the Triple Threat Number 1 contenders match for the United States Championship. John Cena won the match after Gregory Helms was hit by an Attitude Adjustment after hitting a Hurricanrana on Dolph Ziggler, knocking him out of the ring.

Cena and Gregory left, and Ziggler stood at the microphone, getting angry at the universe for mistreating him. The loud bang went off and Shane entered. He knocked Ziggler out with a kick to the crotch. He threw Ziggler on the Spanish announcing table, and mocked Shane McMahon's movements, hitting Shane's Million Dollar Elbow Drop to Ziggler.

ECW or Friday night Smackdown had no real good matches that stood out, besides a Diva's Battle Royal that Gail Kim won to qualify for the Woman's Championship Number 1 contenders spot.

The following week on Raw, Triple H stood in the ring to begin the show. "I am calling out Shane O'Sullivan right now." Shane entered, wearing a nice blue suit, with blue sunglasses. He walked up and entered the ring. A ring staff handed Shane a microphone. "So what's your problem, Shane?" Hunter asked. "I gave you a chance to re-enter the WWE, and look at the carnage you are bringing." Shane laughed. "Why don't you ever shut up, Hunter? I should not have even needed to enter NXT. I was already a previous champion before that. Remember what you said a few weeks ago on Raw." Shane shows footage on the titantron of Hunter's speech about the NXT Pro's being fined and Shane re-entering the WWE freely. When it finished, Shane continued to talk. "You have no right to tell me how my career will go. Hunter, what you are is a baby. You cry about every whim you can set your mind on, despite it's utterly small size." Triple H starts getting really angry. "Well than, buddy, how about we settle this in the ring tonight?" Shane taunts to Hunter, developing a thinking look. "How about no! Hunter, you think you can tell me what to do, but you can't. If you fire me, then I sue this company." Shane stops himself. "I have an idea, since you will obviously need your stupid buddy of yours to help you fight against me, I say that a partner and I should fight to become Number 1 contender's for your Tag Team Championships, where I will defeat you at the Night Of Champions to become a champion. Good idea?" Hunter laughs. "Alright, you got it."

Later that night, Shane and his partner are scheduled to have a match against Finlay and Chavo. Before the match starts, however, Shane and Batista, who appears to be his partner attack Finlay and Chavo. Shane sends Chavo flying into a Vending Machine. It blows up in Chavo's face, while Finlay is Batista Bombed into an equipment table. Shane punts both men in the head. Triple H reacts angrily to this, and comes face to face with the team, but Shane just slaps Hunter across the face and knocks him over onto a chair and walks off, laughing.

The next night on ECW, Jack Swagger became the new ECW Champion after defeating Goldust in an impromptu championship match.

That Friday night on Smackdown management held a Battle Royal match where every superstar in the Locker Room was expected to join in. The winner would become the Number 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. Evan Bourne won after Dropkicking Chris Jericho out of the ring. Shane McMahon came out and announced that he was invoking his rematch at the Night Of Champions, making it a Triple Threat match.

The next week on Raw, Shane started the show off in the ring. "Triple H and Shawn Michaels will surely face myself and my partner, Batista at the Night Of Champions. Tonight I need no luck in defeating the team of Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio in our Number 1 contender's match."

Later that night, Ted received the honour by acting GM of the night- Teddy Long that he could choose his opponent for the Night Of Champions if he could defeat Shawn Michaels in a Hardcore match as the main event.

In Shane's Tag Team match, he dominated by knocking Sin Cara out with a high kick to his temple, and then hit a series of Senton's from the top turnbuckle closest to him. He then tagged Batista in, who hit Sin Cara with a Batista Bomb to win the match.

The match between Ted Dibiase and Shawn Michaels went for ages. Each competitor took each other to the limit. Shawn sized up for the Sweet Chin Music, but a loud bang stopped him in his tracks. Dust surrounded the ring. When it cleared, Shane stood in the ring. Shawn ran at Shane, but he Big Booted him. He picked Shawn up, and hit a massive Backbreaker to him. He rolled Shawn up into a ball, and pressed Shawn's knees against his temple. He called this move the Great Flames Of Fire. He continued this for another minute. When he let go, he pulled Ted onto Shawn, and made the referee count the pin.

After the bell rang and Ted was focused, he told the WWE Universe that he would face Randy Orton, an old foe and friend in a match at Night Of Champions for the title. To this, Randy came out and shook Ted's hand, before turning away. Ted went to walk away, but Randy hit him with an RKO.

ECW featured Shane in action as he faced Kung Fu Funaki, winning easily within 2 minutes, and Jack Swagger defeated Goldust in his ECW Championship rematch. Tommy Dreamer was also named the Number 1 contender for the ECW Championship match at Night Of Champions.

On Smackdown, Christian became the Number 1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship by defeating MVP. Kelly Kelly and Gail Kim teamed up to face Kharma and Torrie Wilson in a Tag Team match that Kharma dominated and won in.

The stage is set, along with the matches for the Night Of Champions Pay-Per-View. You can be sure that both Sheamus and The Big Show are sitting on their hospital beds looking at the action, as Survivor Series was only a few months away.


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