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Shane's Wrestling Story

Novel By: sosnh

This story revolves around Shane O'Sullivan (myself) as I compete in various wrestling companies, and do things that make you want to read more and more. I do not, however, own any of the companies that are said throughout our journey. View table of contents...


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The Royal Rumble was vastly approaching and Shane & Cena were about to face Cody & Christian to determine some key things that would happen during the PPV.

Shane entered as normal, as did John. Cody & Christian entered chanting "Shena Chucks" which was a combined word of Shane & John.

The bell rang and the action was fast. Shane started off against Cody. Cody punched Shane. Shane reacted by hitting Cody with a Roundhouse Kick, knocking Cody off his feet. Shane taunted while Cody watched, patting his head in pain. Shane looked away, and Cody hit him with a Dropkick. The hit caused Shane to tag John Cena. Cena ran in and hit Cody with his elbow. Christian ran in and Cena did the exact same. Christian rolled out of the ring, and John picked Cody up, and hit him with a German Suplex. John Cena taunted and hit Cody with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cody used his veteran instincts and rolls out of the ring, tagging in Christian as he goes. Christian runs in and John starts punching him. Cody grabs a microphone and says "Cena, at the Rumble, I will win that title." The distraction helped Christian get the necessary movements in. He hit Cena with the Killswitch. Christian tagged in Cody, who picked up Cena, and hit him with a Cross-Rhodes. Christian ran into the ring, and knocked Shane off the apron. Cody pinned Cena, securing the victory.

So it was set, the upcoming week at the Royal Rumble, Shane would enter as Participant number 2. Cena also had to face Cody. That week on Smackdown, Shane had a match against Ted Dibiase, and easily won with a Hummingbird. This gave Shane a tonne of momentum going into the Royal Rumble Match.

At the Royal Rumble PPV, Cena had told Shane that he wanted Shane to be at ringside during the match, to stop Cody from doing anything irrational. Shane agreed. The match started off excellent, with a barrage of fists being hit through the air. As Cody began to lose strength, Cena hit him with his signature combo, ending it with a Five Knuckle Shuffle. At that moment, The Big Show's music came on. He entered and told the WWE Universe that he would win the Royal Rumble, and would face the World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania 29. Despite this having no relevance to the fight, Big Show continued to talk about his future aspirations. Shane walked up the ramp and told him to shut up. The Big Show hit Shane with a WMD. Seeing this, Cena ran out of the ring and went to help Shane. Cody ran after him, hitting Cena onto the concrete ground. Cena was knocked out. By this time the referee's count was at 4. Cody carried Cena into the ring. The Big Show walked off. Cody picked Cena up from the canvas, and hit him with a Cross-Rhodes. Shane laid down on the ramp, watching the action. Cody pinned John Cena, and won the WWE Championship. Shane got up, and walked down to the ring, to help Cena. While Cody was celebrating, Shane grabbed him and hit him with a Hummingbird. Shane picked up John and tried to tell him what happened. John slapped Shane across the face, and hit him with an Attitude Adjustment. He then got in the STFU position and began the submission on Shane. The Big Show ran out and hit a Chokeslam on John. He helped Shane out of the arena.

Later that night during the Royal Rumble, participants were flying everywhere. Shane had eliminated a few superstars. Shane had come in at #2, and the alarm rang for the #24th participant to enter. It was Cody Rhodes. Cody ran in and immediately started hitting Shane. He had no reason to be in the match. He hit the Cross-Rhodes on Shane and eliminated himself. Shane got up after #27 had entered. Shane quickly hit a Suplex on Drew McIntyre, then threw him out of the ring. He then hit a Low Blow on Shawn Michaels and eliminated him. Rey Mysterio tried to hit a Hurricanrana on Shane, but he dodged and hit a Power Bomb on Rey, then hit a Dropkick on Rey, making him tumble out of the ring. Shane continued to eliminate superstars. Eventually Sheamus entered at #30. Shane told him to get closer. They teamed up and began to eliminate superstars. The final 4 participants were Randy Orton, Christian, Shane & Sheamus. Christian threw Randy out of the ring when he was trying to eliminate Sheamus. Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick on Christian, then Shane threw him out. Shane and Sheamus shook hands, and Shane hopped out of the ring. Sheamus had won the Royal Rumble. Sheamus gave a speech, and the PPV ended with Sheamus pointing at the Wrestlemania sign.

The next night on Raw, Sheamus came out to talk to the WWE Universe. "So I came in at #30. A dear friend of mine, Shane O'Sullivan had come in at #2. He had thrown out a bunch of other superstars. The final two in the Royal Rumble had been myself, and Shane. He shook my hand, and eliminated himself. I have decided that I will face the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania, and If that champion is Cody Rhodes or John Cena, I will take extra care to inflict punishment on them."

That night, Shane did not compete, though he sat in the Locker Room, watching the Royal Rumble match over and over again. Later that night, John Cena came out to explain his actions. "I lost it at the Royal Rumble. I trusted that buffoon and he hit me on the back of the head. Don't chant my name anymore, cos' I don't need any more betrayal." He went to leave the ring, but decided to continue to speak.

"Next week on Raw, I am issuing Shane a challenge for the Intercontinental Championship. If I win, I win the title, and get an entry into the Raw or Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match, and I will be nice and say that if Shane wins, he will enter the Raw or Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match. I have already spoken to Vince, and he has agreed." With that remark, John smashed the microphone on the canvas, and walked away, but as he did, his music changed, to a Demonic Angry type of music. John left by sticking his middle finger up at the WWE Universe.

Later that week on Smackdown, Shane came out and agreed to the match. He also said that he would compete in the Smackdown Elimination Chamber as to avoid any unnecessary confrontation between Sheamus and himself, as they were good friends. He had a match against Justin Gabriel, but easily defeated him with a Headbutt from the top turnbuckle, then a DDT onto the canvas.

The next week on Raw, Shane entered, ready for his match against John Cena. After a few poses, he turned around and got hit with an RKO from Randy Orton. Randy grabbed a microphone and said "Message from Vince, your match is next week." To this, Shane walked out of the ring and back to the Locker Room. On his way back to the Locker Room, Shane was ambushed by Cody Rhodes, Husky Harris, Heath Slater & John Cena. They assaulted him. Firstly, Heath connected with his finisher, then Husky got on a chest, and hit his finisher into Shane. By this time, Shane was coughing up blood. John forced Cody to pick Shane up. Cody hit Shane with a Cross-Rhodes, then Cena picked Shane up and hit him over a balcony with an Attitude Adjustment. The camera showed Shane laying flat on a Truck, with blood enveloping the area. The Heels ran away, and medical staff arrived.


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