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A Eulogy For LOL

By Bill Rayburn  (booksie.com)

Uncovering the deceit behind the famous 3 letter acronym that has lost its pop.

Essay | Updated Jun 18, 2012 | Reads: 7 | Comments: 1 | Likes: 1
Tags: Humor,Lol,Internet,Acronyms,Deceit


By Luvving  (booksie.com)

When gossiping gets the better of people who have little or nothing to do.

Poetry | Updated Jun 3, 2012 | Reads: 2 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Chamber,Gossips,Locusts,Idle,Lies,Deceit,Bitter,Disgrace


By Luvving  (booksie.com)

You've been warned when you are told that your own friends can mean you no good!

Poetry | Updated Jun 3, 2012 | Reads: 5 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Defamation,Deceit,Eat,And,Drink,With,You,Backstabbing,Gossip,Treacherous


Deadly Deceit By Karan Patade

By Karan  (booksie.com)

This is another attempt of mine at more visual and graphic writing.

Poetry | Updated Jun 1, 2012 | Reads: 8 | Comments: 2 | Likes: 1
Tags: Deceit,Deadly,Betray,Death,Kill,Murder,Love,Hatred,Revenge


Dystopia By Karan Patade

By Karan  (booksie.com)

I have always had these thoughts and feelings about where I was headed and I could never put it into words, I think 'Dystopia' sums it up.

Poetry | Updated Jun 1, 2012 | Reads: 4 | Comments: 2 | Likes: 2
Tags: Darkness,Death,Deceit,Hope,Gloom,Cold



By Kaajntug  (booksie.com)

When Saya's younger sister Kaya is killed, she quickly runs off to assassinate the killer. Little does she know that her sister's supposed killer is her husband to be. With a war already raging about in a country close by, will Saya risk her country's peaceful way of living for justice?

Novel | Updated May 27, 2012 | Reads: 6 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Esper,Veria,Saya,Yul,Romantic,Romance,Killer,Babe,Action,Adventure,Kingdom,Deceit,Assassins,Knights,Sirens,Love,Hate,War,Death


Inner Harbor

By Kaycee Chase  (booksie.com)

Kate has loved and been loved, but is still missing that "It" factor. She always wanted to be settled and start family, but when she gets everything she wants, she still feels slightly empty and searches for answers. Will she find that it was all right there all along or have to make some...

Novel | Updated May 27, 2012 | Reads: 18 | Comments: 3 | Likes: 5
Tags: Romance,Lesbian,Drama,Love,Lust,Family,Deceit,Marriage,Adultery


By Luvving  (booksie.com)

Looking for someone to talk to after everyone has written you off. So called friends have let you down so badly, will someone just be a listening ear?

Poetry | Updated May 16, 2012 | Reads: 13 | Comments: 3 | Likes: 1
Tags: Help,Depression,Alone,Friends,Deceit,Hypocrites,Parasites


By Luvving  (booksie.com)

When you give your heart, your love, your time, and find that you are being cheated on, do you finally say no more?

Poetry | Updated May 16, 2012 | Reads: 1 | Comments: 2 | Likes: 0
Tags: Cheat,Deceit,Straying,Lies,Hurt,Pain,End,Locking,Out

Walking, Talking Lies

By Luvving  (booksie.com)

When people go around gossipping and telling lies on you, watch what will happen as the same will come back to haunt them.

Poetry | Updated May 8, 2012 | Reads: 17 | Comments: 1 | Likes: 0
Tags: Lie,Deceit,Two,Faced,Gossip,Revenge,Friends


By Summervanda  (booksie.com)

It's a poetry intended for people of all ages, reminding them on how they should stick to their words...That somehow, their not being true to them has a heavy bearing to those they have spoken or read to.

Poetry | Updated Apr 25, 2012 | Reads: 2 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Truthfulness,Honesty,Deceit


You Asked Me

By Curiousgeorge  (booksie.com)

a song i wrote on 4/1/13/12 1:29 pm

Poetry | Updated Apr 17, 2012 | Reads: 1 | Comments: 1 | Likes: 1
Tags: Heartbreak,Love,Song,Music,Fear,Lies,Deceit,Hate,Anger,Desperate


A Broken Love

By Monster01trip  (booksie.com)

What would you do when you forget everything you threw aside when you were a teenager and it all came crashing back in one single day? Now 5 years later and back in her hometown of Summerville South Carolina, Emily Wilson is forced to deal with the heartache of knowing what she left behind....

Novel | Updated Mar 27, 2012 | Reads: 5 | Comments: 1 | Likes: 10
Tags: Love,Pain,Loss,Children,Hate,Deceit,Lies,Passion,Commitment


Brothers Keeper

By Casinoboss  (booksie.com)

Tommy vanished under the watchful eyes of the US Marshals,and the FBI. How did he do it? Where is he today? Or is he even alive today? The FBI was determined to find out. Maybe his only brother knows where he is. But, Daniel proves he wasn't so easy to find , either.

Short Story | Updated Mar 1, 2012 | Reads: 10 | Comments: 1 | Likes: 4
Tags: Sex,Lust,Deceit,Crime,Casino,Fbi,Witness,Protection,Program


I Did Not See...

By Smartart93  (booksie.com)

Ive been struggling to get over something I went through when I was fifteen, and today I decided to write a poem about it. Well I call it a poem but it might not be technically perfect. Either way, its helped, you'll understand if you read it.. :)

Poetry | Updated Mar 1, 2012 | Reads: 2 | Comments: 1 | Likes: 2
Tags: Manipulation,Deceit,Lies,Hate,Love,Change

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