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All My Only Ball

Short story By: meltrosz

Bottom of the ninth. Bases are loaded. Two outs, two strikes and three balls. The last pitch determines everything.

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I held the ball in my palm. The three inches of diameter of the ball was enough to fit perfectly in my fist. I relaxed my fingers around the ball and clutched it as hard as I could. The hardness of the ball was just right. I tried squeezing my fingers around the ball, once again. The bones in my knuckles were almost protruding through my skin.

I looked sixty and a half feet into the horizon. I saw a person standing. His aura was immense and suffocating. I could feel the pressure he's emitting from as far as where I'm standing. Behind him was another man, who was in a squatting position. He had a calm atmosphere around him. Looking at him was enough to drown the angst I felt from the man standing in front of him.

I looked to my left. There, another man who wore the same red shirt and pants the standing man wore. A few feet beside him was a man who wore the same blue shirt and pants the sitting man wore. This scene was identical to the one behind me, and to my left side. All three sides around me composed of a man in red standing a few feet away from a man in blue.

I looked behind me. There was a huge board. On it were two rows of glowing numerical lights. On the top row, there were eight zeroes and a one. On the bottom row, there were eight zeroes. The last spot was, for some reason, blank. On another side of the huge board were several circular lights of different colors. There were two red circles that glowed, three blue circles that glowed and two yellow circles that glowed.

My sight once again returned to the ball inside my fist. I placed the tips of my index and middle fingers on the top seam of the ball. I placed my thumb directly underneath the ball.

After I have assured my grip on the ball, I once again looked at the man sitting sixty feet away from me. He was raising his hand near the chest of the man standing near him. I turned to my right. I raised my left knee as high as I could. With all my weight shifted towards my left foot, I planted it towards the ground. I felt an invisible force push me from behind. I felt my shoulder and elbow snap. I felt the ball leaving my thumb, and then my fingers.

The ball spun as fast as it could towards the chest of the man standing sixty feet away from me. Or more precisely, it was flying towards the hand of the sitting man, It wasn't long before I heard the ball hit something hard. I knew what that meant. Yet, I can't help but look behind me to be sure. On the big board, there were now three red lights and three yellow lights. On the side opposite it, a number was displayed, one hundred eighty.

I heard a thunderous applause. There were deafening shouts around me. I could not even hear my heart which was pounding as hard as it could against my chest. I felt my feet leave the ground. I was lying backwards in the air. Then, my body flew even higher towards the air, and fell back down. I was again launched into the air, and fell. Soon, I lost consciousness.


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