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Rebel Heart Part One

Book By: JDerrick

It's an adventure with a romantic hint to it

Submitted:Jun 24, 2014    Reads: 8    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

The Capitol's buildings burn with a fiery rage that the rebels brought upon us. We all huddle in our homes, away from the windows and doors. As shouting begins to increase so does our fear. We watch the shadows race by our windows. Eventually the shouting dies down enough that we hear glass breaking and our neighbors shrieking in fear. My mother guides us towards the back door so we could make our escape. I push little Anne ahead of me as we silently creep out of the back door. As I reach the doorway the rebels bust in through our front door. I glance over my shoulder and my gaze locks with one of the rebels. My heart races even faster than before and adrenaline kicks in which made my legs move as fast as they could. I scoop up Anne as we hurry off into the woods. The footsteps behind us fade away into the darkness. We stop near a river and decide to make shelter. My mother and I gather branches while Anne watches us from the riverbank. As I rearrange the branches into a makeshift fort, Anne yawns loudly. When I finish I pick her up and say " Pickle, you ready for bed?" My response is another yawn as I place her onto a leaf bed. Just as I'm getting back up she grabs my hand. "Nikki will the rebels catch us?" I kiss her forehead then reply " I found us a pretty good hiding spot Pickle, so I think we will be just fine." Her big blue eyes stare back up at me as she asks another question " So it's just like hide and seek?" "Yes but we won't be found." I give her another kiss and then I go join my mother at the river. "I will take the first watch, Mother you need your sleep" "Are you sure?" she says as her eyebrows furrow up. "Yes, now go to bed!" I give her a kiss on the cheek and then find and stick and a rock to start making a weapon. As I'm sharpening the rock I hear a noise coming from the bushes. I slink toward the big bush and just as I'm about to attack, someone jumps out. It's Kimber from next door, with her father in tow. Kimber's father chest was covered with blood. I rush toward her father and drag him to a nearby log. As I lay him down I rip off a piece of my shirt and press it down on the wound. "Kimber what happened?" She bit her lip and then started her story, " We were both hidden under our stairs and then we heard a loud bang, it was the rebels coming through our front door. We rushed to go through our window. Daddy pushed me through first as the rebels were coming towards us. I screamed out his name as one of the rebels jumped towards him. Daddy was scratched by one of the rebel's swords as he came through the window. We ran to the woods and I was looking for water when we found you. Is the wound bad?" I remove the cloth for a moment to survey the damage. After I found what I was looking for I put the cloth back. " The wound doesn't look that deep so I don't think it will need stitches but he will need to rest here for tonight." Kimber makes a sound of relief as she hugs me. Then she kisses her father's forehead and lays down beside him. I go back to the riverbank to finish my weapon. Some time passes and then I wake up my mother and I explain Kimber and her father's situation. She nods and then goes and sits on the riverbank with my weapon in hand. I head to the leaf bed where my eyes droop and my body gives in to sleep. My dreams are clouded with worry and fear of the rebels and my family. I awake to shake of a hand on my shoulder. It's Kimber's face that greets me in the morning. " I have to go now, do you think my father will be ok?" I glance toward Mr. Gimbles and I nod my head as a reply. She hugs me one last time and then disappears into the trees with her father. Just as I am about to grab Mother and Anne to leave a scream pierces the air. I rush towards the sound and I see a sword through Mr. Gimbles chest and a Kimber held at knifepoint. I throw my weapon at the rebels head and the man drops. I yell to Kimber "RUN!" I run myself back to my family. I put Anne on my back and grab my Mother's frail hand as we flee into the darker parts of the forest. As we get farther into the forest our stomachs growl in protest. I set Anne down on a rock and guide my mother to sit down beside her. I make a spear with a long stick and a sharper rock and I tie it together with vine. I glance at my mother " I'm going hunting, watch out and make no noise, that means you Pickle." I head off in search of food as I find wild pig footprints. I follow the prints, when I finally spot a pig I crouch down. I ready my aim and then I launch my spear toward the pig. My weapon hits it's target and I grab the pig as I head back toward my family. I throw the pig in front of the rock that my mother and sister are sitting at. I then grab some dry wood and a flint that I had in my pocket. I make a small fire careful not to make it too big. As I roast the pig over the fire I think how many times do we have to run away? When will this stop? My thoughts were interrupted by the smell of delicious smoked pig. Anne gazes toward the delicacy hungrily, mouth watering for she has never had a dinner this good. I rip the meat off the bone and hand some to my family. The meat that we didn't eat I use in a trap for more food. My mother works on sewing up a bag with a needle, small quantity of thread and leaves. Anne skips off to a nearby flower patch while I watch her childish joys. A sound caught my attention, the trap springing. " I need to check the trap, I will be right back!" I kiss my mother's cheek and head off to find my trap. When I find the trap it's empty. I look around to check for any signs that animals were here. When I start to head back to camp I hear Pickle scream " Nikki! Help! PLEASE!!" Just as I start running I am tackled to the ground and gagged. I struggle against the person restraining me to the damp forest ground.


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