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Beating The Player

Novel by SuzanneE
Posted: Jun 22, 2014
Formerly Beating The Player At His Own Game. REVISED...
Tags:love, teens, game, crush, player, own, crushes, beating, highschool, small town


Always On My Mind

Short Story by SuzanneE
Posted: Jun 21, 2014
Luke has recently become overwhelmed with the memory of a...

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Beating The Player

Novel by SuzanneE
Posted: Jun 22, 2014
Formerly Beating The Player At His Own Game. REVISED...

My Reality

Short Story by SuzanneE
Posted: Jun 21, 2014
A story I had posted on my old account. It's my pride and...

Always On My Mind

Short Story by SuzanneE
Posted: Jun 21, 2014
Luke has recently become overwhelmed with the memory of a...

** I realize that this is going to drastically change my amount of loyal followers. I don't blame you if you decide to quit reading, but as of right now, I am going through an extremely rough time so I will not be doing any writing for the next couple weeks, nor will I hardly be on Booksie. Sorry for bailing, but I feel I need to tend to myself right now. If you want to send me an e-mail, cool, it's at the bottom there. **



Contact me anytime or view my updates at:




Twitter: @EmbersSuz

Facebook: Suzanne Embers (page)


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Beating The Player

4968/5000 reads!

303/350 comments!

Help me get these numbers up!! (:


People Who Get Updates On Beating The Player:

Lisa Ayers Lisa is an amazing supporter of all of my works and she deserves everything good in the world<3 CHECK OUT HER WRITING!!!

Ghost of the Rain Ghost is another amazing woman who is an amazing and respectful writer. Check out her novel The Walking Game!! It's sooo worth it!!! 

 Jaamzshow                                               Hyuna

Bookworm1984                anniebirnie                    Puppet

Angelique30                    AbstractKash        ShadaStorm120

Porcelain Jane                  Silver_84            PeanutButterCup

lovefood1                      Nunyahbizness    CookiePrincess22

LittleMizOz                         Allyson            Michael Jameson

donjc9                           Achilles Peleus            Gauche

StoryHearts                      Sylvermyst              agnesmok99

Stormbird_Throneshaker     KodamaKiss      Luke Smith

SecretelyPerfect              Emily Burke               Areyhl

Caro5744                         Jinxed                    Ice Winifr3d

Alisha95                           Shroka                 mslynnae17

Blueaquadolphin4         InCaylable              RosieRose

xHarleyx                    ChloeLMcgarrett         mmodi201

MissMelodramatic         Spyguy               xXJacksterXx  

HospitalFlowers          DADraven         AlanaMcDermott




My Favourite Comment(s) so far:

Comment left by Jola on "Always On My Mind" "Ye Gods! I really walked into that one. The mysterious girl is supposedly the reader - me?? If you could see who I am, that would give you a good laugh. I read one of your stories because I didn't entirely agree with advice you gave ShadaStorm about adding more description. To be fair, I thought I should sample your work to see how you handle it. Although you included some non-essential description, it wasn't overdone and it did not bore me.. On the contrary, you wrote an interesting story very well. As it turned out at the end, the joke was on me, Ha-ha. I guess descriptive prose is like cake; it can enhance a story, but can be sickening if you get too much of it. Your cake was just about right."

Comment left by Jonathan DeLacuso on "Always On My Mind" "So this is what you consider just a draft??? This is freaking amazing. I mean yeah the girl isn't revealed but that just makes it that much better. You keep her in the shadow shrouded by this cloak of mystery and beauty that this femme fatal brings into Luke's life. The details in this 'draft' were OMG unbelievabely amazing. Every teenie ttiny detail was exploited to the maximum potential. Where in My reality you went out of your way to exploit the psychological torment of your character in a fearsome and somewhat grotesque way, here you exploited it on a beautifully magical way. Although I wil admit that some scenes seemed a bit shall we say creepy, I still could see what his character was going through. Love at first sight made him blind. I just wish that these femme fatal isn't a blood sucking succubus and doesn't crush him. Anyways I really loved this wotk almost as much as My reality. Bravo my friend. Bravo!"

