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The Spear That End's Careers

Novel By: sosnh

This story follows the story of Edge, and the Spear that he utilises. Read to find out what happens. I will be adding colour to the writing soon, so keep checking. View table of contents...



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The Spear That End's Careers.

Wrestlemania had just ended. The Main Event had been John Cena VS Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. It had been contested in a Hell in a Cell Match. Orton had barely beat Cena. The match had gone back and forth.

At one point, John Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment on Randy Orton into a side of the cage. Luckily for Randy, John had thrown him out of the ring, where he could not pin him.

Eventually, Randy and John climbed up to the top of the Devil's structure. John, with a sudden surge of power went to hit the Attitude Adjustment on Randy Orton in the middle top part of the structure. This would break the trapdoor at the top of the cage, and force Randy through it, which would evidently be the end of the match. However, just as John was about to release his grip on Randy, Randy agley slid out of the hold, hitting an RKO on John Cena. Cena's mouth hit the large metal bar that provides the strength for the trapdoor to stay up. He flung through the ring. Randy done an Elbow Drop of the top of the cell onto Cena. After the referee counted the win, Randy (being a face) focused more on John Cena than the championship. John Cena's Jaw was broken, and his face was pure red. He was coughing up blood. Randy and some medical staff tried to help him up, but it was useless. Cena could not walk, nor could the staff lift him up to take him to the ambulance that awaited outside the arena, in the case that something would happen. Randy helped them by carrying him out of the arena, into the ambulance. The titantron followed Randy's journey to the ambulance. Soon enough, Randy was walking back to the ring. He entered the ring, grabbed the WWE title, and held it up in triumph. The pay per view ended with Randy holding the title up in the air.

At the same time, Edge had been watching from his Locker Room. He had just defeated Sheamus in a Falls Count Anywhere Match, where the loser's career would end until TLC. This match had been signed by a contract. After their match, Sheamus was escorted out of the arena by security.

The next night on Raw, Randy Orton began the night off by entering the ring, holding his championship up to show the viewers that he had defeated John Cena to win the WWE Championship. He asked the ring announcer for a microphone, and once he had it in his hand, he began to talk.

"At Wrestlemania, I faced John Cena in a Hell in a Cell Match" He paused for the crowd, as they went wild over that fact.

"John Cena has to be one of the greatest rivals I have ever had. I have never seen eye to eye with John, but he makes me strive to be the best, which is what I proved when I defeated him and won the WWE Championship" Once again he paused to let the crowd cheer.

"However" and the crowd went quite. "John Cena was fatally injured during out match. I cannot show you what happened, but here is a few photos".

The crowd had a shocked look on their face as they were shown pictures of Randy Orton in mid-air, RKO'ing Cena, another one of John Cena after getting pinned, and a final one of John Cena in the ambulance.

The camera returned to show Randy. He shed a tear. "John is currently in his home town of Boston, getting treatment. The doctors have told me that he won't be clear to compete until Summerslam".

Just as Randy was about to continue talking, the lights went off, and smoke started to rise near the entrance area. A huge R flashed on the screen. When the lights went back on, Randy Orton was laying on the canvas of the ring.

The rest of the episode went on as normal, with matches like Santino Marella and Zack Ryder VS David Otunga and Dolph Ziggler. The main event was organised to be Jack Swagger VS Randy Orton but since Randy had been told by medical staff that he was to hurt to compete, the match was called off, and replaced with Jack Swagger VS CM Punk.

Friday night on Smackdown, Edge came out, and told the WWE universe that he had defeated Sheamus at Wrestlemania. Teddy Long came out and said that he will face CM Punk and Randy Orton that night, and got to choose his tag team partner.

