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I've Been To Hell (Incomplete)


If you had the chance to be with the one you were destined to be with? Would you take it at any cost? Even if the cost was your losing four years of your life? For Alex Bransteen, That was the price. Four years of his life gone with no recollection of what happened during this time. Supposedly in a coma he begins to have visions of what truly happened during this time and how horrific the events were.

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I've Been To Hell

By: Aadrian McMullen

Chapter 1

The Golden Boy That Wasn't Good Enough For Her

Kirsten sat on the fire escape. She laid her head against the cool cold railing. It was cold from the droplets of rain from the previous night. Her eyes slowly fell shut until she heard the yelling from indoors. As she heard this her eyes bolted open. Her boyfriend was once again awake and screaming. If it wasn't her boyfriends screaming it was her family when she was visiting with them. She wanted to stay out on that fire escape just for a little while longer. He was looking for her though. She sighed and stood up ducking in through the window. "I'm in here." she said pulling her sweatshirt over her head. Her boyfriend walked in and started to scream at her again. It wasn't like she was scared to scream back at him. Just after months of doing it she was just getting tired of it. The strain on her voice from screaming back was starting to be too much. "Where the hell were you!?" he screamed at her. "What the fuck does it matter to you? You were passed out on the couch!" she screamed back at him. She grabbed her things and pulled them into her purse. She brushed her hand through her hair and put a barrette in it. "Where the hell are you going?" He said to her. "None of your business I am going out." She said as she walked out to of the bedroom and to the door of their apartment. "You better not be going over to his house!" Her boyfriend bellowed behind her. She closed her eyes and stopped mid opening of the door. She sighed and walked out the door closing it behind her. She was going over to his house. It was the one of the only places she could escape from the tiresome life that had been built for her. She took out her purse and grabbed the the singles and change from it. She pulled out her music player and put in her ear buds. Pressing the play button she sat onto the bus stop and listening to her music while waiting for the bus. It started to drizzle lightly as the cloudy sky turned suddenly darker. She shuffled through her music waiting for about five minutes till the bus came. It was mostly unusual for the bus to arrive this soon but, she didn't think anything of it. She stepped onto the bus and pulled out one ear bud from her ear. Sitting down on the crowded bus she looked down at the floor. She was still listening to her music but, kept one ear bud out to listen for her stop to be called on the loud speaker. As she heard her stop called out she got up and started to walk to the door. Stepping off the bus she felt the rain pour over her. She didn't care it was just water. She kept walking down the street. She had suddenly starting feeling eyes looking at her. She looked around but saw nobody. Her clothes were drenched so she put her music player in her purse which was the only thing that wasn't drenched. As she walked up his door step she knocked hard on his door. He walked to the door and opened it up. She stood there in the doorway her short black hair dripping from the rain. He stood in the door way. To most the tears streaming down her caramel complexioned cheeks wouldn't be seen through the rain but,to him they were clearly distinguishable from the rain. She would only cry in front of him and nobody else. She lifted her head up meeting her brown eyes with his. He grabbed the blanket from the shelf beside the door. He pulled her inside and wrapped her up in it. She curled up in his arms as she warmed herself inside the blanket. The walked over to the couch and she started to talk with him. "I can't take it anymore every time its just yelling and yelling." Kirsten said. "You are the one who wants to stay with him."Alex said. Kirsten had a surprised look on her face. Alex had always been there for her. He was her protector from all the things that threatened her happiness. He loved being her protector and was usually great about calming her down. Usually he tried to make her feel better but this time he felt different. "Whats wrong? Your different than usual." Kirsten said. "I don't know Kirsten its like you say you can't take it anymore and yet you stay with him." He respond. She looked up at him as he started to pace around the room. "Come sit."She said. "I think better when I'm on my feet. Look you stay with him even after how he treats you. Even when you have someone right here who takes care of you and loves you immensely. You come over here every time he does horrible things to you and vent to me. I listen and I just can't understand why you are with him still." He said. "I don't know what to you say. You are my best friend I know you love me but its different with you I don't want to ruin what you and I have." She said to him. She grabbed him by the hand as he started to walk by her. She pulled him down on the couch behind her and laid back into him. Then she took his arms and wrapped them around her in the blanket. He leaned down and kissed the top of her head as she laid her head on his neck and shoulder. She snuggled up with him and they fell silent just enjoying each others company. She felt safe in his arms and she held onto them for all time. She kissed his cheek softly drifted off to sleep. He tried his hardest to keep his drooping eyes open. The exchange of their body heat was making it hard to do so. He loved having her in his arms and semi regretted saying what he did thinking he made her feel uncomfortable. She moved her head as it nestled between the side of his neck and chin. He took his hand brushed her hair lightly out of her eyes trying not to wake her. As he sighed he slowly started to drift off to sleep.

