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Twisting Juliet

Book By: InsanityMumbles

Me and a very special friend are working together on this :3 i hope it'll go far

Submitted:Feb 24, 2013    Reads: 20    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Introductions :

On a stormy night two lovers lay in bed discussing the day. A terrifying explostion of thunder, followed by the boy holding the girl and a soft crying noice escaping her breath. Connor had been standing outside the house, waiting to apologize to his former angel. If ever darkness such as tonight were to appear Connor would become depressed and he often thaught about ways of ending his misery. "Don't you worry honey, im sure its going to be alright." said Dean to Carmen. Burning from the inside Connor swallowed his pride and started his journey home. "Wait... I have to go back Dean is my friend he wouldn't do that to me." Connor said outloud, as he turned back to face his friend all he saw was two lovers doing what lovers do best. The rain had gotten colder and the sky was darker, something was awakening inside young Connor that would change his life forever.


The rain continues to pour as Sarah looks out of the window, starring into the dark grey sky. She hears the storm from over the rooftop as the rain pours down mercilessly. Images pass in her mind, she sees herself as a young girl running away from that what she stills fears the most to this very day. The weather was just as it is now, dark, cold, stormy, and wet. It was a memory that was as clear as could be, as if it had happened just yesterday. Sarah will never forget the day she had witnessed the murder of her parents, the day when her world began to turn upside down. `` Wake up Mommy, wake up Daddy!`` she shook her cold, lifeless parents as she shouted the sentence over and over again, while the murderers ran out of the house in a great hurry. Nothing was ever the same again. Her grandparents took her in, but no matter what they tried to do for her, she would never forget that horrific day when she saw both of her parents bleed out onto the floor. Now here she is, years later and still living with her grandparents, acting just as lifeless as her parents had been when they laid there on the floor that stormy night. Sarah had built a thick wall around her that no doctor, friend, or family member could break through. She had gone through something that no child should ever have to endure. Maybe it was luck that the murderers only had two bullets…then again, maybe it was a curse, a curse on a poor innocent little child who now seems to have no real future ahead of her.


As the blood was slowly dripping off his fists he saw in her eyes a darkness that he only ever noticed in his own. "You should probably go before the police get here sweetheart "he had said in a calm voice. The girl frightened slowly got up and started walking towards the fence she scampered up but fell back down, with his good arm he slowly lifted her up so she could climb over. She dropped to her knees on the other side of the fence and started running.

She was wearing size X shoes; he couldn't get her eyes out of his head they were slowly clawing at his mind. He was awoken from his daydream by a hand clenching around his leg. "You're still alive? Cockroaches are never easy to kill." He lifted his leg and stomped the little man's face again and again… He raises his left hand and slowly removes the hair from his face walking away into darkness, her eyes still destroying his mind.


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