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A Bright Shinning Bike

By: Juli Monat

Page 1, The biggest \"Hero\" of them all.

Bright Shinning Bike

I am the greatest!

Test or no test...still the bravest

Lance Armstrong,

Is my name, I mind no shame,

This is ny show-biz

My biggest moment-money, Indeed!

So, sing my song,

Lance called!

When you read the news

I'm there for you,

Come on! Watch the TV!

Lance Lie-strong...I am

The one I wanted to be,

Beeb! Beeb!

Roadrunner! You can't get me,

I'm see!

Lance Armstrong! Lancelot!

Under Oath,

I, worked, my wise

Damn plot!

Yes, I'm big drug-test,

It keeps you riding...I did my best,

I conquered the world!

Riding my bike, John!

Me and mad-man, Napoleon!

Leon! Oh Leon! Paint it! Kameleon!

Lance Armstrong! Ruper Murdoch!

King Arturios! Curious!

A bright shinning lie! That won't die!

I am the greatest,

Lance Cheat-strong! I played my song!

By: Juli Monat

Copyright (c) 2013

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