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Kill List

By: Michael Atkinson

Page 1, Review for the film Kill List.

Whatever your feelings about this film as a viewing experience, one thing is for certain. The film will linger.

Director Ben Wheatley’s second film after Down Terrace is a hit man film that blends the genres of family drama, thriller and horror quite masterfully.

The film follows two hit men who are hired to do some kills by a mysterious old man. We realise that there is more happening than meets the eye when a pagan cult symbol is scratched on a mirror. From that point onwards the whole film feels as if it is being cursed by black magic.

Half way through the movie Jay (The main protagonist.) finds out that some of the people he is to kill are snuff film makers and murdering perverts. He takes out a Jack-hammer and deals out some hard and brutal justice.

Kill List probably works best for those who have a seasoned taste for the horror genre.

The confident direction, brilliant performances and punchy realism make this well worth watching. Wheatley’s vision elevates the film out of the mainstream and into the realm of a devastating nightmare.

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