Twelve hours later..

Alex woke up shifting a little not remembering what was going on until he saw Kirsten curled up into him. She was still sleeping but stirred a little bit from his movements. He leaned down and kissed her nose as she wrinkled it. She opened her eyes slowly. She leaned up and playfully bit his chin. She looked over at the clock and saw what time it was. It was twelve-forty-five. Kirsten looked back up at him as his eyes stared back at her. "I should go I have to get back." She said. His eyes seemed to sadden. She saw it and bit her bottom lip not meaning to upset him. "Look I don't want you walking home or to the bus this late at night." Alex said. "What are you saying?"She said raising her eyebrow quizzically. He backed down a little bit even though she wanted him to continue with that line of thought. "Well why..Why don't you just stay the night here?"He said hesitantly. She laid her head back against his shoulder and stretched yawning a bit. She didn't want to go back home anymore then he wanted her to. "Well I didn't really bring a spare change of clothes and these are kind of soggy." She said even though her clothes had pretty much dried. "You can borrow a set of my clothes." He said figuring his clothes would fit her since she was shorter then he was. Alex looked at her hoping she would say yes. Kirsten got up and walked over to Alex's bedroom. Alex stared at her hips sway as she walked over to without her knowing. She went inside the drawers to his dresser and searched for some clothes. She stripped off her pants and shirt then her bra and panties. Alex wanted to be with her but couldn't get her to see him as boyfriend material. He sat there peeking over the side of the couch seeing her naked body in the mirror. She pulled a pair of his shorts over her body and shirt that seemed all too baggy on her so no bra was needed. Which worked out in her favor because both her panties and bra were still damp from the rain. She started to walk back and Alex laid back down onto the couch as he was before. She came back in and saw him shuffle a little and smirked a slightly. She was used to him sneaking peeks at her and didn't think anything of it. "I never thought I would say this but you look even more beautiful now then you did when you went into the other room." He said. She smiled and said "Aw your sweet." She looked at him and rang her hair out with a towel she also grabbed from his dresser as well. She tossed it to Alex as he caught it in his hands. He chucked the towel into the corner of the room. He held his arms out in a goofy manner for her to come snuggle with him. "Its getting late babe maybe we should head to bed." She said. Alex put his arms down and nodded. "Will you be here when I wake up?" Alex asked Kirsten. "I will try to be but if I have to leave out in the middle of the night then Ill just call a cab." She responded. "Then in that case I don't want to go to bed." He said in low voice. She chuckled lightly laughing and smiling a little bit. She walked over to him and hovered her face right above his. She leaned down to kiss his cheek but as she did he turned his head so her lips met firmly against his. Though she was shocked this being the first time she and him had kissed neither of them made any effort to stop it or pull away. Her lips tasted so good and were so soft. He had wanted to kiss her for the longest time. There lips moved against each others as they mouthed into each others embrace as his hand reached over to her cheek holding her lips to his. He never wanted this moment to end but it had to. She realized what she was doing and pulled away from his lips. She didn't act awkward though she didn't feel awkward about it at all. "I promise I will stay all night and be here when you wake up." She said walking away back to his bedroom as he once again watched her butt and hips sway as she walked. He wasn't a pervert or anything he was just completely in love with her. He had accepted being just the friend but it honestly was starting to get to him. He loved everything about her missed her when she was gone and wanted so badly to kiss her again but didn't want to push his luck. He curled up on the couch and rolled over to try and go to sleep but it was eating at him. He laid there trying to sleep. As she curled up in his sheets her lips still tingling. She put her two fingers to her lips feeling them. She didn't like the idea of kissing another man that wasn't her boyfriend but it felt so good and natural to kiss Alex. She looked back in the mirror in the room showing the reflection of Alex shifting on the couch trying to get comfortable. She saw him struggling to but he was shuffling every few minutes. "Babe come sleep in here." She said. As he heard these words he got up and walked to the bedroom automatically. He got under the blanket and wrapped his arms around her tight. She closed her eyes as he stopped shuffling completely and just laid his warm body against hers. She laid her body further into his. He looked at her and kissed her cheek leaning back over and kissed her shoulder. She was used to these small signs of affection he gave to her. Alex didn't try anything further but rather just enjoyed being in the same bed with her falling asleep with her in his arms. Her lips were still tingling from the kiss they had shared. He leaned over and turned her to him kissing her again as she kissed him hard back running his hands over her body. He gripped every inch of it touching every part of her. She tore her nails down his back releasing the kiss and biting hard onto his neck. He groaned as he felt her bite him moving his hands up her hips sliding them over her stomach and up her shirt. She gasped feeling his hands roll over her body as she unbuckled his pants moving her hands down them gripping him within her palm. She ran her hand over his length as he gripped his hands around her breasts moving his lips to her neck kissing it then sucking lightly on her cleavage. Within seconds she pulled down the bottoms she was wearing and pulled him on top of her. As he slid inside her she gasped finally feeling him deep within her gasping as he invaded every part of her. She moaned loudly feeling him fill her. He started pumping in and out of her moving their bodies hard against each other as she laid her head back moaning with her mouth hanging open. She laid there holding onto his waist forcing him harder into her as he ran his tongue from her cleavage to her neck kissing it. She grunted and moaned more and more as sweat started to run over their bodies and the bed began to shake. She took a hand from his waist and gripped it around the back of his head running her hands through his hair. Laying her head against his shoulder pressing her breasts against his chest as the grinded against the sheets. Her eyes widened as he heard her scream in pleasure. As she climaxed and screamed more she bit into his shoulder. He felt her tighten around him thrusting fully once more as he felt himself burst inside her. They both were breathing heavily out of breath completely. She leaned up and kissed him holding fists of the pillow and sheets trying to contain herself. She was blown away by what had just happened every part of her body was shaking in pure delicious pleasure. They both panted her hair matted with sweat as well as his. There lips pressed together again she nibbled on his bottom lip as the kissed passionately. He moved out of her and off of her falling against the bed with arms stretched out fully. He had wanted her in every way and this was only one. She grabbed his arm fastening it around her like a seat belt laying his arm under her breasts as he felt their warmth on his arm. She grinned from ear to ear fully satisfied and secretly loving what had just happened. As they fell asleep they both were happy and content.