When it was time for the Main Event, Edge came out, carrying a scarecrow. The WWE universe cracked up laughing. He began to speak. "So…so…so" he paced around the ring. "So as you all know, tonight I face Randy Orton and CM Punk". He began laughing maniacally. "Check out this clip from Monday Night Raw". The titantron fired up and showed Randy Orton being attacked by the mystery person. "If any of you buffoons think straight, I am sure you will find out who that person was, I know I have". With that, he dropped the microphone, and started punching the scarecrow. When the match started, Edge quickly tagged in the scarecrow. He threw the scarecrow at CM Punk, knocking him down. Edge ran of one set of ropes, and hit a sharp spear into CM Punk. Randy Orton came in to try and stop him, but Edge avoided the hit, and flew off the ropes again, hitting Randy Orton with a vicious Spear. He then carried the scarecrow to his side of the ring, and tagged himself in. He grabbed Randy Orton and threw him out of the ring. He then picked up CM Punk, and hit him with another 4 Spears. He waited for what seemed like minutes, perching on the top rope, waiting for CM Punk to get up. At this point, Randy Orton's Injuries had got the better of him, as he was unconscious on the floor. After CM Punk had begun to get up, Edge pulled a metal armband from the side of the ring that had been laying there since he entered and he put it on. He did an amazing spear to CM Punk. The camera's showed CM Punk being bended in half. He began to have a spasm. Edge told the referee to wait otherwise he would hurt him. He grabbed the scarecrow and laid it on top of Punk. "Pin him" he yelled. The referee pinned CM Punk. He declared the winner's as Edge and Scarecrow.

Edge quickly ran away from the ring, as medical staff began to develop the ring space. They carried Randy and Punk out on Stretchers. That was the end of that night's show.

The next week on Raw, Randy Orton did not show, but the news surfaced that CM Punk has a broken back, and will NEVER be able to wrestle again. It was also announced that CM Punk would enter the following year's Hall Of Fame. Tears surfaced on fans faces. There was a tribute video on the titantron that showed the ending of CM Punks career, and the best moments of his career including how he defeated John Cena at Money In The Bank for the WWE Championship on the night his contract expired with World Wrestling Entertainment, and how he had the rivalry with Chris Jericho on the way to Wrestlemania 28.

Smackdown was pretty much the same. They showed a tribute video to CM Punk. Though Edge did come out during the show. When he entered, he got booed by the fans, making it official that he has turned heel. "So, I guess you have cracked the case on who attacked Randy Orton last week on Raw". The audience continued to boo him. "Haha! I have motivation behind my actions, but I don't need to explain them to you hypocrites, I say, figure it out yourselves."

The next week on Raw, Randy Orton returned. That night there was also a No. 1 contenders' Fatal 4 Way Match. During the episode, Randy Orton faced Dolph Ziggler, and defeated him with ease. The Main Event-Fatal 4 Way Match was Edge VS Swagger VS Kofi VS Batista. The match went on for a while. The ending come when Batista connected with the Batista Bomb to Jack Swagger, who was then speared by Edge, then hit with a Trouble in Paradise by Kofi Kingston. The winner was Kofi Kingston. Just as Kofi was celebrating, he went to jump down from the top rope of one of the sides of the ring when all of a sudden, Edge speared him mid-air while equipped with the metal armband. Like Punk, Kofi was bent in half. Edge went to leave the ring, when Randy Orton ran in and connected with an RKO to Edge. Randy grabbed a microphone. "At Extreme Rules, I am declaring war" and with that remark, Randy threw the microphone at the abdomen of Edge, and walked out. The show ended with Randy taunting as he left the entrance area.

On Smackdown of that week, nothing particularly grave happened. The show was average, except for the fact that Michael Cole and Josh Mathews told the WWE universe that, unlike Punk, Kofi's career will not end, but he does have 7 fractured ribs, and some internal injuries.

