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Black Snow Falls

By Adighiero  (booksie.com)

Just letting some feelings out

Poetry | Updated Oct 20, 2010 | Reads: 15 | Comments: 2 | Likes: 5
Tags: Love,Romance,Death,Life,Poetry,Poem,Pain,Fantasy,Sex,Sad,Hate,Hurt,Hope,Fiction,Horror,Family,Friendship,Dark,Friends,Heart


Off Season

By Charlesleemccabe  (booksie.com)

Halloween monsters don't just cease to exist when Halloween is over. They go through the rest of the year, the same as the rest of us.

Short Story | Updated Oct 17, 2010 | Reads: 4 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Monsters,Halloween,Funny,Children's,Literature


The Fantasy Real World

By Jinisha  (booksie.com)

Lisha, Sabrina and Caramel are the best of friends, on an attempt to create vampires, they succeeded and then got killed and turned zombies, they create terror to the chocolate shopkeeper Aaleyah but were forced by circumstances to save the world from there masterpiece- their...

Novel | Updated Oct 15, 2010 | Reads: 3 | Comments: 2 | Likes: 14
Tags: Zombies,Vampires,Monsters,Scientist,Geneticist,Fantasy,Witches,Demons,Witch,Funny,Strange,Trouble,Evil,Good,Fight,War

Come Death

By Adighiero  (booksie.com)

I was insipired to write this poem after i saw a movie about a killer who is remorseful about his murders. This is a poem that i think would describe accurately how someone would feel if they were in his position.

Poetry | Updated Oct 15, 2010 | Reads: 10 | Comments: 3 | Likes: 3
Tags: Love,Romance,Death,Life,Poetry,Poem,Pain,Fantasy,Sex,Sad,Hate,Hurt,Hope,Fiction,Horror,Family,Friendship,Dark,Friends,Heart

A Poem Written By Those Who Love

By Adighiero  (booksie.com)

What love means to me.

Poetry | Updated Oct 15, 2010 | Reads: 12 | Comments: 3 | Likes: 1
Tags: Love,Romance,Death,Life,Poetry,Poem,Pain,Fantasy,Sex,Sad,Hate,Hurt,Hope,Fiction,Horror,Family,Friendship,Dark,Friends,Heart


Borken Cords

By John Marie  (booksie.com)

Grace Sanders isn't your normal type of girl. She isn't into pop or rap and absolutely HATES the new age in music. Her mom is a stuck up, selfish rich woman and her sister is exactly like her mother, causing Grace to be rebellious and outgoing. Missing the "Nirvana Days" and being influenced by...

Novel | Updated Oct 11, 2010 | Reads: 57 | Comments: 6 | Likes: 13
Tags: Love,Romance,Death,Poetry,Life,Poem,Pain,Fantasy,Sex,Sad,Hate,Hurt,Hope,Fiction,Horror,Family,Friendship,Dark,Friends,War


The League Of Shadows- Character Pictures

By Irish Rose  (booksie.com)

Here are the charater pictures for The League of Shadows. This list will be updated as new important characters are introduce. So check for any new pcitures.

Novel | Updated Oct 6, 2010 | Reads: 2 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 1
Tags: Adventure,Darkness,Hell,Horror,Figt,Violence,Demons,Angels,Love,Jealousy,Wovles,Vampires,Creature,Monsters,Mythical,Creatures,Heaven,War,Battle



By Kiosan  (booksie.com)

After years and years of sadness and pain, Meridian Love finally puts an end to the constant flow of abuse. Court. Failed suicide attempts. Hospital. Packing. On her way to her mother's house, something horrible happens and she flees. Upon arriving, a boy about her age stumbles upon her. He...

Novel | Updated Oct 5, 2010 | Reads: 2 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 2
Tags: Abuse,Suicide,Hate,Love,Sex,Pain,Bisexuality,Twins,Spirits,Ghosts,Monsters,Music,High,School,Emotions,Drama,Comedy,Annoyance,Angst


Drowning In Disaster

By Thomas Callahan  (booksie.com)

When a monster threatens to swallow the world's oil capitol, two teens are chosen to retrieve the gemstones to unleash the ultimate weapon. Inspired by magical girl animes.

Book | Updated Sep 27, 2010 | Reads: 0 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Fantasy,Comedy,Monsters,Evil,Romance

The Three Worlds Chapter 2

By Dark  (booksie.com)


Book | Updated Sep 6, 2010 | Reads: 0 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Action,Bleach,Monsters,Adventure

The Three Worlds Chapter 1

By Dark  (booksie.com)

There are special humans that are born within the human world 16 years later and now these creatures of the two other worlds besides the soul reapers want to elimanate the soul reapers and the human and make them to cease to exist forever

Book | Updated Sep 6, 2010 | Reads: 0 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Bleach,Three,Worlds,Action,Fighting,Monsters,Etc.

He Left Me Alone

By Jaylapsycho  (booksie.com)

I wrote this a few months after my father passed away. Rest in Peace daddy I will always miss you. He was always pushing for me to get my poetry published.

Poetry | Updated Sep 3, 2010 | Reads: 1 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Fight,Monsters,Strength,Darkness,Love

The Way Of The Jungle

By Psudiname  (booksie.com)

a bored teenager is swept away to a strange world, where death and danger lurk at every turn.

Novel | Updated Aug 31, 2010 | Reads: 1 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Spear,Action,Adventure,Violence,Training,Fantasy,Combat,Monsters

The Zodiac

By Sandywolf  (booksie.com)

The planet on which I live is both a great and terrible place. My people are cursed, and we used to think the monsters were the least of our worries. But when a ship crash lands near our home, the single survivor brings a whole new world of trouble.

Book | Updated Aug 16, 2010 | Reads: 0 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Science,Fiction,Zodiac,Crash,Land,Adventure,Monsters


Eturnal Dread (yu-gi-oh)

By Jfanwriter  (booksie.com)

Neon,James,Melondy, and Donavon are tires of facing the same pathetic duelist. Having to duel each other just for a challenge, has over stayed its welcome. James has the solution and the other quickly follow suit, The Duel monster's World championships-Unite Tournament.

Novel | Updated Aug 9, 2010 | Reads: 11 | Comments: 3 | Likes: 3
Tags: Yugioh,Fan,Book,James,Melody,Neon,Donavon,Duel,Monsters,Tournament,Unit

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