Next morning...

The sun poured into the window as Kirsten slowly opened her eyes. She looked behind her and Alex's eyes were still closed. She was half tempted to get up and leave before he woke up but she remembered her promise. She rolled over in his arms and laid her head against his chest trying to fall back asleep. She was dreading having to go back home. By now her boyfriend surely knew where she was. She bit his neck lightly to try and wake him up. It didn't wake him up. She scooted up so that her face was right in front of his. She wanted to see if her lips close to his would wake him up. As she did this she looked at him seeing and finally recognizing all that he did for her. She saw the good in him and felt his heart beating against her chest. She knew he loved her but it could never be in her eyes. She didn't want to lose what she had with him and if they were dating she felt it would be the same as the relationship she was in now. Some how all of the men she dated were fine until they started dating then they turned into monsters. But how could she think that of him? He was the sweetest man she had ever met. He had been sweet and caring even when she shot him down when he asked her out. She let her feelings overtake her body. Instead of waiting for him to kiss her she leaned in and kissed his lips with passion and love. He woke up to his lips against hers not opening his eyes but kissing her lips back. She put her hand on his chin pulling his lips more aggressively against hers. As his hands trailed down her back she felt his hands pull her closer to his body. When they finally let their lips pull apart they both looked down while breathing heavily. Their foreheads and the bridges of their noses pressed lightly against each other. "I do love you but I can't be with you Alex. Every relationship I am in breaks what we had before. I couldn't lose you ever it would shatter me." She said panting lightly from being out of breath. It was a damn intense kiss. Alex's eyes instantly looked saddened. She put her hands on his chin and pulled his lips to hers again kissing him with the same intensity. She held her eyes closed and released the kiss pleading with him "Please don't be angry with me or hate me." Kirsten said breathing heavily again. With his hands he put one lightly on each cheek and leaned up kissing her forehead. "I have never once hated you for the choices you make." He said. Alex simply laid there as Kirsten got up once again feeling her lips as they tingled. She felt the sparks as their lips touched. She went and grabbed her clothes out of the dryer and closed it up tight. Kirsten walked back into the room. Alex wasn't leaving and she giggled deciding not the care if he saw her naked. She stripped her substitute clothes off and put on her other clothes as Alex stared intently at her naked body. As she pulled on her panties and fastened her bra Alex averted his eyes to her small cleavage and incredibly sexy tummy and legs. He looked down at the bed and ran his hand slicking it back through his hair. Kirsten shook her head at him in a teasing manner. "There's something wrong with you." She said giggling. He laughed and retorted quickly without missing a beat "Yes clearly I have a problem and I need help." She laughed and slipped her shirt back on and her pants as well. She laid down on the bed as he hunched over her. "Your going to leave again aren't you?" Alex said. She nodded slowly not wanting to go but she needed to get home. He instantly rolled over away from her off the bed shooting up into a standing position. He walked over to her and extended his hand out to help her up. He did it with a smile on his face as to not show the fact that he didn't want her to leave. He had hung onto her long enough and knew she had to go. She had to go back that excuse for a boyfriend she refused to let go of. Since he knew he would see her again he wasn't going to stop her. She got up and pecked him on the cheek as she took his hand guiding him from the bedroom to the front door. He obediently followed her to the door where she opened it and pecked him on the cheek. Before she could let go and leave he grabbed her hands and cupped them inside his. "Come back and see me soon. Don't let him bully you into not coming back." Alex said. She nodded and leaned up and kissed his lips quickly as she darted down the street trying not to miss her bus back home.

