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The Arrest 2

By: Ryan Joy

Page 1, The Arrest, Is A Book About A Father And Son Who Support Crystal Palace. The Father Andy Takes His Son To His First Ever Away Match At Milwalls Ground The Den. They Were Both Enjoying There Self Until The Way Out When They Become Under Attack...

On A Gloomy Morning In London,England I Was Getting Ready To Take His Son Jacob To His First Away Match. A South London Derby. At The Den. I Went To Pick Jacob Up From His Mothers. It Will Be The First Time Ive Seen Him In Weeks. I Looked Up At The Clock As It Struck Midday. This Ment There Was Only Three Hours Until The Big Kick-Off. I Picked Him Up And He Couldnt Wait To Get There. It Was Going To Be His First Ever Away Match At Milwall.

An Hour After We Left We Were Parking The Car A Short Way Away From The Stadium. The Other Side Of The Dangerously Dark Train Tunnel. The Pair Of Us Both Walked Through It With Other Crystal Palace Fans. We Qued Up Early And Went In Striaght Through The Turnstiles. That Was The Safest Thing To Do Because Of The High Profile The Game Has. We Didnt Want Any Trouble.

A Few Hours Later...
The Game Was Over And We Thrashed Milwall 2-0 In There Own Back Yard. But There Was Trouble And Violence Waiting To Happen And I Knew It I Just Tried To Keep My Jacob Calm. All The Palace Fans Were Herded Into A Police Protection Line All The Way Back To The Station And Everything Was Fine Because We Had A Sence Of Protection.

 Well Thats What We Thought. As Soon As We Arrived At The Station The Police Line Stopped Following Us And Expected Us To Fend For Ourselves. As Myself And Jacob Went Back Through The Quiet Timed Tunnell That We Passed Through Not Three Hours Before. But This Time We Was On Our Own. All Of A Sudden I Heard Obseane Chanting And Chrashing. I Glanced Over My Shoulder And See A Heard Of Milwall Fans Preparing To Rush My Son And Myself. What Am I Ment To Do? Bottles And Smoke Bombs Came Towards Our Faces And My Priority Was To Protect Jacob. I Found A Bottle Of Alchol From My Pocket And Set Its Alight Then Through It Towards The Scummy Fans What Other Option Did I Have? I Was The Only One Who Got Arrested But I Was Defendeing My Boy.                                             

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