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Joy Unspeakable

By: larryfreedom

Page 1, There is no substitute for joy in the race of life;it is what makes living meaningful.Life is full of challenges;I will agree to that, but we must not allow these challenges steal away our joy.We have got to embrace joy so as to enjoy the benefits that comes with being joyful. Above all,joy enables us live in harmony. Worries do not worry our problems,they only murder our joy.

There is a joy in my heart, a joy of glory and triumph- triumph experienced through joy. I will never allow my joy fade, it is what life requires; joy is what makes life meaningful. My candle of joy will never go off,the light will shine on brighter: my face will radiate happiness, the way the sun radiates its light. I will pass on the joy to all just the way a good father does; he passes his valuable possession to his expectant descedants. God is my great joy; His mercy his my hope- it is hope that brings me joy. Hope of a wonderful today and a marvellous future. Joy from my heavenly father is truly glorious and unspeakable.

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