Chapter 2

Series of "Mistakes"

Kirsten walked into the door of which her boyfriend was sitting there waiting for her. She casually walked into the house and put her keys on the table and her purse on the rack going into the bedroom. She didn't pay attention to the glare her boyfriend was giving her. She didn't care. It was the same as any other glare he gave her after she went over Alex's house. He just continued to do so as she walked out of the bedroom in a brand new clean outfit. She let her hair loose from the barrette she had placed it in. It was all up to her now whether or not Alex was good enough for her, whether or not she should risk their friendship and be with him or if she should stay with her current boyfriend. She hummed a tune she had stuck in her head looking as vibrant and happy as ever. Yet still he gave her a sour look. "Oh go to sleep already! Yes I went to Alex's house! Yes I spent the night over there because he didn't want me walking home that late at night! GET OVER IT!" She screamed at him. She was through just holding her tongue and was steadily getting more and more enraged by his actions for her being around Alex. He wasn't phased by her screaming at all it had come to a stale mate. "Nothing happened you don't need to worry just relax already." She said as she walked over to him standing on her toes to kiss him. She kissed his lips and he kissed her back. The sour look on his face dissipated a little bit after she kissed him. She trotted off back to the bedroom and grabbed her notebook and pen sitting on the fire escape again. She started to write in it.

"So spending the night over his house was legit. I loved it. I didn't mean to sleep so late at night but it worked out for the best. I honestly didn't want to leave. It felt so good being curled up in his arms as we slept. Don't get me wrong I still love my boyfriend but, part of me can't help wondering what it would be like to be with him. To just be able to stay with him in his house and in his arms forever. When I kissed him my lips felt like they were on fire. The sheer passion from it was spark worthy from the start. But the love and lust I felt from him was truly something that is lacking in my current situation. Not only that but much more is lacking from this relationship. I don't even view it as one anymore its more of just two people inhabiting the same house while tolerating each other."

She continued writing but her boyfriend was standing at the window reading over her shoulder as she wrote. She didn't see or hear him nor know of his presence at the window but he was reading every word she wrote. Infuriated he stormed off silently though. He grabbed his keys and pulled his coat on yelling behind him "Babe I am going out for a bit." "Okay." She responded still writing in her notebook.

He walked out the door and locked it behind him. He stormed off to his car and started it a mad man on a mission he was going to Alex's house to confront him. He parked his car and fast walked to his doorstep his anger growing by the minute. As he knocked on the door Alex got up and walked to it. He looked through the peep hole and saw Kirsten's boyfriend. Alex sighed rolling his eyes as he opened the door. As soon as he did however he slammed his fist across Alex's jaw knocking him back a little. "You kiss my girlfriend and then just send her home to lie to me! Did you fuck that bitch too!?" Her boyfriend said. Alex got up and ran straight into him spearing him in the chest and stomach as the both fell down the steps leading to his door. Alex landed on top of him launching off his fist across her boyfriends face over and over. He was seeing red, he hated it when anyone called females a bitch. Her boyfriend kicked Alex off of him. Alex was launched away from him slamming into the street struggling to get up. Her boyfriend ran over to him punching him in the stomach then under the jaw. Alex fell back as passerby's tried to break up the fight. Alex's heart skipped a beat hearing a horn and looking to the side as a car came flying into him slamming into his side. The impact launched him onto the hood of the car. His body smashed against the windshield cracking it as the car hadn't been able to fully stop, Alex's body rolled off the windshield up the roof of the car and his rolled against it leaving dents in it. As the car tried to stop completely Alex flew off the top as the back and side of his head slammed against the trunk of the car. Glass shards in his back and blood pouring from almost every inch of his bruised body he fell to the ground flat on his face. Alex wasn't moving. The car driver got out and ran over to Alex trying to help him. Kirsten's boyfriend ran to his side rolling him over as Alex's blood covered his hands. He didn't roll Alex over all the way as to not push the glass shards in any more then they already were. Alex's eyes were shut and his face was horridly bruised. Kirsten's boyfriend stared in horror never meaning to do this to him. With his hands and clothes now covered in Alex's blood he got up ran to his car starting it he drove away as fast as he could....

