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Shane's Wrestling Story

Novel By: sosnh

This story revolves around Shane O'Sullivan (myself) as I compete in various wrestling companies, and do things that make you want to read more and more. I do not, however, own any of the companies that are said throughout our journey. View table of contents...


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Chapter 2-TLC-Tables, Ladders & Chairs

The next week, Shane had no scheduled match. He decided to go out and watch Cody face The Big Show. During the match, Cody got cocky and looked away from The Big Show, taunting at Shane.

Shane got up from where he was sitting (next to the commentators desk). He started shouting at Cody saying that he will win the Intercontinental Championship. Cody waved him off, and turned around. The Big Show hit a WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) on Cody. He pinned Cody, winning the match.

Shane walked in and congratulated The Big Show. After a hand-shake, Shane walked out while Show continued to celebrate.

That week on Smackdown, Shane had a Tag Team match. He was to team up with Santino Marella to face Drew McIntyre & Heath Slater. The match was pretty quick. Shane started out against Heath Slater. He hit Heath with a Lie Detector and tagged Santino in. Santino developed the Cobra, and let the Cobra strike. Santino pinned Slater.

On Sunday, the stage was set. Shane had a massive workout before his match. He wanted to make sure he was fit and well to compete against Cody. Shane knew he couldn't take Cody lightly. After all, his father was 'The American Dream'.

Shane entered out first. When Cody's entrance came on, he didn't enter. Shane continued to wait when Cody attacked him from behind with the title.

After the referee checked to see if Shane was fit to compete (and Shane said yes) the bell rang.

Cody got a few punches in pretty quickly. Shane rolled out of the ring. Cody ran out of the ring and went to hit a Clothesline on Shane, but Shane quickly dodged and kicked Cody in the ribs.

Shane ran up the stairs, and jumped off onto Cody-who was bending down from the kick. His knee hit Cody's Jaw pretty hard.

Shane looked under the ring, and grabbed a Table. He threw it in the ring, and set it up.

Just as he was about to turn around and get Cody, Cody jumped off one of the opposite ropes and hit Shane with a Disaster Kick. Shane staggered and fell onto the table he had set up.

Cody jumped up onto a top turnbuckle, and went to hit a Splash onto Shane, which would win him the match.

Instead, just as Cody jumped off, Shane moved off, hitting Cody with an RKO.

The bell rang. The Ring Announcer started calling "Here is your winner, and the new Intercontinental Champion, Shane O'Sullivan". Shane grabbed the prestigious white title and flung it up in glory.

Shane left the arena in a limousine, carrying the title on his right shoulder.

The following night on Monday Night Raw, the Main Event saw John Cena & Sheamus VS Husky Harris & Christian. During the match, Cody came out to the ring, just as Sheamus was about to hit the Celtic Cross into Christian. Cody begun to talk. "You all think I lost to that loser last night. Well you're wrong, I let him win. I find myself on the path to the WWE Championship now. I don't need that title holding me back."

Cody ran into the ring, knocking Sheamus down with a Disaster Kick. The referee ended the match by disqualification, and the announcer said that Sheamus & Cena had won by disqualification. Cena went to hit Cody, but Cody dodged, and hit Cena with a Cross-Rhodes. Husky tried to make Cody shake his hand, and Cody kicked him in the genitals. Christian jumped off the top rope onto Cody, but while he was mid-air, Cody hit him with a Dropkick.

Shane's music came on, and Cody ran away into the crowd. While he was running out, Shane appeared out of nowhere, and started punching Cody. He grabbed Cody's jocks, and ran with him until he flipped him over the barricade. He done the same method to get Cody in the ring where Sheamus hit him with a Brogue Kick. Cena picked Cody up and hit him with an Attitude Adjustment. Cena's music came on and the three of them celebrated.

That week on Smackdown, Triple H came out and told the WWE Universe that the following week on Raw, John Cena, Sheamus & Shane O'Sullivan will face Husky Harris, Christian & Cody Rhodes.

If Cody's team win the match, Cody gets a title shot against John Cena at the Royal Rumble PPV.

If Cena's team wins the match, Sheamus enters the Royal Rumble as #30.

The next week on Raw, the match took place. The bell rang. The match started out pretty average with a few punches and kicks (Cody and Sheamus). Eventually, Cody hits a Disaster Kick on Sheamus, and tags in Christian. Christian taunts Sheamus, then hits him with a Killswitch. Before he could get a pin in, Shane ran in the ring. He Mule Kicked Husky Harris from the ropes onto the announcers table.

Cody enters and hits a Cross-Rhodes on Shane. Cena runs in and hits Cody with an Attitude Adjustment. Christian hits Cena with another Killswitch. He turns around, ready to pin Sheamus when Sheamus hits him with a Brogue Kick. He pins Christian.

After the celebrations, Triple H comes out with an announcement. "At the Royal Rumble, Sheamus will enter at the coveted #30 spot. I have decided that Husky Harris will enter at #1. Shane and Cena will face Cody & Christian next week on Raw. If Shane & Cena win the match, Shane enters the Royal Rumble at #29 at the Royal Rumble PPV. If Cody & Christian win the match, than Cody will face John for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble, and Shane will enter at #2."

Triple H left before anybody could say anything else.


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