On the next week's Raw, acting General Manager-Terry Funk-declared that at Extreme Rules Edge will face Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. He also said that there would be a Beat The Clock Challenge and the winner (person with the lowest time wins) will get to choose the stipulation for the match. To this, Randy Orton came out and began to talk to the audience. "As you are all aware of, I will be facing Edge at Extreme Rules. Think of the damage that John Cena took back at Wrestlemania when we faced. That was by accident. At Extreme Rules, I will fight for the people Edge destroyed, and I will MEAN to hurt him". With this, Edge came out. "Haha! You think you're any different than I am, you probably ended John Cena's career." Randy looked stressed. "Come down here and I will show you the pain that Cena, Kofi & Punk felt combined." Edge responded to this by running down to the ring. The two began to fight each other. Around 60 Security came in just to stop them. That night Edge faced Dolph Ziggler, defeating him in 5 minutes, 43 seconds. The main event of the night, and Randy's "Beat The Clock" challenge. He faced Christian. Around the 4 minute mark, Randy went to hit the RKO but Edge got Randy's attention, and while he was yelling at Edge, Christian pulled Randy's legs down into a Roll Up Pin, winning the match. Edge slid into the ring, and when Randy got up, Edge hit him with a spear from the top rope. He then grabbed a microphone. "Tune in to Smackdown, Buddy". The show ended with Edge walking out, while laughing.
On the next Smackdown, Edge came into the ring to explain his actions, and to tell Randy the stipulation for their match.

"At Wrestlemania I faced Sheamus. We all know that he is a Jar of Mayonnaise, but he told me before our match that he vowed not to lose as he wanted the WWE Championship. I told him that there is no hope in hell he would beat my buddy Randy, even if he defeated me. For all you newbies out there, Randy and I were in a Tag Team named "Rated RKO". "Randy was always the best person out of the group in your eyes. When Rated RKO came to mind, all of you" Edge points to the audience "think immediately of Randy Orton, and don't try telling me you thought of me first." The audience contemplated this fact. "Randy has always been a tragedy waiting to happen. Randy cannot beat me without someone's help in a one on one match". Once again the audience contemplated this fact. "That is why I have been ending people's careers using this metal armband" he grabs the armband from his pocket and shows it to the audience. "This armband is really hard and tough. I ended CM Punk's career by using this, and Kofi is out for a long time. I don't intend on stopping. I guarantee that next week on Monday Night Raw, after Extreme Rules, you will see me enter with the WWE Championship." Edge threw the microphone into the audience and walked out. Later that night, Randy Orton faced Santino Marella in a warm-up match. He easily won. After the match, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler & Edge all come out and began to beat up on Randy Orton. Randy Orton crawled into the corner. Suddenly, John Cena's music came on, and he entered. He held a microphone in his hand, "Edge, I know why they thought of Randy. You suck; you look like that lady from the airport with the long blonde hair. Truth is, you're afraid that Randy can easily beat you, so you are trying to hurt him so you can prove you're the best. I know Randy will beat you, and by the way, Teddy Long has just told me that my first match back is in a 6 Man Tag Team Match. He ordered this match to restart as Santino Marella, John Cena & Randy Orton VS Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler & Edge. So the match started, and pretty quickly, Dolph had the upper hand on Santino, so Santino threw Dolph at John Cena, who punched him. Dolph was now dazed. Santino developed the Cobra, and let the Cobra strike. He tagged in John Cena who done an Attitude Adjustment to Dolph, then Randy was tagged in. With the help of Santino and John, Randy hit a Super RKO from the top rope onto Dolph. They threw him out of the ring, and Santino used the Cobra to knock Swagger down while he was complaining to Edge that they should help. Edge tried to escape but John and Santino took a side of the ring each, while Randy waits in the ring. Soon enough, Edge tried to run away, but was forced into the ring. Randy quickly hit him with an RKO. Edge, Santino and John hit their finishers onto Edge, and then they let Randy do another Super RKO. Randy grabbed the microphone. "Thanks John and Santino. I owe you one." With that, they shook hands and they celebrated.

