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Shane's Wrestling Story

Novel By: sosnh

This story revolves around Shane O'Sullivan (myself) as I compete in various wrestling companies, and do things that make you want to read more and more. I do not, however, own any of the companies that are said throughout our journey. View table of contents...


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It was the night after Extreme Rules. So far, no one could report on Shane's condition. The nights Main Event was a Tag Team Match, where the winner's would become the Number 1 contender's for the WWE Tag Team Championships. The match was DX (Shawn Michaels & Triple H) VS Cryme Time (JTG & Shad). The match was fairly adventurous. Cryme Time won when Shad hit an STO on Triple H, who was injured after being hit by an accidental Super Kick by Shawn earlier during the match. To this, Kofi & Randy came out and welcomed them to contention.

The following Friday on Smackdown, John Morrison responded to the Shane situation by publicly apologising for his actions at Extreme Rules. The Big Show came out as well. He walked up to John and put out his hand for John to shake. John shook it and immediately after this, Show hit a massive WMD on him, knocking him out. He reached down and picked up the microphone. "I demand a title shot. I was robbed of my chance and I will win that title back again." Cody's music came on. He entered, laughing at Show. "Excuse me for speaking out of line here, but I deserve a title shot. If you didn't keep me in that Leg Hold I would've been able to stop John from winning the championship." Just as he finished this sentence, Triple H entered. The COO started talking about Over The Limit. He announced a Number 1 Contender's Triple Threat Match for the Main Event with a surprise superstar taking the third spot.

After this segment, there was a 10 Minute Iron Man match that saw Kelly Kelly face off against Michelle McCool in a Number 1 contender's match. It was pretty simple. Kelly won with 3 pins. Michelle had 2 pins. She was upset as this was the same situation she had seen at Extreme Rules.

When the time came for the Triple Threat Number 1 Contender's Match everyone was at the edge of their seats to see who could be third mystery opponent. The Big Show and Cody entered as everyone sat eager. The lights flashed on and off. Thunder hit the ground. Fire was shot from the entrance ramp. Fog surrounded the fighting area. The Undertaker entered. Everyone was shocked at this entrance. The reason for this is that The Undertaker had been out of action for 9 months. Everyone had thought he had been out of a contract and his career had ended. The Match was really entertaining. The victory went to The Undertaker after Cody hit a Cross Rhodes on The Big Show and got up to be hit with an Uppercut by The Undertaker, who then picked him up and hit a Tombstone on him for the victory.

The next Monday, Sheamus & Jeff Hardy faced off against CM Punk & Abyss. The victory was by Jeff Hardy when he hit a Swanton Bomb on Abyss, who had been hit with a Brogue Kick. CM Punk had been punched of the side of the ring. The Main Event was a Ten Man Battle Royal to determine who was the Number 1 contender for the United States Championship. The participants were: Ted Dibiase, Kenny Dykstra, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, R Truth, Zack Ryder, Kane, Kofi Kingston & Chris Masters. The winner was Chris Masters after he hit a Clothesline on Jack Swagger, who had been dangling off the edge of the ring. Santino entered and shook hands with him. He showed off the Cobra. He handed Masters a Cobra and they played around. The lights flashed and an Australian Flag appeared on the screen. Sparkles fell from the roof and James entered. The notes of Decode surrounded the air. James entered the ring. The grabbed a microphone from Tony Chimmel. "I deserve a championship match. After speaking with Triple H, he has agreed to make this match a Triple Threat." James went to leave. "Ohh… and another thing, the match is an Elimination." James' music fired up and he left the arena.

Nothing impressive happened on Smackdown that week besides Sin Cara facing off against John Morrison in the Main Event. John won after Sin Cara injured his leg on a turnbuckle, and John had capitalized on it by hitting him with a Knee to the Spine then by hitting him with a Starship Pain.

By the next Raw, was entertaining. Michelle McCool faced off against Layla in a Chocolate Pool Sumo Match. Michelle defeated Layla after Kelly interfered and slapped Layla across the face.

James, Sheamus & Ted Dibiase faced off against Chris Masters, Jeff Hardy & Santino Marella. The match was thoroughly entertaining. At one point, Chris was flexing and James came in and twisted one of the arms into a Chicken Wing hold. The victory went to James, Sheamus & Ted after Ted hit a Dream Street on Santino Marella. They celebrated. Sheamus went to shake Ted's hand, but Ted slapped it away. Sheamus started screaming at him. He went to hit a Clothesline on him but failed, when Ted dodged. Ted swiftly moved around Sheamus and hit him with a Dream Street. He asked Tony Chimmel for a microphone. "I may have lost to you at Extreme Rules, but I am officially entering myself as a Number 1 contender. I just defeated the United States Champion, and the current 2 title contenders. I am demanding a Triple Threat match at Over The Limit. If you don't agree, then I will wreck havoc on you and Jeff Hardy until I win the WWE Championship." He ran out of the arena, slapping fans hands appreciatively.

The Smackdown that followed had the same sort of match card.

The main event saw John Morrison, Goldust & Layla facing off against The Undertaker, MVP & Kelly Kelly. The match was enticing. Several good shots were surveyed during the course of the match. The Undertaker hit a Death Valley Drop on Goldust at one point. Another instance was when John Morrison hit a Starship Pain on MVP. Kelly Kelly hit a beautiful Running Bulldog on Layla. The victory was given to the team of John Morrison, Goldust & Layla when Goldust hit MVP with a Shattered Dreams. The victorious team celebrated.

Over the weekend, wwe.com officially proceeded with the match card for Over The Limit.

Here is the Match Card:

Diva's Championship: Layla VS Kelly Kelly

United States Championship: Santino Marella VS James Frecklington VS Chris Masters

Tommy Dreamer VS Kenny Dykstra

Intercontinental Championship: Goldust VS MVP

WWE Tag Team Championships: Kofi Kingston & Randy Orton VS Cryme Time

World Heavyweight Championship: John Morrison VS The Undertaker

A returning superstar would face The Miz in a match

WWE Championship: Sheamus VS Jeff Hardy VS Ted Dibiase.

Ted Dibiase was officially entered into the match by Mr. McMahon himself after 'quote: He showed enormous enthusiasm, and deserves a chance at the title.'

Over the weekend wwe.com also developed an article on whom they thought would be the returning superstar. They listed 10 Superstars and reasons as to why they could return.

  1. Heath Slater: Was taken out by Shane earlier that year. Could return to help Cody.
  2. John Cena: Was taken out by Shane earlier that year. Could return to help Cody.
  3. Husky Harris: Was taken out by Shane earlier that year. Could return to help Cody.
  4. Brodus Clay: He is bound to return after dominating in NXT.
  5. Shane O'Sullivan: Was injured last month at Extreme Rules. Don't know of injury. Could have only minor.
  6. A-Train: Left the Japanese Official Wrestling Company.
  7. Jake 'The Snake' Roberts: He announced on Twitter that he had entered the Gym for the first time in months to train for a special occasion.
  8. Bully Ray: Bully Ray left Impact Wrestling a few weeks ago and rumours have been circling as to why he left and what his future purposes are.
  9. Ashley: She left the WWE after Playboy offered her a role as a top housemate. Since then, she has been downgraded to another playmate. She no longer features in magazines and has publicly spoken about her desire to return to the wrestling ring.
  10. Flo Rida: He announced on Twitter that he had the aching to try out for the WWE. He showed his support for the superstars at Wrestlemania 29, and has been rumoured to have signed a contract with a supposed wrestling company.

The WWE Universe came up with their own investigations but most agreed on the Top 10.


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