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Feel It, It's in Africa!


Page 1, soccer world cup in africa and this is how a proud south african poetically expresses this previledge that is bestowed to us as south africans.

Heed the sound of the vuvuzela
Colloseums filled to the roofs
The titans shall gather under one flag united through one anthem
Pay respect to our kings and their crowds
Motivated by cheers of a Nation
All eyes, hope, expectations
And the fate of a Nation on their shoulders
Fine Damsels with white handkerchief
Cheering their beloved, trusted and brave warriors
At the sound of the whistle; the war-Games commences
The world’s eyes are on you, Mother Africa
The chants of the crowds will rise, rise, rise
And rise beyond the heavens
Bafana-Bafana; feel it, it’s yours they shall chant!
The sphere of fate shall be rolled by our titans
At the blow of the whistle,
Destiny as our yard stick
And the world will feel it, it’s in Africa.

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