At Extreme Rules, the night began with a few average matches. John Cena had an interview with Josh Mathews. "Please welcome my guest at this time, the former WWE Champion, John Cena." "Hey Josh, it's good to be here" "So John, what made you come back so early, and you look as good as ever, what happened to you returning at Summerslam?" "Well Josh, I spent weeks in the hospital, watching Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown. When I had seen the mystery attack on Randy Orton on Raw, I immediately began to question Edge. You see, Edge claims that the WWE Universe is full of hypocritical buffoons who don't know the difference between a knife and a fork, but they are smart enough to figure out that it was Edge who attacked Randy. The R that flashed on screen and the smoke that came out of the valves was Edge's. Sure, Randy did break my Jaw, but he apologised in person to me. Edge has an alternative motive that I don't think we even know about yet."

Later that night, Santino and John Cena teamed up to face Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships. Santino hit the Cobra on Ziggler pretty much straight away, and Cena connected an Attitude Adjustment on Swagger straight after it. Santino pinned Ziggler, winning the match, and the titles for the team.

The main event was arranged, but Edge hadn't revealed what the match type would be. Edge entered the arena, and grabbed a microphone. He approached Michael Cole, and whispered in his ear. He handed Cole the microphone, and Cole walked into the ring. "Ladies and gentleman, I have just spoken to Edge. He tells me that this match will be an "I Quit" match. In this match, the first person to say the words "I quit" will lose the match and their contract with World Wrestling Entertainment will be ripped up. This match is not subjected to the ring, this means that the action can go anywhere in the whole arena. Thank You."

Michael Cole left the ring. Randy Orton entered, holding a microphone. "Edge, you are a tough one aren't you. Tell you what, I have asked Mr. McMahon if I could add a stipulation to our match this evening. He asked me what I wanted to do, and he agreed. I have Santino and John Cena who will be waiting out the back. If you try to escape, or you try to get your cronies, Ziggler and Swagger out here, these two will deal with them." With that, he kept walking to the ring.

Once the match had started, Edge rolled out of the ring, taunting Randy to follow him. All of a sudden, as Edge rolled back into the ring, Ziggler came from under the ring, and hit Randy with a Zig-Zag. Rather than helping him up, Ziggler rolled himself back under the ring.

John Cena and Santino ran out, to help Randy. At this time, Jack Swagger ran from the back out, and knocked Santino down on his way to the ring. John was to focused on getting Ziggler to realize what happened. Swagger carried Santino back to the top of the stage, where there were trucks and signs saying "Extreme Rules" (setup for the show). Swagger got the Ankle Lock into Santino, and held it.

So at this time, Edge is standing in the ring, glancing at John sniffing Ziggler out. Edge done a Suicide Dive at John, while he was trying to look for Ziggler. This knocked John out. Ziggler quickly ran from under the ring and picked John up. Edge put on the metal armband, and hopped up to the top rope, and within seconds, Edge hit the Spear on John Cena. Medical staff rushed to the ring, and carried John out on a stretcher (put on a stretcher car) before Edge, Ziggler or Swagger could do anything about it.

By this time, Randy had managed to roll into the ring, and was quietly laying down. Edge hopped back in the ring, while Ziggler and Swagger watched. He went to pick Randy up, but at the same time, Randy hit the RKO on Edge. This action caused Ziggler to run into the ring. Randy connected with an RKO on Ziggler. He looked up at Swagger, and Swagger stopped the Leg Lock on Santino, and picked him up, and connected with a "Gutwrench Powerbomb". This Powerbomb saw Santino being hit into the spade of one of the trucks. Swagger jumped in one of them, and started it up. He moved the spade over to a pit, and dropped Santino in.

Swagger than hopped off, and began to walk down the ramp. Just as he was doing that, Ziggler connected with another RKO. Than Edge speared him (without armband). Than Swagger ran in and picked Randy up, hitting him with a Gutwrench Powerbomb. The referee put the microphone up to Randy. "Do you want to quit?" Randy barely gasped out the words. "NO!" Swagger and Ziggler picked up Randy. Swagger grabbed one of Randy's legs, and held the Ankle Lock in, while Ziggler held Randy up. Edge, once again, climbed to the top rope, while putting his metal armband on, and then connected with the hardest Spear he had ever done. Randy Orton laid on the ground. Just from the look of this, he had a broken leg, a broken back, and a severely fractured neck. The referee rang the bell. This match was not going to continue. Tony Chimmel, the ring announcer for the night announced the result. "Here is your winner, and the new WWE Champion, the Rated R Superstar, Edge". The PPV ended with Randy being taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital.

