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Worlds All Around Me

By Crpowers  (booksie.com)

A poem about the nature of perspective, and how it influences everything.

Poetry | Updated Dec 8, 2012 | Reads: 4 | Comments: 2 | Likes: 0
Tags: Perspective,Belief,Thought,Idea,World


Osiris's Cube

By Dibbledabble  (booksie.com)

This is my entry for Lady Blacks shapes competition. It is based on Egyptian Mythology and the God Osiris. There a parallels with the the christian belief in heaven and The father, Son and Holy Spirit (Osiris, Horus and Isis) The shape is cube, the sytle of the poem is a 6 stanza 36 lines....

Poetry | Updated Nov 25, 2012 | Reads: 5 | Comments: 4 | Likes: 13
Tags: Osiris,Isis,Seth,Horus,Cube,Belief,Cross

The Fire's Last Embrace

By Chuck Aemon  (booksie.com)

This is a piece of poetry with a range of different inspirations.

Poetry | Updated Nov 13, 2012 | Reads: 3 | Comments: 2 | Likes: 3
Tags: Love,Loss,Fire,Ice,Peace,Harmony,Religions,God,Gods,Belief,Devotion,Tranquility,Forget,Hope,Despair.


Pure Faith Is...

By Old Sea  (booksie.com)

You can hardly measure someone's faith by just looking at him/her from outside.

Short Story | Updated Nov 9, 2012 | Reads: 12 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Faith,Captain,Belief,Alone,Pure,Journey

The Leper

By Ams1971  (booksie.com)

What do you do when hope becomes both your enemy - and your only lifeline?

Short Story | Updated Sep 27, 2012 | Reads: 6 | Comments: 1 | Likes: 1
Tags: Christian,Religious,God,Jesus,Christ,Bible,Stories,Historical,Fiction,Disease,Love,Hope,Hopelessness,Fear,Belief,Faith

Good God?

By Inhouse69  (booksie.com)

A short poem on God (or lack of!)

Poetry | Updated Sep 23, 2012 | Reads: 4 | Comments: 1 | Likes: 0
Tags: God,Religion,Faith,Belief

The Awakening.

By Msfantasyd  (booksie.com)

Eve awoke to a room full of sunlight. A fresh morning breeze lifted the muslin curtain then dropped it playfully as it rippled through the material. She had slept well and yet she felt as if she could lie there all day. The past few days had been emotionally draining and trying to replace the...

Essay | Updated Sep 14, 2012 | Reads: 26 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Eve,Awoke,To,A,Room,Full,Of,Sunlight.,A,Fresh,Morning,Breeze,Lifted,The,Muslin,Curtain,Then,Dropped,It

Analyzed Quick By A Talented Kid

By Deepfathoms  (booksie.com)

Dare I even call this poetry? It's from the soul and the spirit. My cold heart is finished. Life's not infinite, but I'm still in it to win it.

Miscellaneous | Updated Aug 10, 2012 | Reads: 10 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Life,The,Universe,And,Everything,Mind,Mindset,Conspiracies,Belief


Faith Is All These Things

By Shelbell  (booksie.com)

The last of my church project poems. :)

Poetry | Updated Jul 29, 2012 | Reads: 4 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Faith,Support,Belief,Trust


How I Started My Friday The 13th

By Transvega723  (booksie.com)

Many people take it as just another normal day, while others take it it as seriously as a religion. How do you take it?

Article | Updated Jul 18, 2012 | Reads: 5 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 1
Tags: Bad,Luck,Belief,Did,You,Know,Empower,Network,Friday,The,13th,Funny,History,Paraskevidekatriaphobia,Superstition,Unlucky

How Long Can You Trust Perfection?

By Anusharao  (booksie.com)

How long can perfection be trusted?

Poetry | Updated Jul 5, 2012 | Reads: 4 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Trust,Belief

Tell Me Why/Explain Yourself

By Torbear95  (booksie.com)

Just a poem to explain the feelings of a teenage girl (me) when she gets disappointed and feels abandoned by someone she trusted who is giving her mixed signals. Many people feel these feelings often, and can relate to this... I hope this helps others know they are NEVER alone... I've felt this...

Poetry | Updated May 29, 2012 | Reads: 3 | Comments: 1 | Likes: 1
Tags: Pain,Betrayal,One,Too,Many,Times,Hurt,Abandon,Abandonment,Left,Gone,Friend,Nest,Out,Of,Kicked,Quake,Body,Feelings


My Credo Poem

By Tihomir  (booksie.com)

This is a "credo" poem or a poem about beliefs.

Poetry | Updated May 29, 2012 | Reads: 749 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Belief,Life

The Convicted

By Darknessrecides  (booksie.com)

*This is an edited version of a little something I wrote in art class( I hate art class lmao* I'd like 2 say thanks 2 my fans and my mentor John Keats rest in peace old master

Poetry | Updated May 25, 2012 | Reads: 3 | Comments: 1 | Likes: 1
Tags: Love,Teen,Dark,Light,Confront,Belief,God

Unknown Path

By Gagan  (booksie.com)

Just a reflection of the mindset, which is trapped in ancient traditions and customs.

Poetry | Updated May 16, 2012 | Reads: 2 | Comments: 4 | Likes: 12
Tags: Poetry,Child,God,Belief,Green,Oceans...

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