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Shane's Wrestling Story

Novel By: sosnh

This story revolves around Shane O'Sullivan (myself) as I compete in various wrestling companies, and do things that make you want to read more and more. I do not, however, own any of the companies that are said throughout our journey. View table of contents...


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That week on Smackdown, there was a medical update on Shane's condition. They announced that Shane wouldn't make it back to the WWE until the week prior to Wrestlemania 29. Shane had a segment in the show where he released the Intercontinental Championship. He said that it will be given to the one to deserves it-The Big Show. Back in the arena, The Big Show's music come on, and Show collected the title from Tony Chimmel (Ring announcer). The Big Show took the opportunity to talk to the WWE Universe. He said that he would vow to win the Smackdown Elimination Chamber and defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Shane at Wrestlemania. The satellite connection came on and Shane accepted the offer. So it was set, at Wrestlemania, if The Big Show had the World Heavyweight Championship, that he would defend it against Shane.

The following week on Raw, Cody Rhodes and his followers came out and started talking. "We have formed an alliance. We work as a team with no leader. We believe we are all equal. As you can see standing next to me, we have myself, Heath Slater, Husky Harris & John Cena. Together, we will rid the WWE of all the faces." Cody threw the microphone at the audience, and they all left.

Just as they reached the ramp, Randy Orton, Ted Dibiase, The Big Show & Sheamus came out. They started brawling. Heath tried punching Randy, but he dodged and hit him with an RKO. Randy turned around and John Cena hit an Attitude Adjustment on him. Husk Harris tried punching The Big Show, but Show easily hit him with a WMD. Sheamus went to hit Cody with a Brogue Kick but he dodged, and Cody hit him with a Cross-Rhodes. Cena quickly grabbed Show up, and threw him off the stage with another Attitude Adjustment. Ted Dibiase tried jumping off the top of the WWE Sign but Cena hit him mid-air with a Dropkick. Cena got the STFU into Ted Dibiase. Cody picked Husky & Heath up and they (with Cena) started beating Ted Dibiase up. Husky and Heath also hit their finishers on Ted. Cody went to hit the Cross-Rhodes on Ted, but he dodged, and fell down on top of The Big Show.

That week on Smackdown, Heath & Husky competed in a Tag Team Match against Ted Dibiase & Randy Orton. Heath started hitting into Ted hard. Ted was still injured from Monday night. Heath jumped from a middle rope, hitting a Clothesline on Ted. Heath started kicking into Ted. Eventually, Heath went to tag Husky in. While Husky was walking in, Ted swiftly leant up and connected with a School Boy Pin. Husky kicked out at 2. Before Ted could get up, Husky kicked him back down. Husky ran from one set of ropes, jumping over Ted and hitting him with a Senton. Before he could go for the pin, Randy ran in and threw him out of the ring. Randy picked up Ted and took him to his respective corner. He tagged himself in. Heath tried to hit Randy but Randy hit him with a funky looking RKO. Husky ran in and once again, Randy utilised the RKO. Randy pinned Husky. They held their hands up in victory.

That Sunday was 2012's Elimination Chamber PPV. During the PPV, The Big Show had an interview where he expressed his feelings for the unnamed alliance. He vowed that he would win the Smackdown Elimination Chamber once again.

During the PPV, Sheamus faced Heath Slater in a No Disqualification match. The match was totally in Sheamus' favour. He dominated Heath Slater. Just as Sheamus was about to hit the Celtic Cross on Heath Slater, Cody hit him in the back. He then hit the Cross-Rhodes to Sheamus. Husky Harris ran in and hit his Senton on Sheamus. Cena put Slater on Sheamus. The referee counted the pin. Heath was declared the winner.

The first Elimination Chamber Match was for the World Heavyweight Championship. The match was:

Daniel Bryan VS The Big Show VS Husky Harris VS The Great Khali VS Mark Henry VS R-Truth.

