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Sometimes you have to go to extremes to do the right thing...

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1 - Old and New Hiros

I've heard screams before, but never like this. This was different, it was a kid, a little girl. It actually scared me and I'm not the type to get scared very easily. But it was the way she looked at me that was really scary, like I was a bad guy. Like I was the next man who was gonna have his way with her. I'm pretty tough, but something about this little girl's scream and stare pierced right through me and I could feel her pain and her terror. The next thing I knew there's this fucking guy with a pretty big knife and if he had a fork, it looked like he was going have the little girl for his next meal.

Trapped between me and this slug, I guess the girl took her chances with me. "Please, please help me," she begged in broken English. She took another step closer and I could see she was just in a t-shirt. Then I could see the blood between her legs and she was even younger than I thought, maybe she was twelve. I don't know how old she was, I didn't know shit about kids then.

"Hey, American," the slug with knife waved it around a bit. "You get away from her. That little bitch belongs to me." I guess that dumb fucker was trying to scare me. He was a skinny little bastard, with greasy hair and brown teeth, what was left of his teeth; there'd be much less when I was done with him. "Or maybe you want some of her too? You pay me for her when I'm done with her. You understand me, American?" I understood him perfectly. I looked at the girl and she must have understood something about me because she stepped closer to me. "Now step away from her, American, before I cut off your fuckin' balls."

Now I will tell you that I am trained killer, but I am also trained to keep my emotions in check, which I have done my entire life. I guess I was stuffing down all the shit I had seen. There were so many times I wanted to take action and didn't because I had to follow orders, but in this moment I was alone, I wasn't under anyone's orders, and enough was finally enough.

Again the girl stepped closer to me, her eyes begged me to help.

"Are you fucking deaf, American? I want to fucking taste that bitch. Now give her here."

The girl took another step and actually hugged me. I felt her shaking and then somehow through my thick leather boots, I felt the blood from between her legs dripping onto them.

"I said step away from her." The scumbag raised the knife.

"You want to taste her?" I asked him.

"Yeah, now move away."

I looked down at the girl and winked at her. I could tell she wasn't sure if she should laugh or cry, but she knew what I was about to do and she got behind me as I kicked that son-of-a-bitch in the mouth with the bloody boot. As I knew he would, he instantly dropped and started begging me, he knew he made a very, very bad mistake. "How does that taste, motherfucker?" Shit, I better watch my mouth, there's a kid around I thought as I beat this guy so bad that God wouldn't recognize him. Maybe I should've killed him. I will tell you this much, he won't be using his dick anytime soon.

When I was done with him, I turned to find the girl watching me. And again she ran to me, but this time past me and she kicked that little shit and hit him and beat him as hard as she could with her little fists and bare feet. Then she ran to me, hugged me and cried in my arms. It took a moment, but she snapped out of it and grabbed my hands. Her hands were so tiny, but she pulled me deeper into that dark alley, into a doorway that lead into a small apartment. Quickly the girl ran to closet and opened it. A body plopped out like a doll, it was a little boy. The girl shook the boy trying to wake him, but the boy didn't move.

"No," the little girl spoke. "No. Wake up, Hiro. Wake up, my brother." The boy too was bloody and just in a shirt and he was dead, even this young girl could see that.

Suddenly there was noise outside. It sounded like more than one or even two people and the commotion was quickly getting louder. They must have found that fucker out there. The little girl turned to me and silently asked me to protect her. To a big guy like me, she wasn't much bigger than a football. I grabbed a blanket that was on the bed, wrapped her up in it, tucked her into my arms. We got out another way, avoiding who was coming, although part of me wanted to stay and finish the job. Don't worry, I would be back. For sure, I would be back.

What was I doing in a shit-hole like that in the first place? Well that's another story.


To be continued…


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