When he got back home he banged on the still locked door. He was shaking and nervously looking around to see if he was followed. Kirsten took the other ear bud out standing up on the fire escape and ducked down back through the window. She walked to the door shutting off her music player as she unlocked it and slowly pulled it open. He ran in still shaking as Kirsten saw his hands and clothes covered in blood. Her jaw dropped. "I did something bad." Her boyfriend said to her. "What the hell is going on!!?..Who's blood is that!?" She screamed at him. "It's Alex's." He said still in shock from what he had witnessed. Her heart sank as he said this and she just snapped. "WHAT!!!? WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM!!?? WHERE IS HE!!?" She shrieked at him slamming her fists into his chest in a furious rage. "I read...I read what you wrote about kissing him. It made me angry so I went over to confront him. We fought. Kirsten I knocked him into the street and a car slammed straight into him. He was so bruised and broken. Oh god there was so much blood." He said stuttering from the shock. "WHERE IS HE!!!!?" She screamed as she grabbed his keys from his hands. She didn't care if he didn't want her taking his car she was going to. "Out front of his house in the streets." He said. She punched him across the face and said to him. "You bastard!! I don't ever want to see you again we are through!" She ran out of the house and drove as fast as she could to Alex's house.

The police had already taped off the area. Inside the tape were splatters of Alex's blood plastered all over the asphalt. She got out seeing the blood on the car that hit Alex. The dents the broken windshield. She saw the ambulance and ran over to them. A Police officer stopped her in her tracks. "Ma'am you can't go through here!" He said. "Get the hell out of my way! My boyfriend was the one who got hit!"She screamed as she tried to push past him. The lead police officer gave the one who stopped her the signal to let her through. He moved out of her way and banged on the ambulance back doors. The Paramedics opened the doors. That's when she saw Alex and froze. He was laying on a stretcher bandages on most of his body along with bruises and blood seeping through the bandages. Tubes were sticking down his throat and up his nose. Gauze was wrapped around the side of head and top of it. His clothes were torn off and he had wires and IV's all over his body. He wasn't breathing on his own the tubes down his throat were helping him breathe. His eyes were shut and showed no sign of opening. "Mam MAM!!" She heard slowly and low at first but then the Paramedics shouts started getting louder. "Mam we have to go now! Are you family, and if so are you riding with us!?" They said to her screaming over the sirens. "I..I am his girlfriend. Yes I am riding with him." She said in shock from the condition Alex was in. The Paramedic gave her his hand and helped her up into the ambulance as they quickly closed its doors behind her. Then he banged lightly on the roof and they drove off to the hospital. Kirsten had tears pouring out of her eyes she was crying uncontrollably and didn't even realize how much she was. Her body was still frozen. She stumbled over to Alex and took his hand in hers gripping it tight. "Hi baby...You are gonna be okay.. You're going to be okay! God I am so sorry baby! Alex please wake up!! Please! I'm so sorry that I said couldn't be with you! I'm just so sorry! Alex please wake up!"She said sobbing heavily as she gripped his hand even tighter. The Paramedics bowed their heads not knowing how to help her. Alex started to flat line. The heart monitor beeped loudly and continuously as Alex began to die. They moved Kirsten aside as they rushed over trying to revive him. Kirsten only heard the beeping of the heart monitor flat lining and the sirens of the ambulance all the way to the hospital...

