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Look At The Bright Side! 1.2

Book By: gwenlover123

"Do you think he'll ever come back"?-Scarlette

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Scarlette's POV.

"N....n...Nick Cavealire"?I stutter as he nods.I fall to the ground and black out.That was the last of me for the night.I keep on hearing voices in my head going on and on,"Scar,scar,scar"???

Kayla's POV.

I watch as she slowly opens her eyes and sits up."Soooo,how you feelin'"?I ask as she gives me the middle finger."Ummm,ok.W..w..what happened"?She says as I give he a faded look."You passed out infront of out costumers and was out for a whole 6 hours".She nods and sits up a little higher."Kayla.That was my long-loved boyfriend,Nick Cavealire".My eyes open wide as she tells me these things."Well,that's total carma",I say back to her."Do you think he'll ever come back"?She ask and looks down.I follow her steps and look down."Well,you might have to be working more for that to happen" I say as I walk over to the counter and step in.I then tell her something important,"Always believe in yourself,then,someday,you'll finally find 'the one'".I walk into the back and unload some beers as I hear the door close and a car start.

Scarlette's POV.

I set Heather down and walk over to the bathroom.Tonight I was taking the night off and buying some groceries.I let my hair fall down to my shoulders and put on a casual little dress.I grab the car keys and call out to dad;"Gonna get groceries!Be back in an hour"! I hear a moan and walk out the door.I shove the keys into the handler and drive out into the streets.

At The Grocery Store.....

I decided to stop the car out by Ally's Eat N' Stay and walk there since it wasn't that far.The alley way was dark and creepy and sent chills down my back.I heard a fowl cry of a owl blocks away and hear something scatter around by me.I pick up my speed and walk over to the next corner.The walls were dark and merky.I then heard the scatter again which made me turn around.I stood frozen still on the hard wall untill it finally came close enough for me to see that it's.......Nick."Nick".I say as he comes up closer to me."We didn't really get to introduce eachother the other night but,your friend told me that your name is Scarlette Harrison".Kayla."Remeber me"?He says as I run up to him and hug him ever so tightly.{put on song 'Thinking Of You' by Katy Perry}"I've missed you so much".He says as we kiss for what seems like hours.Our lips connect with a splash of light.I feel my life get better just by the second.He makes me feel protected.I feel him pick me up and take me back to where my car is.He takes me into the place and gets us a room.We start kissing as he lays me on the bed.I look at him dreamly as my mind burst with thoughts.We suddenly strip naked and the soft fuzzy blankets cover us from all around as we fall asleep rapped in eachothers arms.

End of 1.2


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