The next night on Raw, as promised, Edge walked in as the WWE Champion. He told the WWE Universe that no matter how hard they tried, nobody could defeat the Rated R Superstar.

During the next few months, there was no activity from Randy Orton, John Cena or Santino Marella. By this time, Edge had ended a few more careers, including Evan Bourne, Justin Gabriel, Christian, Alberto Del Rio, Finlay & Ezekiel Jackson. He had gathered the team of Ziggler, Swagger, Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Mark Henry, and The Miz & Derrick Bateman.

Edge was still the WWE Champion, and the board of directors faced a problem. Edge was ending too many careers, and couldn't be stopped. He also had gathered a crew of Superstars that would stop anybody getting near him.

TLC was only a few nights away. Edge went to Raw, to boast about defeating his old friend, Christian, senseless at Vengeance. He told the WWE Universe that at TLC, whoever he faced would face the same fate as everyone else.

Just as Edge dropped the microphone to leave, Randy Orton's music came on. Randy entered, looking as strong as ever. He held a microphone in his hand. "Edge, you say you end careers, but look at me, I trained my ass of for months, and I am ready to face you at TLC." Edge shed a horrified look. Randy continued to talk. "You have been claiming that you are ending careers, and, true, you could think that, and I am guessing most of these people believed I was gone for good, but you and those who doubted are wrong. Please welcome some guests I invited." Music began to come on. First Santino walked in, striking the Cobra. A lot of people began to follow this line. CM Punk walked in next, then John Cena, than Sheamus. By this time, Edge was freaking out. He forgot the simple fact that Sheamus was not able to compete until TLC. He was eligible to compete, and there was nothing he could do about it. Then the rest of the superstars that Edge hurt entered. They all ran at Edge. At the same time, the superstars that aligned themselves with Edge entered, and they all fought in the ring.

A bunch of security and referees were brought in to stop the action. Then Teddy Long's music came on.

"Holla!" Teddy chanted. "Mr. McMahon has informed me that at TLC, a bunch of you guys in the ring will compete. Randy Orton, Santino Marella, John Cena, CM Punk & Sheamus will face the team of Edge, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry & Derrick Bateman. If Randy's team wins, Randy wins the WWE Championship, but if Edge's team wins, all members of Randy's team must retire. As for the rest of you, I have a match that Mr. McMahon agreed to instantaneously. You will face each other in a team Ladder Match. The winners will get entered into the 5 VS 5 Match. This would boost the team greatly.

The next few days contained matches from the superstars in the Ladder Match, and participants in the 5 on 5 match.

At TLC, the team for Randy won their Ladder Match. Therefore, they were each entered into the match. Throughout the night, Josh Mathews interviewed several participants in the match, and they all said that they want their respective leader to win.

The match began, and all participants on Edge's side were wiped out within the first 5 minutes of the match. For the remainder of the match, each person took turns doing their respective finishers on Edge. The ending of the match came when Randy hit a Super RKO to Edge. He then punted Edge in the head, pinning him to secure the win. The superstars held Randy up while Tony Chimmel announced that the new WWE Champion is Randy Orton. They all celebrated. The Rated R Era had been swept from the floor, and put into the bin.

The following week on Raw, Vince McMahon came out and announced that Edge had retired as he was fatally injured, and could never compete again. He was told by doctors that he will never even walk again. Edge's career was over.

Everyone, including those on Edge's side was thrilled. As it turns out, he forced them to join him; otherwise he could have ended their careers.


By Shane O'Sullivan.


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