The Paramedics managed to revive him each time. When they finally got to the hospital he was rushed to the ER. She sat in the waiting area her head held in her hands. She just sat there for several hours waiting for any news on Alex's condition. Then finally the doctor came out of the ER and told her "We managed to stop the internal bleeding. His jaw was broken was well as lacerations to his head arms legs and torso. Glass was embedded into his back but we managed to remove it all. He has twelve broken ribs, his legs and arms are shattered and his Vertebral Column was jerked and twisted in many ways it should never be but luckily his spinal cord wasn't severed. Now for the bad news. He is in a very deep Coma he isn't reacting to any stimuli at all but he is stable. I've got to be honest with you there is little hope he will wake up from it. You can go in and see him if you'd like." she nodded. "Is it alright if I stay the night with him?" Kirsten asked. "Of course just grab a visitor's pass from the desk and alert the nurses that you will be here overnight. She will get you blankets pillows and a cot." He said to her. She thanked him and went and grabbed a visitor pass and told the nurse as she was told to. She walked down on the hallway to Alex's room. He had fresh bandages on his body as well as gauze. The tubes and IV's were still inside his body. She couldn't believe all this had happened she wanted to badly just to take back the words she wrote in her notebook so her ex wouldn't have seen them and did this to Alex. Alex was her world her protector. She never thought of who would be there to protect him. She always just thought he was strong enough to handle anything that came his way. Tears started to roll back down her cheek after seeing him in the bed again. She pulled the chair over to his bed holding his hand in hers stroking it gently. She tried to wipe the tears from her face she didn't like people seeing her crying. Then she remembered all the times she had cried on Alex's should and she couldn't hold them back anymore. She broke down as Alex just laid there gone to the world unable to move.

But he wasn't really gone across the room from Alex's bed and his body he stood there looking at himself. His spirit, his soul had been ejected from his body and only the machines were keeping him alive. He wanted so badly to go back into his body and touch Kirsten's skin. To let her know it was okay to cry and that he was here to catch her tears but, he couldn't all he could do was sit there and watch the women he loved cry.

2 days later

Kirsten still sat there by his bedside she she wouldn't leave so her family brought her clean clothes and some of her belongings. She had slept very little in the nights before today. Intervals of maybe two hours max every three or four hours. Alex watched over her still diligent to his duty of watching over her even in the afterlife. The nurses came and went to check on Alex. It was a regular thing. Every night she had nightmares seeing Alex get hit by the car over and over. Then she woke up to this nightmare. Alex felt so helpless. But something changed from the daily routine. Out of the Corner of his eye Alex saw a new doctor ease his way into his room. This man was different then the usual people coming into the room. From his sight the man had a second body on him. A dark aura type figure that radiated from him. The Doctor walked over to Kirsten and put his hand on her shoulder in a comforting manner. Kirsten didn't think much of it but Alex saw the dark aura filter through the doctors hand into Kirsten. She started to gasp unable to breathe she held her hand to her chest. "Stop it GET AWAY FROM HER!" Alex screamed running over to her trying to get the Doctor away from her. Her skin started to dry and blue veins poured onto it. Alex put his hand over the Doctors as the dark aura stopped filtering into her and poured back into the Doctor. Alex gritted his teeth together feeling pain. Which was odd because he was just spirit. What he was doing was causing harm to his spirit. He started to flicker his hand became completely see through but he didn't stop. He needed to get that thing away from Kirsten. The black aura flew out of the doctor and disappeared. His spirit started to flicker pulsating and then he disappeared completely.

Chapter 3

Mysteriously Back

Alex's eyes shot open as he gasped for air feeling the tubes inside his mouth and down his throat. He looked around as doctors and nurses ran into the room. His wounds had healed the bandages were gone and he was laying in the hospital bed. Kirsten wasn't there at his bed side he struggled as the doctors started to remove the tubes looking around for Kirsten. He didn't see her anywhere and his throat was throbbing. He could barely speak. He managed to utter a few sentences. "Where!? Wheres Kirsten Whats going on!? I'm alive!?" He said shouting and straining his voice more. When they removed the tubes from him he started to feel dizzy and fell back against the bed passing out.

