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By Akshay1  (booksie.com)

This poem depicts the story of a stubborn girl who finds a new word 'LOVE' and later when she becomes a teen she goes in search for love leaving everything. And something terrible happens to her. I managed to bring the whole story in the manner of a poem.And even better it comes in multiple...

Poetry | Updated Jan 8, 2015 | Reads: 27 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 2
Tags: Poem,Poetry,Love,Romance,Thief,Stubborn,Eerie,Girl,Mother,Deserted,Journey,Forest,Hut,Lady,Teen,Farther,Soothing,Voice,Rapped


By Donkylemore  (booksie.com)

lazy idle day with unseasonable mild weather I wonder what Winter holds in store.Like a perfidious lover she is unwieldy , Nut she keeps you guessing thief , sundered embrace ruefulness

Novel | Updated Dec 2, 2013 | Reads: 8 | Comments: 3 | Likes: 0
Tags: Expectation,Tenderness,Soothing,Love,Treachery,Perfidious.,Mystery.climate, Hope,Fear,Chaos,Theory Butterfly,On,Equator

Sea Of Grass

By Bry012  (booksie.com)

A brief writing describing a serene and placid setting.

Miscellaneous | Updated Mar 22, 2013 | Reads: 10 | Comments: 1 | Likes: 1
Tags: Peaceful,Descriptive,Soothing,Poetry,Brief,Works


By Luvving  (booksie.com)

Why do people pray?

Poetry | Updated Jul 30, 2012 | Reads: 2 | Comments: 1 | Likes: 5
Tags: Spiritual,Praying,Sins,Good,Soothing,Help,Searching


Escape Into My Mind

By Breathinginhisscent  (booksie.com)

Escape into your mind, where nothing but darkness and voices surround you-escape into hell...maybe perhaps your heaven.

Poetry | Updated Feb 29, 2012 | Reads: 1 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 1
Tags: Escape,Into,My,Your,Mind,Dark,Darkness,Void,Voice,Voices,Solitude,Falling,Fiction,Reality,Thoughts,Soothing,Stirs


Lost Lullabies

By Xxstepbystepxx  (booksie.com)

You know that one thing, the thing that keeps you calm??.... Well now, it's gone.

Poetry | Updated Feb 10, 2012 | Reads: 3 | Comments: 1 | Likes: 3
Tags: Lul,Lullaby,Lullabies,Lullaby's,Calm,Calming,Dissapear,Dissapeared,Answer,Answered,Moral,Away,Gone,Distant,Distance,Fear,Fears,Fearing,Vanish,Vanished

The Light My Friend

By Vibrant Shadow  (booksie.com)

I approached this one with a sense of facing a reocurring fear while being young and naive trapped in a hopeless cycle.

Short Story | Updated Jun 10, 2011 | Reads: 1 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: Night,Fear,Torture,Hell,Light,Soothing,Sleep,Nightmare


What Is With Carl?

By Hellokittyfucksthemainstream  (booksie.com)

A Story Of A Boy Who Is Put Into An Asylum. The Humour Is Rather Rough. If Anything Offends You, Don't Bother Commenting. Don't Stereotype In Your Comments. This Was Written By A Girl, Well Done Geniuses.

Short Story | Updated May 19, 2010 | Reads: 9 | Comments: 10 | Likes: 47
Tags: Pristine,White,Walls,Sparkling,Floors,Smooth,Doors. Nothing,Was,Out,Of,Place,In,The,Perfect,Little,Room.,All,Shelves,Were



By Prateeksha  (booksie.com)

you cannot be truly called a poet unless to write at least one on nature !

Poetry | Updated Apr 12, 2010 | Reads: 4 | Comments: 1 | Likes: 2
Tags: Nature,Lonely,Calm,Wondrous,Soothing,Serenity,Pity,Woes,Sun,Clouds,Pearls,Rain,Flower,Mother


By Whisperaswenowit  (booksie.com)

Just a short poem I thought of as I contemplated my username...

Poetry | Updated Oct 23, 2009 | Reads: 0 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 3
Tags: Whisper,Poem,Poetry,Soothing


-All That Is Beautiful-

By Chicabitty  (booksie.com)

The title is pretty much what this poem is about :)

Poetry | Updated Aug 21, 2009 | Reads: 3 | Comments: 2 | Likes: 5
Tags: Beautiful,Pretty,All,Everything,Peaceful,Peace,Love,Nature,Things,Gentle,Great,Big,Small,Soothing,Relaxing,Relax,Eyes,People,Sounds,Smells


'Black Roses'

By Xxbluetrumpeterxx  (booksie.com)

A poem describing two girls who really piss me off. It doesnt mention them directly, but it describes their personalities.

Poetry | Updated Apr 9, 2009 | Reads: 0 | Comments: 3 | Likes: 3
Tags: Black,Roses,Friendly,Beautiful,Thorny,Hearts,Hurt,Lovely,Dark,Bright,Sweet,Evil,Charming,Intrigue,Sin,Vile,Cruel,Fake,White,Soothing


Coloured By An Angel

By Gentlespirit  (booksie.com)

How a loving presence, a vision of love and caring - that of an angel - with their magic, words and touch can soothe you and fill you with pure bliss. They can make you cry - beware, for their love is so powerful.

Poetry | Updated Mar 13, 2009 | Reads: 2 | Comments: 10 | Likes: 19
Tags: Love,Bliss,Kissed,Tears,Celestial,Reverent,Gentle,Soothing,Wings,Calm,Whisper,Words,Rainbow,Spheres,Sincere,Pure


Beautiful Mind

By Gentlespirit  (booksie.com)

this poem is dedicated to all those wonderful people (and yes, YOU KNOW who you are) here on Booksie who are always only too happy to lend a shoulder, a listening ear or a few kind words and thoughts - and to share yourself with others, that they may feel better for it. THANK YOU. This is for...

Poetry | Updated Mar 12, 2009 | Reads: 123 | Comments: 10 | Likes: 20
Tags: Love,Comfort,Encouragement,Support,Kindness,Words,Thoughts,Listening,Empath,Soothing,Helping,Friendship,Humanity,Humility

Nature's Bliss

By Greendecember4  (booksie.com)

this is about embracing the beauty we are surrounded with each day.... enjoy...

Poetry | Updated Feb 3, 2009 | Reads: 4 | Comments: 1 | Likes: 1
Tags: Nature,Beauty,Pretty,Soothing,Gift

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