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The story of my best friend.

Book By: buggy boo

Two boys parents go missing when they go on vacation. The boys parents never come back and since their disappearance strange creatures keep coming after them.

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My Best Friend.

"Quick gram him!" I exclaimed. As we were chasing it through the woods, I couldn't help but to notice that it had a tattoo on its neck I couldn't make out what it was but I could see something there. All of a sudden it was quiet, a little too quiet he was gone. I stood in a circle of leaves and trees waiting for anything that could come after me. There was a rustle of leaves, there was a tingle on my back and I felt my back start to drip, that was when I know my back has been cut. I turn around there was my ex-partner standing there with black eyes, that was the moment when I knew he was possessed. "Listen I know you are possessed, but hear me out I want to help you." He just stood there and looked at me with his black eyes. "Fine have it your way. Just to let you know this won't be a pretty site."

We began to battle I had my angle weapons and he had his demon powers I began to say a chant to make the demon to leave his body, I was trying to save his soul but my efforts were futile in my attempt to free him from the demon. Before I got the last word out he began to choke me. Thought to myself I guess I had no choice. Before I passed out I took my blessed knife and stabbed him in the chest. The demon left his body; he began to go back to normal I stooped down to where his body lay on the ground. He says to me, "I am glad it was my best friend that freed me." A tear began to swell up in my eye knowing that my best friend wouldn't be back. I knew I had to give him a proper burial or at least make up a good story to tell his family to explain what happened. As I'm carrying his body back to my truck I started thinking how did all of this began, how my life was normal and I had a normal family, just wishing it could go back to normal like before all this began. Deep down inside I knew it was never going to be the same. While I was in deep thought I haven't even noticed that we made it to the truck. I put him in the seat next to me and buckled me up to make him look like he was sleeping, even though he was dead. It wasn't a long drive to my home. I wrecked the place to make it look like there was a struggle and placed the body in the spot where it needed to be and beat myself up to make it look like a fight. After I was finished I called the cops to come and tell them there has been a fight at his home and he was just calling because he was knocked out for a few hours. As the police arrived the chief of police he interviewed me for my statement he looked at me suspiciously and walked away. When my girlfriend got back from visiting her mother she looked at me so worryingly. She had so many questions, and I had so little time. She was just like me and she had to go do an exorcism on her mother. In our line of work it is difficult to have family when we make so many enemies. So we went to sit down on the couch and I began telling her the story of what happened and what happened to my best friend.

I didn't want to leave anything out of the story so I started from the beginning from when were kids. It was a long time ago I began to tell her when we were kids both of our parents when on a vacation together. They said they wouldn't be gone for more than one week. But they lied, me and my best friend decided to live together in a house since it had been a few months since we see our parents. It wasn't till after about a month when I noticed something off about him. He started to get moody and he would disappear for a few days at a time, when he returned he came back with bruises and cuts all over his body. One day I decided to ask him about it and he wouldn't answer me about what he was doing.

One night I followed him outside and followed him down the road into the woods. He was moving too fast for me to catch up. So I stopped and I had to catch my breath. After I stopped to catch my breath, I began following him again. I lost his trail but I heard something in the woods it sounded like there was a fight. I went over to investigate what was going on. I see him battling with some sort of creature; it had black eyes and horns. I have never seen anything like it. I decided to stay in the bushes and watch him fight. He had some sort of glowing blade and a bottle of water that he kept spraying on the beastly creature. Every time he sprayed the beast with the water the beast sizzled and screeched in pain. My friend couldn't get a good punch in or get his glowing knife in for a stab. The beast took out a beating on him though. Right as I seen the beast starting to choke him he started to drop all of his stuff. I jumped out of the bushes and grabbed the knife and stabbed the beast in the back. The beast screeched in pain and he disappeared. My friend Jeff finally got up from being passed out and when he got up only to give me a dirty look. He screamed at me. "What the hell are you doing out here. You could have been killed."

I stared him straight in the eyes, we were both giving each other dirty looks by now, and I had so many questions to ask him. I see he had a big gash across his chest so I took him home because he looked like he was going to pass out. I was walking and dragging him because he passed out. I was too small and too weak from chasing him, so I built a small fort for the night and made a fire to keep us warm. I patched him up and just fell asleep next to him. When I awoke in the morning, only to find him gone. I got up quickly and I began searching for him only to find him walking behind me with a killed bird and her eggs. He chuckled at me, "What do u look so worried about little man." I was speechless on what to say, I had so many questions to ask him.

