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Hobbies For Dreamers.

By Teen Nobody  (booksie.com)

"Hobbies for dreamers." is about my different hobbies and why I have them, they keep me going. It is a pretty good idea if you want to ignore reality.

Article | Updated Feb 8, 2015 | Reads: 4 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Hobbies,Dreams,Future,Fame

Life Of An All-Time Loser: A Recollection Of Short Memoirs

By Sade Young  (booksie.com)

Journey into the life and mind of Sade Young, a girl with a wretched past and an unforgivable lifestyle. Born with a series of embarrassing physical and mental disorders, she humorously illustrates an account of her experiences with them. An internet addict, with unusual habits and hobbies, and...

Book | Updated Feb 12, 2014 | Reads: 44 | Comments: 1 | Likes: 0
Tags: Autobiography,Biography,Memoir,Memories,Young,Adult,School,Teen,Teenage,Anger,Crazy,Insane,Depression,Depressed,Mental,Abuse,Pain,Internet,Habits


When Did I First Begin To Love You?

By Caaron  (booksie.com)

A successful relationship is more than a first physical attraction. It requires a lot of work from both parties to assure that the union is enduring and successful.

Poetry | Updated Nov 5, 2013 | Reads: 4 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Love,Emotion,Feeling,Shallow,Surface,Face,Body,Clothes,Attraction,Inspire,Action,Acquaintance,Glitter,Novelty,Appeal,Enduring,Secret,Faith,Heart

An Appreciation Of Television

By Vinny Vedecci  (booksie.com)

This is an opinion article that expresses my appreciation for television and the way it impacts our lives.

Article | Updated May 24, 2013 | Reads: 6 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Television,Hobbies,Sitcoms,Opinion


Anonymous Advice: Saturday, March 23

By Livelifeadvice  (booksie.com)

Posting late Friday rather than Saturday as I will have a busy weekend! If you've submitted your questions via e-mail or comment, look here for your replies!

Article | Updated Mar 22, 2013 | Reads: 88 | Comments: 6 | Likes: 4
Tags: Gaming,Hairstyles,Beauty,Tips,Girls,Teens,Boys,Games,Video,Article,Anonymous,Questions,Advice,Friends,Friendship,Unique,Interests,Hobbies,Fun


Fun Addiction 101

By Mimy Sayed  (booksie.com)

This article is based an idea that i got whenever i saw someone resorting to drugs for trivial reasons. So, i offer simple solutions that help prevent the damages that drugs can cause. Basically, this article discusses how you can enjoy a more exciting life without an artificial incentives like...

Article | Updated Mar 19, 2013 | Reads: 1 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Drugs,Fun,Hobbies,Passion,Interests,Strong,Will,Addiction,Pain


By Sadardin Bukhari  (booksie.com)


Article | Updated Nov 20, 2012 | Reads: 11 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Hobbies


The Reader Stands Alone

By The Introvert  (booksie.com)

This is a poem about my intense passion for reading and how no one else seems to truly share it. As my fellow readers and writers, I have a feelings most of you will relate.

Poetry | Updated Oct 2, 2012 | Reads: 7 | Comments: 4 | Likes: 9
Tags: Poem,Reader,Reading,Read,Writer,Writing,Different,Outsider,Passion,Love,Addiction,Book,Books,Story,Stories,Hobby,Hobbies,Hardcover,Paperback,Excitement



By Bobthebuilder  (booksie.com)

One of my reel passions is fishing. I'm reel-ly hooked on it. Hope you have a reel good time reading this poem.

Poetry | Updated Nov 16, 2011 | Reads: 9 | Comments: 4 | Likes: 10
Tags: Humor,Fishing,Hobbies,Family


My Life, My Story, My Future

By Xxxsophzxxx  (booksie.com)

People know her name People don’t know her story Music:Solitude-xXxSophzxXx

Poetry | Updated Aug 14, 2011 | Reads: 1 | Comments: 6 | Likes: 12
Tags: Life,Culture,Religion,Spirituality,Society,Origin,Britain,20th,Century,21st,Saviour,God,Enemies,Nursing,Future,Dreams,Hobbies,Friends,Family

Finding Me

By Donita Everhart  (booksie.com)

In the chaos of motherhood, wife and friend women easily "lose" themselves over time. The mental struggles of overcoming the caregiver and becoming an adult again. Learning to fail to find yourself. A healthy balance.

Miscellaneous | Updated May 11, 2011 | Reads: 0 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Self,Help,Hobbies,After,40,Growing,Up

The Adult Model Collector

By Greg Nabors  (booksie.com)

When an adult enjoys a child's hobby, things can get embarassing

Article | Updated Jan 27, 2011 | Reads: 2 | Comments: 1 | Likes: 0
Tags: Models,Hobbies,Cars,Collect,Collection

Feeling The Need To Knit

By Donna Cavanagh  (booksie.com)

I took a stab at knitting years ago, but a beautiful, handmade baby's sweater made me yearn to try again.

Essay | Updated Jan 28, 2010 | Reads: 48 | Comments: 3 | Likes: 1
Tags: Humor,Family,Knitting,Sewing,Hobbies,School,Babies,Stabbing

What To Do When You Get Bored

By Brilll  (booksie.com)

Something I just thought up of... Written in a light-hearted tone, or, at least, I hope that's what it sounds like.

Article | Updated Nov 24, 2008 | Reads: 18 | Comments: 3 | Likes: 4
Tags: Bored,Internet,Hobbies

Cry Of The Obsessed

By Jenangelx3  (booksie.com)

Okay, this is some poem I had to write in English when we were reading Night, which is about the Holocaust. So, my theme was centered around my personality, obsessive. Okay, enjoy =3

Poetry | Updated May 1, 2008 | Reads: 1 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Hobbies,Obsessive

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