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Baseball is One of a Kind

By: Tarr

Page 1, Baseball teaches you many things

Baseball is a game to test your mentality,

A game of which to show you reality,

It teaches you that mistakes aren't always that bad,

Though they tend to make you really mad,

For you strive for perfection but hardly reach your true goal,

Yet you get great feelings after the bases you stole,

 Winning game after game and showing your skill,

These are the things that make baseball a thrill,

Baseball truly is a game of your mind,

Unlike some things this game is one of a kind,

With the players so dedicated and filled with heart,

It's what sets these players and fans apart,

To show they're courage, they practice to perfection,

As if it was a game, thats needs quick reaction,

To do their best is all they're asked to do,

Win as many games, champions anew,

This is our goal we have set season after season,

We do not need excuses, we only need reason,

Reaching our goal, by perfecting all the little things,

Cherish the good times, and celebrate our winnings.

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