* * *

Alex awoke this time to Kirsten's hand wrapped around his. As he slowly opened his eyes he squeezed his hand around hers feeling her soft skin on his. He looked to the side of his bed seeing her smiling face. Her hair was longer and she had grown even more beautiful to him then before when he was a spirit. He weakly smiled back at her. She leaned over the bed and kissed his forehead. "Hi baby." She said as a tear drop rolled over her cheek. He moved his hand to her cheek and wiped the tear from it. She leaned her lips against his hands and kissed them. "They told me you woke up and I rushed over from work. How are you feeling?"She said. "Dispense with the pleasantries and come here and let me hold you." Alex said wanting nothing more then to hold her again at long last. She climbed up onto the bed and he wrapped his arms around her. "I healed up pretty well for two days huh?" Alex said. "Two days? Baby you were in a coma for four years." Kirsten said to Alex laying her against his chest. Alex looked completely confused as his pupils widened he tried to comprehend that four years had passed. He had no memory of any of it. If he was back alive then his spirit must have survived that flash that made him disappear. But that would mean his spirit lingered for four years until it found a way to jump back into his body. How come he couldn't remember anything? Normally you don't remember anything from being a spirit but, he remembered up until that point. "Kirsten do you remember when the doctor came in and put his hand on your shoulder two days after my accident?" He frowned saying that because he still blamed her ex for the accident. Suddenly Alex felt a sharp pain in his forehead he took his palm and slammed it against his forehead trying to ease away the pain. Kirsten looked up seeing him do this she started to sit up but,stopped listening to Alex's heart. It was beating at the pace of milliseconds on a stop watch. As Alex continued to hold his head in pain he started having flashbacks of the car slamming into him remembering every time it hit him and reliving every part of it. Kirsten sat up getting off the bed and calling for a nurse. As Alex started to remember a little while after the flash when he was a spirit he heard the voices inside his head.

"Why are you after her soul?" "She is to be collected. For every sin she has committed in her life she has damned her soul to Hell." "She doesn't deserve this I wont let you take her!" "You don't have a choice she is going to Hell!" "What if I took her place!? Take my soul to hell instead and leave her alone for good!" "Hmmm a soul of pure good to be dragged into Hell. Intriguing you would give up your chance at living again for her?" "I would in a heart beat." "Very well." After this conversation between him and a evil voice all he heard was his own screaming. Blood and fire his eyes slit open by blades as they were sewn to his forehead and cheeks. He saw all of this swirling around in his head as short memory of what he had done. Then just like that it stopped. He didn't hear anymore sounds or words in his head and the pain stopped. He pulled on Kirsten's hand lightly. "No its ok I am alright." He said. She looked at him. "Are you sure?" She asked. "Yes come back." He said as Kirsten walked back over to the bed and laid down with him again. "I am so sorry for any pain this has caused you." Alex said. "Oh boy." She said smiling softly and sighing. "Still worried about me and apologizing. Still worried about protecting me when your the one straddled in a bed with IV's in your arms and just coming out of a four year coma. You really are my knight." She leaned up and kissed him deeply on his lips. "I love you Alex I am the one who is sorry, sorry that it took you getting hit by a car for me to see who I was missing out on. To see the amazing man that you are." She said stroking Alex's cheek looking into his eyes while laying atop him. "I love you too Kirsten and no matter what it took I'm just glad I am finally with you. Also glad that you took care of my comatose ass for four years." Alex said with a light chuckle. His throat still hurt and he didn't know if what he saw in his head was actually what happened or just some memory from a dream. All he knew was that he was back and just wanted to stay with her forever and always. A nurse knocked on the door softly. "Come in." Kirsten said. "Sorry to disturb but someone wanted to show his mommy the coloring he just did." The nurse said as Kirsten hopped off Alex and walked over to the nurse sitting on her knee's. Out from behind the nurse peeked a little boy with dark hair just like Kirsten's and caramel complexional skin just like hers as well. His eyes were just like Alex's and he ran into the room and wrapped his arms around Kirsten hugging her. "Mommy mommy I colored good!" He said as he let go of her and showed her the coloring book. "Oh you did! That's great sweetheart. Come over here Dylan I want you to meet someone." She said. She took the little boy by the hand and stood up walking him over to my bed. "Kirsten...Your a mom?" Alex said. "Yup I am a Mom he is three years old and he has a wonderful amazing father who he doesn't quite know yet." Kirsten said to Alex as Dylan put his hands over his face hiding it. "Oh so I'm in a coma and you go and step out on me." Alex said laughing. "Your his father Alex." Kirsten said. Alex's eyes fully opened hearing these words. He felt another sharp searing pain in his forehead but didn't show it because he didn't want her to worry but, he saw Kirsten walking to the sink to get a cold cloth for his forehead when a nurse walked in. It was about nine days after his spirit disappeared. "So how far along are you?" The nurse said. "Excuse me?" Kirsten said. "Your absolutely glowing you are pregnant aren't you?" The nurse asked. "No." Kirsten said. "My mistake then sorry about that." The nurse said as she grabbed the dirty linens and walked out. Kirsten then started thinking. She got a few pregnancy tests and took them. All of them tested positive she broke into tears. She was knew it was Alex's baby but he was now in a coma with no chance of waking up and knowing his own child. She stopped that train of thought holding back her tears having faith that Alex would come out of his coma some day. All that snapped him out of the pain was Kirsten's lips meeting his. She lifted Dylan up onto the bed and let him see his father for the first time. Dylan looked at his mom and she nodded towards him. "Do you know who I am?" Alex said to Dylan. Dylan nodded and wrapped his short arms around Alex's neck. Alex wrapped him up in his arms hugging him tightly as a tear rolled down his cheek. Kirsten smiled at Alex and bit her bottom lip.