The first two participants were Daniel Bryan (Current World Heavyweight Champion) and R-Truth. Daniel Bryan started kicking Truth. Truth countered one of the kicks, and hit Bryan with a European Uppercut. Truth ran up the turnbuckle with the hope of hitting a Back Flip Reverse DDT in but failed as Bryan caught him, and locking the Label Lock submission in. Truth tapped out. Bryan pranced around the ring until the alarm came on and Mark Henry came out. Bryan ran up Khali's side of the structure. Mark Henry couldn't climb up. Khali knocked Bryan off from inside the cell. Bryan fell into Henry's hands. Henry hit the World's Strongest Slam in and pinned Bryan. The alarm rang again, and Husky came in. Just like Bryan, Husky climbed the chains. He went to the top of his respective cell. Henry sat down in the ring, taunting Husky to move. Both superstars didn't move. The alarm hummed again, and The Big Show entered the match. Before Henry could get up, Big Show speared him. He pinned Henry. Show looked straight at Husky. Before Husky could get away, Show flew up the ropes, making them collapse. He threw Husky from the top. Husky staggered upwards and Big Show took advantage of it by throwing him into the bulletproof cells. After a minute or so, Show waited in the ring for Husky to get up. Husky got up and staggered into Show's WMD. Show picked him up and hit him with a Choke Slam. He pinned Husky. The alarm rang and Khali entered. Just as Khali started walking to Show, a hole appeared in the ring. Heath Slater, John Cena & Cody Rhodes climbed out. John Cena & Slater attacked Show until he was down on one knee. Khali quickly attacked the invading superstars, to aid Show. Cody hit a Dropkick on Khali's knees, knocking him down. Cody walked behind Khali and hit him with a Cross-Rhodes. Show fought of the superstars, and threw Cena & Slater down the hole. Cody tried to fight Show off, but Show put his hands around Cody's throat and Chokeslammed Cody through the hole in the ring. He hit Cena & Slater. All of the superstars were out of it. Show fell down on Khali, and pinned him. The referee held up Big Show's hands, as he staggered around, carrying the World Heavyweight Championship.

Later that night was the Raw Elimination Chamber Match. The superstars in the match were:

Cody Rhodes VS John Cena VS Santino Marella VS Kofi Kingston VS Drew McIntyre VS Ezekiel Jackson.

The match started out with John Cena & Ezekiel Jackson. John Cena wasted no time helping his ally. He done his combo on Ezekiel, but left him there while he broke down the bulletproof cell that Cody was in. After doing so, Cody stepped out and they attacked Ezekiel. Cena hit an Attitude Adjustment into Ezekiel and pinned him. After a few minutes, the alarm sounded, and Drew McIntyre entered. Drew fought of Cody, but John hit him in the ribs with a huge spear. Cody got up and turned Drew around, hitting him with a Cross-Rhodes. Cena had to pin him as Cody wasn't officially in the match. After another few minutes of waiting, the bell rang, and Santino had to exit. Santino pulled out the Cobra, and quickly hit Cena with it. He quickly struck Cody as well. Santino pinned Cena, but couldn't pin Cody, as Cody wasn't officially in the match (still). Santino complained to the referee, and turned around, to be Alabama Slammed by Cody. The alarm went off and Cody's cell was highlighted. Cody pinned Santino. He waited until the alarm sounded for Kofi to enter. Before Kofi could react, Cody hit him in the head with a strong Dropkick. Cody taunted around the ring. Kofi got up when Cody wasn't looking, and just as Cody turned around, Kofi hit him with a Trouble In Paradise. He went for the pin, but only got a 2 count. He waited for Cody to get up. When Cody got up, he reversed the S.O.S that Kofi was trying to hit him with, and connected with a Cross-Rhodes. He pinned Kofi to retain the WWE Championship. He celebrated. He climbed the cell that Henry had been encaged in, and when he got off, to his surprise, Sheamus hit him with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus held a microphone. "I owe it to my friends. I will defeat you at Wrestlemania, and I will end the error of Cody the idiot." He threw the microphone at Cody's privates. The PPV ended with Sheamus at the top of the structure, taunting and pointing at the Wrestlemania logo.

The next night on Raw, Cody continued to praise his group. He finally revealed the name of the group. They call themselves "Nemesis" and their goals are to win all the WWE Championships. "We have revealed ourselves for the sake of your pathetic minds". Just as Cody was about to hand the microphone to Heath, all members were hit from behind. When they turned to look, Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, The Big Show & Randy Orton stood. They fought with them until they ran into the crowd.

The following Friday Night on Smackdown, the Main Event was John Cena & Husky Harris VS Randy Orton & Kofi Kingston. The match started off fairly slow. Kofi threw a few punches at Cena. Cena finally dodged and knocked Kofi over with one strong right fist. He tagged in Husky. Husky ran at the ropes in the hopes of utilising his finishing move, but Kofi rolled over and tagged Randy in. Randy hit a Clothesline on Husky, then did the same to Cena. Cena bounced off the side of the ring onto the announce table. Randy hit a Scoop Slam on Husky. Randy started hearing voices in his head. Husky started to rise. While Randy was focused on Husky, Cena ran in but Kofi hit the Trouble In Paradise on him. This accidently knocked Cena on Randy. Husky took advantage of this by hitting his Running Senton on top of Cena and Randy. He pulled Cena off and then pinned Randy for the victory.

After the match, Cody & Heath appeared. They started to hit into Randy & Kofi, who tried to stop them. While they did that, Sheamus & The Big Show came out and, once again, Nemesis ran off into the crowd. Just as they were about to leave the arena, there was a loud explosion, and the whole arena went dark.


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