Before I could utter a single word, he picked me up and took me back to our makeshift camp and began to gut the bird to cook it for breakfast. I just sat there and watched him. I was wondering to myself, what was that thing he was fighting in the woods, or what was I going to do. Finally I worked up the courage to ask him all the questions.

What was that thing? Is this what you were doing every week? Is this how you were getting hurt so often? Is this what you have been doing when you are gone for days at a time?

As he was cooking he said to me. "You were going to find out about this sooner or later so I might as well tell you. Our families are full of demon hunters. You were too young to tell at the time, our parents went on a hunting trip a year ago, but they never came back, I haven't heard anything from them since then. Ever since their disappearance demons have been trying to attack us so I have been out protecting us. When our parents left to go on their "vacation" is what they told you they left me a note to take care of you. What I didn't expect was the increase of attacks. So whatever our parents were up to, or if they were captured or what I don't know. Whatever it was they sent things after us."

I sat there speechless; I didn't know what to say. By the time I got done staring at him he finished cooking, he was waiting for me to take the plate, by plate I mean a flat rock with a twig for a fork. We ate in silence, and started to walk back home. As we arrived home our house looked like it was burnt but there weren't any signs of a fire. Jeff gasped and ran to the house, like he was in shock. Me on the other hand I didn't see anything wrong. So I ran to catch up with him.

As I caught up with him at the door he scrambled to get the keys from his pocket. He finally gave up and kicked the door open. He was searching for something but I couldn't tell what he was searching for. He ran up to his room only to find it a complete mess, this was strange because he was a neat freak. He told me to go and pack my bags in an angry voice I tried ask what was going on he just said to go pack my bags with everything I needed. I went to my room and began packing everything I needed for a long trip. By the time I finished packing he was standing at my door waiting for me. He had something shiny in his hands but I couldn't tell what it was, he grabbed me by the arms and we ran out of the house, we didn't even stop we just kept running down the street then I heard a loud noise like something exploding. I glanced back and our house was on fire. There was a dark shadow in the window with the background it just stood there while the house was on fire. I could feel his eyes watching us as we ran down the street. Finally when we reached a safe point, we stopped running and he started to explain what was going on here.

He was telling me the story, and what was in his hand. "While we are out all night something broke the protective shield I had over the house they were looking for a talisman that I had, I'm lucky they didn't find it. The talisman has a power that I'm not sure of what it does but our parents told me to keep it safe no matter what."

I looked puzzled at him, He grabbed my arm and we began to run again. Neither of us have showered for a while or changed out close so we looked like a couple of hobos running down the street with fancy luggage. It seemed like we were running for hours, when finally we got to the bus station and got on a bus, I still had no clue to where I was going. We sat on the bench and waited for the bus to arrive. I was so exhausted from all the things that was going on I drifted off to sleep. When I woke up we were on the bus on our way somewhere I just didn't know where we were going. By the time I woke up were passing a sign that said we are going out of state. I sighed and looked at Jeff and told I deserved some answers to what was going on here.

He sighed and told me. "Okay I already told you what was going on and going to leave it like that." I looked at him frustrated. I sighed knowingly I wouldn't get an answer out of him. I asked can we at least get some food to eat, and I mean some real food not a small bird and her eggs. He rolled his eyes at me and said there is a dinner up ahead we can stop there for a little bit and grabs something to eat because we have a long way to go and we don't have a lot of time. I thought to myself, FOOD! ACTUAL FOOD! For the rest of the trip to the food place I sat still and waited for us to get there because I was so hungry. When we finally arrived we looked like a mess but I didn't care because we were going to eat real food. As we were being seated the waitress asked us what we would like to order, I asked Jeff and he said whatever I wanted to eat. I smiled with joy and ordered one of everything.

Jeff just smiled and excused himself from the tables and told me he needed to make a phone call. At that point I didn't care because the food arrived. I began eating all the food as it came but soon half way through the mean Jeff came back to the table and told me to hurry up because we had to go meet one of his friends. I started to complain but he wasn't listing to me. He Left a $100 dollar bill on the table and we walked out of the place. I was astonished on how he had so much money; I asked where he got all of that money, all he said was to not to worry. When we got outside there was a cab waiting for us to get in. Jeff just looked at me and said "We are almost there." At this point I didn't care where we were I just wanted to get some sleep after eating all that food, so I took a nap in the cab. By the time I awoken we were in the middle of the woods and I had no idea where we were.

