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Sculpture Of Man

By Luked90  (booksie.com)

In September 2007, having found out that I didn't have enough grades to attend sixth form, I instead enrolled on a Media course at college. A fresh start, after five years at high school, a change of scenery and University within two years. Well, in the end, I did make it to University, but it...

Novel | Updated Mar 6, 2014 | Reads: 11 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Memoir,Comedy,Drama,Leeds,College,Teenage,Adulthood,Humour,British


By Theoppressed  (booksie.com)

Immortality has its ups and downs, I guess I can't complain. But I didn't ask for this, I didn't want to watch my family grow old and die. I wanted to have a family of my own, kids to scold and love, a wife. Why me? I didn't ask for this, but I didn't have a choice.

Book | Updated Mar 6, 2014 | Reads: 11 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Boston,English,War,Drama,Teen,Blood,Vampires,Immortality,Fiction,Fantasy,Fighting,Burn,Rising,Ortus,Latin,Brandonwhitfield95,Theoppressed,Book,Novel,Reading



By Sarahbellum  (booksie.com)

Follow Cassidy Ryder, as she takes you through her personal experiences and struggles as a young woman in high school. Currently a Sophomore at Tenville High, from what others can tell, she's got it all: the friends, the family, the life. But, naturally, how others view her, isn't the truth....

Novel | Updated Mar 4, 2014 | Reads: 40 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 1
Tags: Teen,Romance,Struggle,Life,Drinking,Drugs,Drama,Girls,Boys,High,School,Self,Discovery,Depression,Inspiration


The Bus Driver

By Chakudaku  (booksie.com)

A bus driver in a city. His fears. His anguish. His every living moment of existence. Have you ever considered it? What is he to do? What else can he do? He's as close to a robot as one can get. In fact, robots have already proven themselves better. What goes through the bus driver's mind when...

Short Story | Updated Mar 4, 2014 | Reads: 38 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Bread,Bagels,Rich,Drama,Nudity,Slander,Bus,Cars,Auto,Humor,Serious,Gay,Lesbian

Its Wicked Game

By Demonwriter  (booksie.com)

A girl suffers from insomnia because of a traumatizing experience in her past. Ten years later she meets a nice family who care about her. Or do they? Sometimes things are not as they appear to be and sometimes there's more to them than meets the eye. (Has an alternate ending.)

Short Story | Updated Mar 3, 2014 | Reads: 196 | Comments: 1 | Likes: 1
Tags: Suspense,Tragedy,Drama,Thriller,Death,Loss,Family


Just Another High School Drama

By Jc082  (booksie.com)

This novel is about all the drama that came with my high school year. It is based on my high school life, but I just made it more interesting. It is also my views on high school life and all the wrongs about it.

Novel | Updated Mar 3, 2014 | Reads: 41 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 2
Tags: Teen,Story,Fiction,Great,Read,Interesting,Funny,High,School,Drama

Time Is Running Out

By Samantha725  (booksie.com)

Gay guy and a lesbian paramedic, who are inseparable. Drama in love lives and at work. But one of their lives will be dramatically changed forever.

Short Story | Updated Mar 1, 2014 | Reads: 149 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Gay,Lesbian,Paramedics,Love,Drama

Saving Us

By Shakeekees  (booksie.com)

This story is basically going through the transition from depression and suicide to happiness and living a wonderful life. Two young men who have had the misfortune to go through horrifying struggles since they were born are brought together by another young man. As cliche as it sounds, this...

Novel | Updated Mar 1, 2014 | Reads: 17 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Saving,Us,Gay,Teenagers,Abuse,Suicidal,High,School,Drama


Please, Cherish Me

By Ikky2000  (booksie.com)

Honey Castillo is an average teenage girl. But that isn't the case because behind that confident attitude is a broken teenager no-one really knows...Until one day when her Mum decides to ship her off to a Camp for 'troubled teens', Honey thinks that even though Camp is not a good place to be,...

Novel | Updated Mar 1, 2014 | Reads: 263 | Comments: 25 | Likes: 61
Tags: Romance,Love,Young,Adult,Teen,Drama,Night,Suicide,Self,Harm,Broken,Teenager,Family,Problems,Careless,Darkness,Sleep,Romantic,Hot


The Ancient Task (The Scroll Series: Book 1)

By Lucy7102  (booksie.com)

It wouldn't hurt to stay away from reality, right? Meet Alyssa Fernandez. She's not your usual popular girl with the looks but she's famous due to one thing no one else has: to be able to see the past and the future. She's one of the four people who has abilities and ended up being friends with...

Novel | Updated Feb 28, 2014 | Reads: 56 | Comments: 3 | Likes: 14
Tags: Fantasy,Magic,Comedy,Friendship,Drama,School,Life,Adventure


Drandon And Gasmine:Secret Love

By S5a5l  (booksie.com)

Drandon and Gasmine both a crush on each other but are too embarrass to tell each other.

Short Story | Updated Feb 28, 2014 | Reads: 48 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Romance,Gay,Homosexual,Drama,School,Life,Thriller,Discovery


By Chiki101  (booksie.com)

Renée is a gossip blogger.She knows everything about everyone's love lives and problems but will she go to far?Will her gossiping bring her to an end.

Novel | Updated Feb 27, 2014 | Reads: 4 | Comments: 1 | Likes: 0
Tags: Gossip,School,Love,Hate,Drama



By Stephanie559  (booksie.com)

Christina is head over heels in love with a guy she's never had an actual conversation with. Her best friend Sarah gets all the guys-why can't she get the one she's wanted since kindergarten?? She's boystapated, a word she made up to describe the pain she and many other girls feel. Its when you...

Book | Updated Feb 27, 2014 | Reads: 64 | Comments: 6 | Likes: 9
Tags: Love,Boyfriend,Best,Friend,High,School,Drama,Romance


The Casket By L.K.Reppo

By Parapraxes  (booksie.com)

Detail on the book "The Casket"

Book | Updated Feb 23, 2014 | Reads: 7 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Adventure,Mystery,Drama,Gripping,Supernatural,Tragedy


Scarlet's Roses

By Mikaylafox  (booksie.com)

This is a story about a young lady named Scarlet Carson. Like a rose with many layers of petals and thorns, this story reveals Scarlet's layers of life.

Novel | Updated Feb 23, 2014 | Reads: 21 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Drama,Life,Romance,Love,Fantasy,Biography

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