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This School trains "Hunters: Boys" And "Condowit's: Girls" these boys and girls are born with supernatural power, some gain them from being around others, the hunters who use advance weaponry, ward off evil souls and monsters who are disobeying the natural order to keep peace and balance to good and evil. The Condowit's are magi who consist of magic and summons to back up the hunters who chosen to work with them, they are chosen from how much the two can work with each other in love, battle and problems they might or will encounter that was until there leader died.

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Eclipse rider
Chapter 1 - Enter
"Do you think we will be able to capture them this time my lord?" said a short haired guy standing in front of a crystal alter which was glowing, connected to the underworld where he spoke with Matthew the one who tried to take over the world but failed, "We will watch them and attack when the time is right, but for now let's see how the Heavens Gate will play their cards" he said while laughing, the sound of his voice from the crystal spread through out the building of the Hells Gate Association and out into the forest there where located. A long haired girl who was late for school came running down stairs and pass the kitchen door "I am going" she said as she where putting on her school shoes, "Are you not forgetting something?" came the voice of her mother who stepped out of the kitchen holding her lunch, "Sorry" she said as she got up and took it from her and turned around butting into her sister who hugged her, "I am sorry tica, i can't play right now, maybe later ok" she said as she got away from her and left while closing the door, "Is this late again?" she asked while walking to her mother "Yes she is, i told her to set her clock seeing that school just started." she walked into the kitchen and places tica's breakfast on the table in front of her and walked to the window looking outside, "I wonder if she remember's him?" she said with a sad look on her face.
A boy in a jacket with his hood over his face and a gold cross on the neck of it and enter locking with the tip of the top hoodie and his hands in the pocket was walking to where he taught was his new school, he stopped at a open area and held up his head and the hood slid off to his back after unlocking, his long white hair blew in the wind while the bangs in front of his left eye blew back showing a patch over it, his other eye was green and bright and he had the look of a little kid, "I am lost" He said looking around and turned around "Maybe it is this way?" he asked him self as he walked back where he came from, within the Heavens Gate Academy in the headmasters office stood a hunter was is an A class "The reason why i called you here is because the Class S hunter had left with out this" he placed a box on the table with a red ribbon wrapped in a bow around it which looked like a pen case, "Take this to him as soon as possible, he may be hard to fine because he does not show his face but look for the emblem" The boy took up the box and placed it in his pocket, "Yes sir, i will get this to him as soon as possible" said the boy as he bowed and his red and black hair fell down over his face, "Don't make me think i made a mistake, Yamasaki Walker".
The boy in the jacket was walking along a huge wall, "Maybe this is fate.." he said as he sighed, as he closed his eyes and bend the corner someone ran into him, both of them fell backwards, he rubbed his head and looked up to see who the person was, his eye opened wide as he looked at a girl who was in front of him, she had long brown hair which fell pass her shoulders and wearing a Mizono high uniform, as she opened her eyes which where blue she started to pick up her books, the boy stopped day dreaming and helped her to pick up her books, last he picked up her lunch placing it on the top and handed them to her, she reached out the took them, that time he noticed how cute she was, when she took the books her hand touched his the same time, his face light up red and he fell back again, not saying anything he threw on his hood and ran off, "Hey wait, i didn't get to thank you, how rude of him" She got up and ran after him with her bag in her hand, but when she reached the school's gate he was no where to be found, "Damn i lost him, i won't remember his face" she said as she walked into the school she ran into one of her classmates also childhood friend Sara, "Hey hina, you are late also, come on we will get yelled at if we don't hurry" said Sara who grabbed her hand and pulled her along, hina who was lost in taught nodded.
Walking through the empty halls of the school was the boy who ran from hina, walking along side of the teacher of his new class 2.1 B, "I hope you can get along with our students here at mizono high, knowing you're from Heavens Gate's something must be up the teacher stopped buy the class door, "Wait right here i will let them know and then come when i call you ok?" The boy nodded the waited || the teacher walked in and closed the door, he waited outside as he was told, "I hope i don't but into that girl here" he said as he remembered the Brown haired girl he bumped into. "Ok class we have a transfer student today and he is special case, i will explain in due time, you can enter now" said the teacher who looked at the door, which slowed opened and the boy walked in with his hood still on, hina was looking through the window so heard nothing the teacher said, "Who was that boy" she said poking her cheek, he stopped by the board and placed his hand on the scanner which showed his name and his class before he came here, Heavens Gate academy started to go through out the whole class, he removed his hood and all the girls screamed, "He looks so cute", "What class hunter is he", "I wonder if he has a condowit yet" came from the class room, "Everyone keep it down" said the teacher "Go ahead" he said to him "My name is Rikito Nogata, i am a class S Hunter from HGA, I hope we all get along well" he said as he bowed.
Upon hearing this hina looked up at class S part, "Is this person that big and scary" when rikito held up his head, Hina remembered him right away and stood up slamming her hand's into the table and pointed at Rikito, who nearly jumped out of his skin "It's you from this morning" she said as she moved from her seat, Rikito looked at her and remembered her brown hair, wasting no time he ran to the door and pushed it opened and ran out, "Get back here!!!!" Yelled Hina as she chased after him, "What was that about" Asked Sara who walked up to Jessica, "I don't know" she said and went after Sara who ran out with the other students who flooded out of their classes, rikito kept running but did not know why, he reached the stair way going down but girls where coming up so he went up stairs avoiding every last girl till he reached the roof he ran till he reached the edge and stopped students where out side on the feild and by the windows wondering what happened, Hina reached the top of the roof she looked at him, "Stop running, i just want to.." before she could finished speak rikito jumped off the building, "Are you stupid" she said running the see what happen, rikito fell towards the ground, he flipped and placed his hand's on his feet and his roller blades formed, he placed his hand's on the wall and messed up the metal with in the wall and a bar shot out under him and he landed on it, he looked up and saw hina who was watching him along with the other students. "Amazing!!!!!!!!!" came a loud scream from Mizono High school.


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