When Alex was finally able to return back to his house after being discharged from the hospital, things didn't seem the same to him. Physically he was four years older now and so was Kirsten. Now he also had a son he didn't know. For three years of his sons life he hadn't been there. Kirsten had carried and delivered him by herself. He felt horrible for this. She had to do all of it alone. A sudden look of sadness enveloped his face as he stepped into his bedroom. Kirsten saw this and ran over to him and took her hands pressing them against his cheeks softly. "Look at me. You didn't do anything wrong. It's not your fault you couldn't have helped me with Dylan you were in a coma. I made it through it. I am a tough one babe I had to be while you were gone. But now your back everything is fine." He looked at her as if she had read his mind. In a way she had she knew exactly what he was feeling just by the movements of his face. "Dylan doesn't blame you let alone the fact that he wont even remember this when he gets older so its okay baby." She said as she wrapped him up in her arms. As he looked around he saw the room shift into a fiery pit again Kirsten was no longer in his arms. He saw the same black aura figure that attack Kirsten, shift into her. It moved up to Alex. He felt the razor wire noose squeezing titer around his neck as it carved into his skin. He tried not to move as to cause himself less pain but. The aura figure wrapped its arms around him in the form of Kirsten. Alex's eyes swelled up with tears but he sucked them back into their ducts. As it wrapped his arms around him the razor wire carved further into Alex's neck. It started severing part of his neck from his shoulders. The aura figure whispered to him in Kirsten's voice "Don't you miss this? Having me in your arms touching my skin? Feeling the warmth of my body against yours? This could all be yours again! JUST TAKE THE DEAL!" it screamed abruptly at the end of the sentence. Alex gurgled feeling the blood fill his lungs and the tubes in his throat being cut. "What?" The figure said unwrapping his arms from Alex. he snapped his fingers and Alex was back to perfect health. Alex fell to the ground as the smoldering ashes burnt into his palms. He stood up and moved to a slab of marble that appeared in front of him. His feet were blackened with ash charcoal and soot. Burn marks covered his hands as he breathed heavily and gritted his teeth from the pain. The figure looked at him. "Well what is your answer? Will you take the deal?" It asked Alex. Alex trying to stay strong even though his body was in so much agony a normal person would have given in a while ago. He held his head low as his hair and the shadow from it covered it. A low chuckle came from his mouth and a tear streaked down his cheek. He lifted his head and said "No. Do your worst to me. I wont damn another soul. You can take that deal and shove it up your-" Before he could finish his sentence his lips stuck shut. The razor wire noose was back around his neck and slicing into him and the figure sliced his hand across his stomach. As it did his intestines dumped out of his torso falling to the ground sizzling on the fire below him. Alex screamed in pain as the room suddenly shifted back to normal Kirsten still had her arms around him. Alex's face was covered in sweat. Kirsten looked up at him and saw this. "Baby whats wrong?" She asked. Alex flinched as she touched him. He looked at his house swallowing hard and regaining his focus. He pulled Kirsten to him holding her tight just feeling her warmth against him crying lightly from the images that were just in his head. She didn't know why he was crying but she just let him hold her in his arms. She laid her head against his chest listening to his heart beat. She didn't know what he was going through. Alex didn't want to tell her because it sounded crazy even to him. Dylan jumped up and down on Alex's bed. "Dylan we don't jump on beds!" Kirsten said calling over to him. "It is a little awkward that he jumping on the bed that he was conceived in." Kirsten said laughing as Alex laughed as well. Kirsten had been working many jobs to keep up with the rent on her old apartment to keep around when staying in my place became too much for her.


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