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Kiss All You Love Goodbye

Book By: Idurt

For Sexy Scarlett's writing contest. Hope you all enjoy!

Submitted:Jan 17, 2013    Reads: 25    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

"Are you ready to kiss all you love goodbye?" The cold burning gun barrell at my temple told me to tell the truth, to give an honest confession to this mad dog. "Fuck you," I spat. The gun's side was striked across my bloody face. I knew it should of hurt, but it didn't, not anymore. I just took the beatings like when we were young. Eventually you learn how to make your body turn numb at will. "You don't have," The black started to eat away at the corners of my vision. I closed my eyes tightly. The whistle would come soon. "What's the matter? Cat got your tounge?" He questioned. I recived a blow to the face. I was chianed to the chair, the hard steel cutting into my skin as I was beaten back and forth. A loud high pitched whistle reached my ears. "AAAH!" I scearmed, my whole body jerked toward with pain. "What's that do you hear the whistle, that's funny because I DON'T!" The whole chair fell heavily forward. My face suddenly made contact with the stone floor. He leant down and grabbed my hair. "You don't have to do this," I weakly murmured. My brother's grip tightened as I flinched. "Look at me! Don't close your eyes!" He smacked my head against the floor. "I want to see the light leave your eyes! I want to kill you the way you killed him!" He choked back tears. I sneered at the mention of HIM. "Ezra, I killed our Father because I had to! He made me! He abused us and neglected us! I did it to save us!" I cried hystericaly. "I was on the edge! And Father he pushed me! He pushed me off! What did you want me to do, Ezra?!" "Should of thought about me! I loved him! Even though he hurt us, I loved him because he our Father! And that counts as something!" Ezra was leaking silent tears as he spoke. Ezra fell to his knees and wailed like an emotionally disturbed child. I did it! I had brought enough time to get my hands loose. I moved out from under the chair and embraced Ezra. "Ssshhh," I cooed. Slowly, calmly took the gun from Ezra's hands and slid it away. "You can kiss him goodbye,"


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