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Tyler Boone has been playing basketball for years. But since his move to New York, he has had to go to West Amsterdam High School, where the whole school is racist against blacks. He gets made fun of by his teachers, classmates, and he feels very lonely. He thinks what would make him feel better is trying out for the basketball team. But, the coach won't let him because he is black. What can Tyler do? (Told by Tyler). First official piece of writing! It isn't that good!

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I just got onto the bus for my first day at West Amsterdam High School. I am a freshman, and have just moved from California all the way to New York. I get into the front seat, and immediately, the kids from 2 seats behind me start making jokes about me, calling me a nigger, and making me feel bad. I can't wait to get off the bus and start High School. But, as it was on the bus, it was in school. I was just entering homeroom, which was Engish, when three white kids came up to me. They asked "what are you doing here, nigger?". I said "well... umm... I just got into this school, and I was hoping to have a nice year". They told me that I was going to have a nice time, and they cornered me in the back of the classroom and started "robbing" me. They took my ID, my wallet, and my backpack. When 7:30 rolled around, and Mr. Heffley came in to do attendance, he saw me with no supplies. He asked me "boy, why you here with no supplies?". I responded to him saying that three white kids who were in this class took my wallet, ID, and backpack. I pointed to the three kids, and he walked over to them. "Show me his things" said Mr. Heffley angrily. He searched all around them, and there was nothing. "Well Tyler... it looks like they didn't take anything. Be more prepared next time or you will be suspened. Here is a piece of paper and a pencil, now go sit your butt down." The whole first period was agonizing, as Mr. Heffley made remarks about me, and gave me a bad grade on my test, even though that I should have gotten higher. The first day was not that good, but the worst time was during lunch. I was sitting with my middle school friend Joey, and there was a table behind us. It only contained white kids, and there were only six black kids in the lunch room, including me and Joey. They came over to the two of us, and one of them angrily said out loud "WHY THE HELL DID YOU TAKE MY WALLET?!!!" I replied "but... I didn't take anything...". Two of them slapped me back and forth until I had bruises all over my face, and arms. Everybody in the lunchroom laughed at me, even Joey! He got in on the action and kicked me in the nuts. I fell to the ground, hurting from pain, embarassment, and I had a red face. The nurse heard the commotion, and came running in. Everybody else was gone. She was like "what the heck did you do to yourself, clumsy?" "Bu.. but... I... they..." and then I passed out. I woke up to the sound of paperwork being filled out. I was in the nurses office, and I saw the nurse staring at me. She asked if I was ok, and I said yeah. It was 1:35, I was passed out for two hours. It was the end of the first day, and I couldn't wait to get home. She shoved me out of her office, and I was walking to the bus, when I spotted a sign that said "BASKETBALL TRYOUTS TODAY! COME TO THE GYM!" I honestly did not know if I should go, but I decided to. I entered the gym and I heard basketballs bouncing, hoops shaking, and the yelling and running feet. When the door shut, everybody stopped what they were doing and stared at me. It was like a cat coming into a house full of dogs. The coach came over to me and said "maggot, why the heck are you here?". I said that I wanted to try out for basketball. He replied saying "you can't try out. You obviously are bad, and your clothing is not professional, and you don't talk like a basketball player". He told me to leave, but before I did, I grabbed a basketball and shot a full court shot, and swished it. All the players laughed, and mocked my shot. They all came over to me and started punching me, and slapping me everywhere. The coach brought out a whip and whipped me. They all laughed hysterically. I was left on the ground, bleeding, and in shock of pain. What a great first day.!


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