I grabbed my stuff and got out of the cab and so did Jeff. We walked to the cabin that was there and we went in I seen there was a while power circle or something on the outside of the house, but I had no time to ask because he dragged me into the house before I could say a word. I noticed on the wall that there was some kind of writing on the wall some kind of creatures but I couldn't make out what they were. They looked almost human but not quite as humans. I was so astonished by how they looked I didn't notice that Jeff was gone. I dropped all my stuff and began to run around the cabin looking for him and screaming his name. I felt something grab me from behind and cover up my mouth so I couldn't say a word, whatever it was it dragged me underground. They laid me on the table and strapped me in and it was dark all around me there was only a light on me. I was sacred they began to bring a machine to me and I had no clue what they were doing or going to do to me. When the machine finally got into the light I could see that it was a tattoo machine. They were all wearing masks so I didn't know who they are.

I passed out from the pain of the machine when I woke up Jeff was sitting next to me laughing at me because I passed out from the pain of the machine. I asked him why he was laughing at me. All he said to me was that I was a baby for passing out from the pain. I gave him an evil glare. I looked at where he gave me the tattoo it was some sort of circle with a drawing in the middle I asked him what it was for. "Well it is a symbol to keep the evil spirits out of your body. I began to rub my arm as it was still in pain from the tattoo. I asked him if he had one to and he did in the same spot as where I got mine. His friend came walking out from the shadows and he began to admire his tattoo work.

After they were done admiring their work on my arm they walked up stairs to get something to eat, they called to me and asked me if I wanted something to eat, I yelled back up, be up in a few. I began to think to myself if this is what my life is meant to be like; I was going through the stuff in the basement. There were many different types of weapons that I never seen before. There was an ax that had like a black gooey substance on it that was dripping on the floor. I touched the good and my fingers began to sizzle and crackle like it was acid eating though my fingers I began to scream in pain. Jeff and his friend came running down the stairs to see what was wrong with me. They took a good look at my hand and they both sighed. Danielle went and got something in a bottle and squeezed it onto my fingers, instantly they felt better and the skin that was sizzled back began to grow back in its place.

Jeff started to complain about how he always had to watch me and how I'm always getting into trouble. We all walked back upstairs and I could smell something cooking, I remember thinking that it smelled like my grandmas homemade baked ham, my grandmas ham had potatoes and carrots baked with the ham on the sides with sour krought. I looked around thinking she is the one who made it for us to eat but there was no one in site, besides us. I looked at Jeff and asked him if he made it, he nodded. Jeff said to me after all they been through so far that he deserved a little home cooking. We all sat at the table and we began to eat and eat until it was all gone they showed me to my room that we would be staying at for a while.

So I walked up to the room and lay in bed but there was too much on my mind to even think about sleep. Jeff tucked me in to bed, I always thought of him being my big brother and he always treated me like his little brother. He left a crack in the door and went down stairs to talk to down stairs to talk to Danielle about their next move. I snuck down the stairs only half way just enough to where they couldn't see me sneaking down stairs to listen to their conversation. I was never good at sneaking around and Jeff caught me before they could even say a word. Jeff went in the kitchen to get some warm milk and some cookies and he brought it up to me. I smiled and went back up to my room and began to eat the cookies after I took a drank of the milk it dropped the glass and fell to the floor. I could see a shadow above me I could feel them picking me up but I couldn't move and he placed me in bed and shut my eyes, I couldn't move so I just got bored and fell asleep. By the time I woke up it was morning and I could move again so I got up and walked down the stairs just to see Jeff snoring on the couch and Danielle asleep in the chair I just stood there and watched them sleep.

I smelt something horrible then I sniffed myself I began to wander when the last time I took a shower. While they were sleeping I went back upstairs and took a shower by the time I was finished the were nowhere to be found down stairs at this point I didn't care where they were so I just went in the kitchen to look for something to eat. Since we been living on our own since out parents disappeared I have become a pretty good cook myself.

We went on living on our own for a few years and they've been teaching me how to hunt the things that came after us and the things that terrorized other people. Until that day that when I was old enough to go out hunting with Jeff and his friend. That day his friend didn't feel like hunting so Jeff and I went out hunting. That was the day Jeff died that day when we went hunting. After I stabbed him in the stomach before the demon left his body the demon whispered in my ear saying that we would never see our parents again.

That's where the story ends and how this all happened. My girlfriend was in tears, she finally understood how I always felt about what happened to my parents she also understood why I didn't want to talk about my parents any more. That is the story of my best friend.


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