Comment left by PoeticMe143 on "Always On My Mind" "Wow, wow had to be the first word to start this comment off. First somewhere between the second or third paragraph the story started feeling like I was sitting down reading this out of a published book! I mean everything from start to finish was perfect and I don't see how anyone can criticize this because this story is simply perfection!! If this was a novel I would certainly read it all the way through. I loved how you added some humor parts in here, like when Nolan (I believe it was Nolan) said "she's probably a guy waiting to fu*king kill you." I laughed at that part :D! I really did enjoy the read and thanks a million for the request. You're sooooo talented I'm getting jealous, naw joking about the jealous thing but you are very talented and this deserves sooo much more reads and comments. I'm just completely wowed by this story it's so PERFECTLY WRITTEN. More then awesome job!! Please keep me updated in your work cause you're amazing!! ~Poetic (P.S love how in love Luke is, it's so cute!)"


Work I'm Getting Around To Reading:

The Box by Puppet

Oh Naive Bird by nadialopez


​Currently Reading:

Cry From Inside by Lisa Ayers (Caught up (: )

EmberSpring by ShadaStorm120 (Caught up (: )

Benefit of the Doubt by Song (Caught up (: )

The Downfall of the Great Race Of Mankind by Jonathan DeLacuso (Caught Up (: )

Rain Drops by Tigerlilly97 (Caught Up (: )

Breaking All The Rules by AbstractKash (Caught Up (: )

Will I Get What I Want? by blueaquadolphin4 (Caught Up (: )

Spirit Blossom by PoeticMe143 (Caught Up (: )

Shatter by Michael Jameson (Caught up (: )

Live, Love, Dream by Hinz4 (Caught Up (: )

Containment Trial by Arid Land Kate (Caught Up (: )

Every Breath You Take by Animosity (Caught Up (: )


Recommended Reading:

Cry From Inside by Lisa Ayers- this novel will give you shivers! Seriously an amazing piece of work centered on the treatment of people who are limited and sent "away". 

The Walking Game by Ghost of the Rain- you'll have some catching up to do, but it's worth it. A mix between Avatar and Divergent, her characters will grab you and pull you into a story you can't put down!

"Mer" by Puppet- this short story puts a new theory of everything you think you've known. Similar to the tales of Native American people, this story is worth the read!

"Stay Basil" by dclovesfd- this poem is one of the best romance poems I've ever read. The perfect description of laying in bed with the perfect person!

Stolen By Wolves by Incaylable- Oh my goodness, this short novel of 6 chapters kept me reading and on the edge of my seat the entire time. Incredibly written and a complete masterpiece from the writing style to the plot. The most amazing and terrifying endings ever!

Containment Trial by Arid Land Kate- This is the perfect mix of action, adventure, love, political conspiracy, suspence, confusion, and sci fi/fantasy. CHECK THIS OUT!!! You'll catch up fast as there's not many chapters yet. You get thrown tons of curveballs that just leave you on the edge of your seat!

Is Anyone Here Anymore? by D A Draven- This is a short story that will entice you from the beginning. I am always amazing at Draven's knack for creating short stories that give you chills and leave you craving more. He's an artist in the horror category and although I only mentioned this short story, read his others, you won't regret it. His work is not for the faint of heart or those who can't appreciate a poetic way of expression.



My Work




Beating The Player (At His Own Game) (novel)

Nicole knows she's not a part of the "popular group" in her school. When she suddenly starts becoming friendly with one of the popular guys, coincidentally her next door neighbor, she gets an insight into what it's like to be them. The only concerining question is who should you trust?


Cover is by Agnesmok99. A huge thank you to her!!! (:                       


Dreaming Up Reality (short story)

This is one of my most teasured and prized pieces. Words cannot begin to describe how much I love this story. There is no summary, not one that I want to write anyway. It is a horror story, depending on your definition. 


















"On My Mind" (short story)

**This has reached over 60 views!!!! A small feat for most writers, but for unpopular ones like me, it's Christmas!!! :) **

An unusual romance story. Luke's fallen hard for a mysterious and mystical woman... 



My BooksieSilk Work



High (short story) **This has reached over 300 reads literally over night!!!!!!! We're now at over 1400!!! I cannot believe it!!**

Describes the first time of a green-eyed, brown haired woman with a male lover. Sexual content, not intended for minors.







**I do not own any of these pictures!**


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