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A Baseball Story

Novel By: writinglover

In the year 2052, where things are very different, a college baseball team is formed. Things are going great, until several key cards begin disappearing. The key cards hold the player's info, access to the campus, and entry into the team locker room. They must find out who took them, or all is lost. Join the search, as the young people track down the culprit, following clues. This is a story about finding love, friendship, and trust. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 12, 2012    Reads: 33    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

Yejun's Story
Seoul, Korea
"Stop! You're hurting her!" Ten year old Yejun Lee grabbed the arm that was repeatedly hitting his mother.
His father turned to him, his eyes emotionless. Not bloodshot. Just dead and heartless.
Yejun returned the stare, not showing the fear he felt. His father finally showed emotion; full out fury. Yejun tightened his grip on his father's arm, already knowing he would reap the punishment from it.
His mother took the opportunity to kick his father in the back, which caused her to get backhanded to the floor. His father now had another target. He swung the arm that Yejun was still firmly attached to against the wall. The impact took Yejun's breath away, which threw him into a fit of gasping, with his breath coming out in a harsh weeze. It was even worse when he breathed in, as it felt like it was going through tiny pipes that were closing rapidly.
He lost track of time as he tried to breathe, every breath taking away more oxygen. He knew he needed to help his mother, but he was useless. He was beginning to feel the darkness closing in as he black out from lack of oxygen. He was still gasping and weezing, when he saw his father take another swing at his mother. After that, he couldn't stay with her anymore. He was lost in the darkness.
************ ************ ************
Seven Years Later
Yejun smiled, running off the baseball field. He had just caught the last out, when the ball had been hit to second base. His team was now headed to the dugout to collect their equipment and go celebrate. It had been a good 13-8 win, and he felt wonderful.
************ ************ ************
The next morning, Yejun got a call from the head coach. He wanted to meet with him at 10:00, at the local Dairy Queen, to discuss some business. He was nervous. It could be good news, or something devestating.
Once they met, they ordered ice cream, and the coach asked him to have a seat.
Yejun sat down, still nervous. He looked at his coach, who was hard to read, as usual. His face seemed to never change.
His coach finally spoke, looking him in the eye. "Yejun, I was greatly pleased with how you handled things yesterday. You definitely know how to bring an end to a game." He paused, still staring at his second baseman. "If you will accept, I would like to pull you to the starting lineup. That would make you the third batter, and also the starting second baseman. You are the best one this team has, even though we will only have you for the remainder of the season. What do you say? Will you accept?"
It was Yejun's turn to stare. He had been waiting for an offer like this for a long time. "I would like to accept that, sir. Thank you very much." He was grinning now.
The coach smiled, a rare occurance. "I'm glad you are accepting this. I appreciate it."


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