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Shane's Wrestling Story

Novel By: sosnh

This story revolves around Shane O'Sullivan (myself) as I compete in various wrestling companies, and do things that make you want to read more and more. I do not, however, own any of the companies that are said throughout our journey. View table of contents...


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When the lights eventually flickered back on, each member of Nemesis was found unconscious. The alliance in the ring looked at each other in shock. That weekend on wwe.com, there was an exclusive interview with the attacker of Nemesis. They kept his identity secret. They asked questions on why this person had chosen the group, and what his/her motives were.

The following week on Raw, Nemesis came out to have a good old talk. "So, we have a stalker, I believe" Cody said, "Yes, and we aim to take this person out" Heath answered. Heath dropped the microphone and Nemesis walked out. When Cena, the last member of Nemesis in the ring went to walk out, the lights flickered off. The screen showed a bird flying around on a tree. The ring enveloped in flames and the lights went back on. Cena was unconscious and had minor burn injuries. Later that night Michael Cole told the WWE Universe that John Cena had a fractured Neck, and would be out for a few months. The camera's showed the remaining members of Nemesis frustrated in the Locker Room, watching this news for the first time.

The Main Event for that night was Cody Rhodes VS The Big Show. Cody asked Heath if he would accompany him to the ring. This was because Cody did not want to be ambushed. During the match Cody dominated with a few Disaster Kicks and then got in position for a Cross-Rhodes. The Titantron flashed on and showed Husky getting shoved into a coffin. Cody got Heath to run and help Husky. When Heath reached the coffin, it was tipped of the building. Heath was attacked from behind. A man in a mask stood there. He looked at the camera, then broke the lens with a steel pipe. Back at ringside, Show hit Cody with a WMD and pinned him for the victory.

Later that week on Smackdown, the mystery Superstar was supposed to go one-on-one against David Otunga. However, once Otunga entered the ring, the lights went off. When they came back on David was out cold. The Medical Staff said that he was not injured. Back in the Interview Room, Cody Rhodes was being asked questions about the Mystery Man. Josh Mathews stood next to Cody. "So Cody, What do you think of this Mystery Man that has attacked and possibly put out each of the other members of your alliance-Nemesis?" Cody smiled at this, "Well, Josh, if this so called 'Mystery Man' wants to fight, he's got it. I am issuing an Extreme Rules Match next week on Raw. If he defeat's me, I will remove Nemesis from existence. I might even become a face. However, if he loses he must leave WWE alone forever." Cody walked away.

The Main Event of the night was Cody Rhodes VS Sheamus & The Big Show in a Handicap Match as Cody's scheduled partner, John Cena, was unable to recover. The Match was quickly underway. Sheamus entered and dominated Cody. The Big Show was tagged in and he hit Cody with a Choke Slam. Just as the Choke Slam was used, the arena flashed and purple smoke centred around the arena. The titantron fired up and showed a picture of a Fire Engine pulling up at a tree to reach for a bird to put it in the cage. Then a message appeared on the screen. It said "He will return on Monday Night Raw".

When the lights went back on, Sheamus & The Big Show hit a Double Clothesline on Cody before Sheamus was tagged in to hit the Brogue Kick to pick up the victory.

Over the weekend, Cody trained as vigorously as possible. Instead of visiting his family, he decided to train at a Gym. He was sick and tired of this man. What was Cody supposed to think? He had no idea of whom this person was.

The Main Event on Monday Night Raw was scheduled to be The Masked Man VS Cody Rhodes in an Extreme Rules Match. Throughout the minutes prior to the match, Promos showed of various places and things. When the time come for the match, Cody entered first and explained to the WWE Universe what he had told Josh Mathews in his interview. After he had finished, the lights flashed on and off. Purple smoke filled the arena. Pyro exploded from all four corners of the ring. Golden Fireworks flared at the Entrance Stage. The titantron fired up and showed a person wearing a black jacket walking towards the ring. The camera showed the back of the superstar. The titantron showed the message displayed on the jacket: 'Born and Bred to be a Champion'. Suddenly, the lights and pyro stopped. A huge sound of Thunder enveloped the arena. The lights quickly came back on. Cody looked around to find this 'Mystery Man'. The Man appeared out of nowhere and tapped Cody on his shoulder. Cody backed away into a corner to start the match.

The referee started the match. The Mystery Man took of his jacket. The shock on the WWE Universe's faces was pure enticing when they saw who the Mystery Man was. Shane stood in the ring wearing Red & Green Underwear. On the back of the underwear it read: "SOS" and on the front it read: "Born To Be Champion". Cody was shocked. He tried to escape but Shane grabbed him by the hand. He hit a massive Clothesline on Cody. Cody quickly got up and Shane hit him with a Dropkick. Shane left the ring and grabbed a Sledgehammer from under the left side of the ring. Cody got up slowly, and Shane hit him in the ribcage with the Sledgehammer. He sat down and taunted near Cody. When Cody got up, Shane hit him with a Hummingbird. By this time the WWE Universe pieced together what the Promo's meant. The bird represented the Hummingbird & the Fire Brigade represented Shane's tortuous Submission Move-The Brigade. Shane went for the Brigade but taunted to the Universe to look at what he was about to do. He grabbed Cody's hands and utilised the Kimura Lock. Cody started tapping out. Shane was victorious.

After the match, Shane celebrated. The Big Show's music came on and Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, Randy Orton & The Big Show walked out. They all congratulated Shane. Shane grabbed a microphone and thanked all of the group. The Big Show also mentioned that at Wrestlemania 29, he would still face Shane O'Sullivan for the World Heavyweight Championship. Shane shook hands with The Big Show once more than left the arena.

Shane announced on Friday Night Smackdown that on the Sunday that they fight at Wrestlemania they would fight like men. He also told the universe that even though Big Show and himself were friends, he wouldn't go easy on him. The Big Show entered and they talked about each other's time in the WWE. Shane and him had a friendly hug, then Shane left again.


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